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Tuesday, 09/03/2013, 08:26 pm

Dana White Confirms TJ Grant vs. Anthony Pettis for Lightweight Title

After a whirlwind of injuries, card shifts, and late replacements, the past two PPV events have featured two title fights with opponents who weren’t originally booked.

Well the only person to not benefit from the event modifications was TJ Grant (21-5), who was forced out of the UFC 164 main event leaving a title shot against Benson Henderson open for Anthony Pettis (17-2) to walk through. Pettis made the most of that shot, submitting Henderson in the first round to become the new UFC lightweight champion and going 2-0 against Henderson.

Now, in a confirmed report by, UFC president Dana White has confirmed that TJ Grant will, in fact, be granted his lightweight title shot, except now it will be against Pettis at an unknown location. Kevin Iole is credited with tweeting the announcement first:

Dana White also went on to SportsCenter to update the public on Pettis’ injury status, revealing that Pettis sustained a grade II ankle sprain and will be out 7-8 weeks. A paltry break for Pettis as the fight will most likely take place in early 2014 as most of the remaining events this year have scheduled main events and with Grant telling that he wouldn’t be ready to fight before December.

As for the proposed ‘superfight’ between Pettis and UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, if it is to someday come to fruition, then we may not hear serious talks about that bout well in to the second half of 2014.


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0 Comments to Dana White Confirms TJ Grant vs. Anthony Pettis for Lightweight Title

  1. squid says:

    this is going to be another excellent fight

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Thank you Dana! WAR TJ GRANT!!

  3. DrGnar says:

    main Pettis vs Grant. Co main Aldo vs mendes. boom!

  4. Bob'O says:

    TJ is in deep trouble. He will most likely eat a knee for dinner. ~Bob’O

    • ColtScotty5 says:

      I wouldn’t say “deep trouble”. Pettis is definitely no joke, however TJ will NOT approach this fight like Henderson and be intimidated in any way. It’ll be a great fight for sure.

  5. drew says:


  6. T.Daddy says:

    Pettis got lucky he didn’t get Aldo cuz he woulda got ko’d… I can’t wait to watch the countdown.. I’m sure Pettis will be talking about dead people and jogging around the cemetery… lol.. War Grant!

  7. Big daddy says:

    Fuck Dana white! Piece of shit only makes fights he wants. ECERYONE BOYCOTT THIS PIECE OF SHIT FIGHT AND DON’T BUY IT!

  8. Big daddy says:


  9. Big daddy says:

    BOYCOTT PETTIS VS GRANT! Spread the word.

  10. VAB says:

    Dumb statement. He’s the champ. You sound ignorant

  11. VAB says:

    Dumb comment ^^^

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