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Thursday, 02/23/2012, 03:40 pm

Dana White Continues Assault On Mayweather Camp | Floyd’s Lucky He’s Not In Jail Right Now

“Ellerbe I wasn’t talking to you, so you shut up and mind your own business. I was talking to Floyd not you.

Like I told Iole from Yahoo, I said, ‘He wants to come in and educate our guys?’ This isn’t boxing; it’s a completely different sport than boxing. This is a league, its run completely different than boxing is.

The thing that’s so funny about it is over the last ten or eleven years, however long it’s been, we have put all our time and own money into building this sport and creating more revenue and more opportunity for fighters. You guys have done nothing but destroy your sport. That’s what you’ve done.

The fact that the biggest fight in the history of boxing (Mayweather vs. Pacquiao), and this will be the biggest fight in the history of boxing when it comes. The thing will probably do 2.6 million buys, it will be huge yet these guys sit on the fence.

My thing with Floyd Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather is talking about the basketball players and stuff, dude worry about your career and your business. You’re lucky you live in a city that cares more about money than justice or you’d be sitting in jail right now.”

The feud continues to gain steam between UFC president Dana White and the Mayweather camp.

If you have missed the series of events that have transpired around this verbal battle you can click HERE for the entire rundown.

Head on over to page 2 for the video interview.


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40 Responses to “Dana White Continues Assault On Mayweather Camp | Floyd’s Lucky He’s Not In Jail Right Now”

  1. Jb says:

    Dana is a dick but he’s a 100% correct. Fu Floyd for being scared. Like you need more money….you come up with bs so you don’t have get your ass whipped on PPV.

  2. Donovan says:

    Mayweather is a boring fighter and a fuckin douche. Tell em Dana

  3. floyd unbeatable says:

    Manny is a steroid user, funny how Dana neglects that fact. I guess he prefers that his fighters get smashed on first then submit for the steroid test.

    • The guy above me is a dumb nigger says:

      When did Manny get popped

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Why do you have to use the “N” word man?

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Just letting the inner racist out, are we? SMDH…

      • floyd p4p best says:

        no one has a clue, do you think manny is really turning down 10’s of millions of dollars and the chance to be the greatest of all time, because a needle test will make him lose the fight. the guy doesn’t want to get busted. he knows with a blood test he wouldn’t be able to cheat the system. remember people, he could have taken the fight, both fighters would go through the same tests. no unfair advantage to either fighter. you keep screaming where’s the proof, well where’s manny’s balls. he should take the fight if its Kickboxer style with glass and rope.

      • Damion says:

        another 5’2″ turd burgling internet killer

      • dog chapman says:

        Hey aloha bruddah use the n word all u like nigga I used it calling my cronic gf a dumb stupid nigger and I got recorded and put on the news braddah man and got away kuz I smoke ice aka aunty crystal, speed, da clear, crystal meth, the adah stuff, crank, meth, batu, my medicine, dope, u kno da good stuff fat flakes slap it in d bowl rock it to a puddle and slurp dat smke up but no burn the puddle (slurrp) o ya wat I was talkin bout……. O ya vote no for obama aloha

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Manny has never been busted for steroids that’s a myth just like Floyd being unbeatable. Mark Munoz ain’t the only Filipino wrecking machine!

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        This idiot above who just called manny a ROIDER is too fucking stupid to realize that it was Mayweather that made that up those bullshit allegations as yet anotehr ploy to try and get out of fighting him because he knows he will lose. Mayweather knows if he gets in cage with Manny he will not be able to retire undefeated. Reminds me of GSP in lot of ways. GSP is also afraid to fight now after matt Serra a 5’4″ natural lightweight KO’d his weak ass chin and exaposed him so now he’s afraid to engage and only does his frediie roach inspired jabbbbbberfest while running away. Now ay in hell GSP would ever have the blaas to go toe to toe with Diaz, Condit, Ellenbergr, Hendricks (MAYBE Jon Lay N pray Fitch) GSP is a dicrace to what mma fans really want to se in cage. WE want to see REA FIGHTING not cheap ass gmaplanning to avoid fighting at all costs Mark my words the fans are growing very impatient with GSP and his point fighting jabbing b.s he does instead of fighting and his popularity has more than plumented otehrwise Dana white would have NEVER set up an interim title fight

        • Joe Smith says:

          Why don’t you get your pathetic azz in the ring and show Fitch and GSP how it’s done? Oh, that’s right. You’d rather show that you’re a keyboard tough guy and spew the garbage from the comfort of your basement. Tool.

        • Anonymous says:

          GSP’s weak chin. Laughable! SImply because a well-placed strike from a heavy-handed fighter led to a TKO loss for GSP does not mean he has a weak chin. Get over yourself! For example, Cain Velasquez, who has one the best chins in MMA, got clipped by a well-known heavy-hitter in JDS and was finishes quickly. Then again, that nonsensical BS you are spewing out in nothing new from many people who comment with baseless information.
          Perhaps you should remind yourself why GSP is the dominant UFC WW champion who has ever existed.

    • John says:

      dude the sterooids accusations is just another excuse for mayweather to not have to fight manny. Pacquiao has went up like 10 lbs in the last 5 years so get off mayweathers dick fanboy

    • What? says:

      When was Manny caught and what drug did he test positive for?

    • nate says:

      i love how all Mayweather fans hop on his dick and say Manny is on the juice yet there isn’t any evidence at all. He has never failed a drug test and he agreed to all of Mayweathers drug testing requests and he still wants all of the PPV money. lol Mayweather is a bitch, he knows that there is a legitimate shot of him losing, and he knows if he isn’t undefeated his claim to fame of being undefated will go into the shitter. Mayweatehr fans dont understand logic

  4. Carl Gale says:

    Just what I was thinking Dana, Mayweather and his camp needs to be told the truth of the damage guys like them are doing to Boxing.

    They care so much about money and maintaining a perfect (but padded) record that they make the general public stop caring about Boxing. Boxing is becoming a victim of its own structure, no sport in the world can survive the way Boxing is going right now. Too many championships for anyone to know which one is worth more having than the others, too many divisions for there to be any good competition in a single division (many of these division have just a 5-7 pounds different!), there is no major league type structure that has anyone know who is ranked better than who, the commissions are nothing more than glorified licence givers who pretty much give titles to fighters and tell them the rules to hold onto the belts, fighters constantly refuse to face certain opponents (if any team/individual in any sport did that, they would be forced out of the league/promotion they compete in), the promoters just take as much as the fighters and more because they feel they can without giving back to the fans who give it to them and any good boxers competing the world must pay extra to see it, even if they are currently irrelevant to major contendership. If Boxing still has a future, it must address all these issues, take more of a UFC style approach towards the money-fans demands ratio and make it clear where Boxers stand.

    And as for Mayweather, Dana again got it right, the state prefers to make money over serving justice, but even that should of been a hint for Floyd to make the fight with Manny. Its a fight so needed for Boxing, the state of Nevada are allowed him time to compete just so the fight could finally happen. If the state has any sense, it would change its mind now and put him in prison now! He just waiting time being on the outside if he ain’t fighting someone who can give him both a real challenge and and a bigger pay for the state

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Do you really think mayweather gives a RATS ass about how he is destroying boxing. mayweather doesn’t even carea bout bhis own damn kids watching him beat the hell out of his wife forgod sakes. The man is an ego freak and has mental issues beyond what most people could only dream of. Mayweather whole existanxce on this planet is about money and making sure he retires undefeated. why do you think he won’t sign on dotted line because he knwos he will lose to manny. The more time he delays this older manny gets. manny is much older than mayweather and manny is moving on with his life and devoting his time to his family and the philpine people. politics is where Manny thinks he can make the most difference in helping his people. The Philipines has horrrible horrible poverty and starvation throughout the island and manny is spending millions of his own money to try and help the people. Manny is the complete opposite of Floyd Mayweather. Manny has morals and is very religous which we all know is the complete opposite of mayweather. he won’t even give his wife money let alone donate money to help starving people. mayweather should be in jail just ;liek Dana said

  5. josh says:

    Why dana brings up boxing and floyyd in damb near every interview is beyond me. He really needs to stfu akready. Worry about your. Own business.

    • Billy says:

      You’re about stupid.

      The question was posed to him. He was asked; he responded. It’s how interviews work numbnut.

      • josh says:

        Fuck off fagot. He is the one who brings him up everytime. Like when he compared nick diaz and chael sonnes cases to floyds. No one brought him up except dsna. So go jump off a bridge yoy fucking tool.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        Didn’t the time line go like this: Mayweather said some shit about Asian people, Dana grabbed a cameraman and a microphone and called him a racist, then Ellerbe said some shit, then Dana said some more shit. So where’s the question you’re talking about?

        • JOSH says:

          Timeline went like this. Dana started talking shit about floyd bc of his court stuff and him getting licensed in nevada and chael couldnt and now Diaz will be suspended. Floyd said that the only reason Lin was getting that much attention was bc he was asian(which is freaking true. look at yao ming. dude barely played an entire season and was hurt a lot and still made to all star games bc of how big their country is.) Then Dana felt the need to call mayweather a racist. Which is funny bc dana wouldnt talk shit to floyds face. Dana is always popping off with some off the wall shit. He really needs to just worry about his own business and stop worrying about boxing. And stop defending pacman so damn much. And anyone who says that mayweather is ducking pacquio is an idiot. dude has been calling him out for over a year on twitter and everywhere else. pac doesnt want the fight cz all his hype will be gone.

        • Rob says:

          you seriously have little to no capacity to discern which camp is full of bs and which always looks to the next fight. One begs for more money, one begs for a more challenging opponent. One composes himself in higher ethical esteem than the other. One has lots of power, the other does not. One can walk through large welterweights’ punches, the other bucks at the knees when caught. They’re both fast and one strikes in higher volumes…

        • JSHRED says:

          If Floyd really wants this fight to happen, why not agree with the split? Manny already agreed on the testing, so why cant floyd do so? All he has are his tweets and his mouth that’s as wide as his big, air-filled head. He knows his ugly face would become more ugly when he faces pacquiao. thats why he’s scared.

  6. Justin says:

    I think Dana White does make some valid points and I do think that Mayweather is a racist but he tells a guy to mind his own business while getting in someone elses?

    Btw im not a boxing fan I am a MMA fan but I would love to see Mayweather fight Floyd iv never seen a boxing match if that tells you how big that would be

  7. Diaz Fan says:

    Floyd’s comments had absolutely nothing to do with Dana. He never had to voice his opinion on the matter. Mind your own business Dana. Floyd shouldn’t have mada such comments though. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  8. dante080 says:

    Last fight mayweather had was with his babys mama. That’s all you need to know about him to know he’s a Dick.

  9. Abauka says:

    Two thumbs down for mayweathers comments. Dana is a douche bag but he is on the money about Mayweather being a racist nigs.

  10. Faith in evry footstep says:

    Boxing is Dana’s business. He’s in the fight games and has already retired one former boxing champ so lets go through the list. Diaz vs Mayweather!!

  11. Frank says:

    Boxers the only thing going for U is u guys have fast hands but ur all 1 dimentional and u have no idea how to really fight… So just tuck ur tail and be gone cause MMA fighters actually know how to fight!!!!

  12. Damion says:

    Not sure if Floyd is racist or not, but his comments on Lin were not racist (IMO). Rude? Classless? Maybe, but not racist. He didn’t say chick, gook, or anything like (ESPN) did. Dana made an assumption based on what he heard and thats ok to a certain extent. But Dana’s word is not the gospel here. I’m from Boston, Dana’s is from South Boston, anyone who know’s that town know’s it to be a very racist town. Folks I know say Dana has tossed teh word “nigger” around several times, more so in his younger years. I don’t take that as the gospel either. I will say this though, you cannot tell a mind to mind his own business while not minding your own. Boxers get paid millions to fight, all Dana makes is “multi thousandaires”.

    I dont like floyd but at this point it does seem like Manny is making all the excuses not to fight. I think Floyd has been emboldened because of Manny’s poor showing against Marquez…Floyd beat him soundly. Again…it’s just my opinion

  13. Xaninho says:

    Hendricks will adjust that orbital bone for him.

  14. Xaninho says:

    Hendricks will adjust his orbital bone for him.

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