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Thursday, 02/23/2012, 03:40 pm

Dana White Continues Assault On Mayweather Camp | Floyd’s Lucky He’s Not In Jail Right Now

“Ellerbe I wasn’t talking to you, so you shut up and mind your own business. I was talking to Floyd not you.

Like I told Iole from Yahoo, I said, ‘He wants to come in and educate our guys?’ This isn’t boxing; it’s a completely different sport than boxing. This is a league, its run completely different than boxing is.

The thing that’s so funny about it is over the last ten or eleven years, however long it’s been, we have put all our time and own money into building this sport and creating more revenue and more opportunity for fighters. You guys have done nothing but destroy your sport. That’s what you’ve done.

The fact that the biggest fight in the history of boxing (Mayweather vs. Pacquiao), and this will be the biggest fight in the history of boxing when it comes. The thing will probably do 2.6 million buys, it will be huge yet these guys sit on the fence.

My thing with Floyd Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather is talking about the basketball players and stuff, dude worry about your career and your business. You’re lucky you live in a city that cares more about money than justice or you’d be sitting in jail right now.”

The feud continues to gain steam between UFC president Dana White and the Mayweather camp.

If you have missed the series of events that have transpired around this verbal battle you can click HERE for the entire rundown.

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Read More: Dana White (News), UFC, Mixed Martial Arts


Read More: Dana White (News), UFC, Mixed Martial Arts


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