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Thursday, 02/06/2014, 07:41 pm

Dana White: Crazy, Unbelievable Stuff From GSP Might Be Smokescreen To Hide Real Issues

“The crazy stuff I keep hearing back from Georges St-Pierre is unbelievable. No, Georges St-Pierre never complained to us about headaches. Georges St-Pierre has never publicly said the real reasons why he stepped away from the UFC for a year. When he sat down with Lorenzo [Fertitta] and I it was a whole different set of issues, personal problems. It had nothing to do with headaches or drug testing or anything else that’s been said. Not only did he tell us it was personal issues, he told us what the personal issues were. I have no idea [why he keeps complaining]. I don’t know if he’s just trying to draw a smokescreen to what he’s really dealing with and doesn’t want to publicly talk about [it]? I don’t know. What Georges St-Pierre told us in private I would never repeat. He can get as kooky as he wants to get and say whatever he wants to say, but I would never repeat what he told us.”

Last night on FOX Sports 1, Dana White responded to all the recent accusations coming from GSP and his boxing coach, Freddie Roach.

Is it all a smokescreen?


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  1. lawstincali says:

    With all the supossed smokes screens according to GSP and Dana saying that he will NEVER say what GSP told him and Lorenzo in private… What are the chances the issue he is dealing with is that he might be Gay???

  2. seminalcacti says:

    GSP is known to get boners grinding on dudes in the cage.

  3. PSG says:

    GSP thinks Aliens are abducting him,,,no shit. dude has some mental problems give him a break,,I don’t think any of us would admit we left our muti million dollar job because of abduction fears,,pressure has got to him,,he will be back as soon as his brain settles a bit.

  4. bozz888 says:

    Also heard he was gay. And his boyfriend wants all this fighting to stop

  5. Sandy says:

    Joe Hall you sir are a fucking idiot.

    • joe says:

      Sandy it is only my opinion, no reason to get so upset over it… i’m not mad at you for calling me a fucking idiot… if i were, i would call you a dumb fucking cunt… but i’m not,so i won’t… have a wonderful day Sandy

  6. kelticLadi says:

    I had heard that GSP says hes been talking to aliens, how true this is I don’t know but it came from one of his coaches shortly after that last fight. his coach thinks hes taken one to many fists to the head.

  7. LCM☝✊ says:

    He’s gay.

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