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Tuesday, 03/06/2012, 12:29 pm

Dana White | Dakota Cochrane Has Every Right To Fight On TUF | Edgar and Hendo Updates (Video)

UFC president Dana White talks to the media during the UFC on FX 2 post-fight media scrum and discusses a bunch of current events.

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26 Responses to “Dana White | Dakota Cochrane Has Every Right To Fight On TUF | Edgar and Hendo Updates (Video)”

  1. Jason N says:

    So are the other fighters going to be reprimanded or released if the make fun of him for taking it in his BUNG HOLE.

  2. K2 says:

    If Cockrain looses outta the house he can go back to his other job and after 10 more yrs of plowing dude ass he might get his chance with a chick. Lucky bastard. =)

  3. Q says:

    I wouldnt want him taking my back..

  4. Texas says:

    Lotta gay hate here. Not cool man. It shouldn’t matter if the guy is straight or gay. If he can fight, I say give him a chance.

  5. he’s waitin for the winner of evans and rashad

  6. Trey says:

    Dana white a lil bitch and shouldn’t be runing anything but his finger up his ass cut that faggot ass guy no body wants to see a fat guy fight he’s making the ufc look like a joke what kind of and then what if the fighters dont want to fight some fag who likes getting dicked up the ass and shit I hope he gets knocked out so he won’t get in the ufc and then him and dana can go do some fag porn since dana like that type shit

  7. Trey says:

    And for you people saying theres nothing wrong with being gay yes the fuck there is that shit should be a crime thats punishable by lethal injection in the ass our better we should go back to the stoning days for that shit and gay people are an abomination to mankind they’re nothing dogs

  8. Thom says:

    Damn trey lol… Think about this, gay people are created by straight couples aka their parents.. Anyway personally idgaf what ppl do in their bedroom but having a gay pornstar in the ufc does make it look bad if u ask me.. However it was a long time ago so if hes a goodH fighter then who really cares? Not me, i still sleep like a baby at night :)

  9. Jason B says:

    Being gay is a choice. No matter what you think in your head, being gay is not proved till you act on it. I’m not a murderer unless I actually murder someone. I can think it all I want, and trust me I have a few times, but im not one till I do it. So its a choice. And yeah I have ALOT of hate for making that choice. Theres alot of hard stuff to do, or get through in life. Giving in and doing the wrong thing by deciding to follow some urges to be gay doesnt make it right, even if no one else is getting hurt. Man I hate that excuse. Just like integrity. Doing the right thing even when no one else is looking, might not hurt anyone else but theres still a right and wrong.

    • Ruben says:

      Not to be pro gay or anything but lets flip the scene and see if you see things the same way, lets say being gay was the norm and being straight would put you in the minority…..would you refuse to follow your instincts of being with girls and go have sex and have relationships with guys? Would you be able to make that “choice”??? I know i wouldn’t do it, I would not have sex with a guy just cuz everyone else is doing it.

  10. TrigenicKin says:

    Wtf, war machine was a pornstar but he was in the UFC.

  11. Ruben says:

    Cockrain is gay, or at least bisexual….no way a straight man would take dick up the tailpipe for a couple thousand bucks.

    • Shawn says:

      Money makes some people do crazy shit. When people become desperate for cash, they can over look most things to get it. Crack and Meth addicts will do pretty much ANYTHING to get their next fix. That being said, it’s what he DID (pass tense). He’s put it behind him (pardon the pun), and has dedicated himself to being a fighter. And if he got invited by the UFC, this guy can obviously fight. Gay or not, as long as this guy can throw down, and put on a good fight, I really don’t care. The guys in the house too should also not take him lightly. We’ll just have to see this Friday.

  12. MAgog says:

    I’m always happy to see Fedor fight. I’m gonna spin my wheels knowing it’s not gonna happen in the ufc sadly, for one reason or another.

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