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Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 04:55 pm

Dana White Confirms Next 205 Pound Challenger Likely Determined At UFC on FOX 4 | UFC NEWS

In a report put out by Fox Sports, UFC president Dana White confirms that the UFC on FOX 4 event set for August 4 will have serious implications for the future of the UFC’s light-heavyweight division.

The UFC boss took to email to address the FOX reporter:

“These fighters have a huge opportunity to show the world why they deserve to fight for the UFC title next. Winning isn’t enough at UFC on Fox. This division is so competitive these fighters have to look great to separate themselves from the pack. I’m expecting all of these guys to go all-out to prove why they should be next in line for a title shot.”

UFC on FOX 4 is set to take place on August 4 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. In the main event Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will square off with Brandon Vera and in the evenings co-feature Lyoto Machida will fight Ryan Bader.


59 Responses to “Dana White Confirms Next 205 Pound Challenger Likely Determined At UFC on FOX 4 | UFC NEWS”

  1. john says:

    lol…well you know its gonna be shogun cause its the “truth”

  2. Me says:

    Mmmmm if Bader or Shogun win they won’t be getting the Jones next imo they both got out classed in their fight’s with Jones, If Vera win’s he doesn’t deserve a title fight with Jones in my opinion, as he will only be on a 2 win streak and 1 of them being Elliot Marshall who isn’t a top 25 LWH, and if Machida win’s I still think he needs to have 1 more fight but i’m not sure who they can put infront of him for a number #1 contender match

  3. harry potter says:

    Jon Jones has beat all of them already LOL

    • jdubx says:

      all four of them were finishes too, lol.

      • Haywood Jablowme says:

        So after this event Dana is going to announce Jones vs Gusstafson???

        (common, don’t be stupid and think that Hendo actually has a chance of winning, he doesn’t)

        • brett says:

          Hendo is a guy who wont stop pushing forward and wont be takin down “easily”. If you think hendo doesnt have a shot ask shogun, Fedor, Bisping, Franklin and Phalheris if he has a shot!

        • burnintrees says:

          Dude wtf r u talkn about Hendo always has a chance, the dudes made outta steel.

        • Irie nation says:

          As long as Hendo H bomb is there, there will always be a chance…anything happens in a fight…how are there so many Hendo haters? How can you not root for him?

        • the fuq? says:

          how ignorant are you? hendo would rearrange jones’s face with 1 punch…

        • John says:

          Hendo has a shot but thats all. Jones is stronger and has infinitely better cardio at this point in their careers. Jones would do exactly what he did with Rashad and back up and take shots from outside. Hendo can’t knock out what he cant touch. Would love to see him knock Jones out so we could see a more aggressive Jones in future fights than we’ve started to see recently but we’ll just see

  4. Nick says:

    All four of those guys, actually he finished all 4 of them. Lol. There’s no challenge for Jones right now besides Gustafsson.

  5. Pijan says:

    I think the best person to fight Jones would be Machida. Though I will say it’d be interesting to see if the man that never gets beat twice, get’s beat twice (either by Hendo or Jones). Vera doesn’t deserve a title shot, that’s almost laughable. Bader doesn’t deserve a shot either. My prediction, the Brazilians are going to have a good night.

  6. Pijan says:

    If the LHW division is so deep though, why are these guys still in the running for the title, shouldn’t they be in the back of what is supposed to be a long line?

  7. Tapitout21 says:

    The LHW division isn’t that deep anymore, and as an avid blackhouse supporter I still believe machida would need another win. Stylistically he’s the worst matchup for jones and was doing well in the early part of their fight which is more than most others can say. The rashad fight excluded since jones played it safe lookin for the decision

  8. A.James says:

    Jon Jones never took damage in his fights so he steam rolled the entire division. If he beats Hendo there’s nothing left for him in the UFC. Maybe Cormier can come save the day because Silva won’t.

  9. stephen riddle says:

    I think he was implying all weight classes.

  10. M says:

    Good incentive for these LHWs to deliver. As mentioned earlier by everyone else here…none of these 4 deserve a title shot.

    If Hendo wins it will really shake up the division. Rashad is still on the top of this list with Gustafson and glover texeira as the dark horse.

  11. scotty says:

    Im going to say its either Shogun or Machida but that have to win in great fashion.. Shogun lost to Jones but people say he could have done better if he didnt come off the injury with the long layoff.. And Machida because he actually did more than anyone has in the LHW division to jones.. Dont see Bader getting a shot but maybe cause he beat Ramoage then Beat Machida but Jones will destroy him again.. And Vera would have a 2 fight win streak but dont think thats title shit worth.. But why isnt Gustafsson in the picture? Seems like the UFC is trying to build him up more cause he is young…

  12. Dick Diaz says:

    i guess Jones vs Shogun is in the likely future… and you know the thing about S H O G U N is he’s never lost to anyone twice!!!

  13. HiphopHarry says:

    Why not Gustafson vs Te Huna, winner gets whoever “looks great” at UFC on Fox

  14. Nope says:

    Not one of those clowns gets a shot… bring in the “Mauler”!!

  15. B-rad says:

    ^ seriously?? Te Huna stands no chance against machida or shogun.. after Shogun nukes Vera and Machida gets thru Bader, give them the rubber match for the title shot!

  16. Shogun says:

    You expect me to win this one convincingly so I can fight Jon again? Haha me and Vera just gonna cage grind this whole fight and hopefully neither of us have to
    Fight him again

  17. jbeamazing says:

    not good jones will repeat his killings against any of the 4 since he isn’t ever gonna fight Silva even though Silva cleared his division when he knocked out vitor but is scared to fight at the LH W Bones should just move up nothing left to see at LHW unless hendo lands the unthinkable

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      You actually think Silva is scared to fight at LHW? why? Because he wont move up? Youre an idiot. I guess Aldo is scared too because he wont move up to 55. Hes a MW, and not a big MW at that. He doesnt have to move up, or fight Bones to prove anything. Hes already and has been for awhile, tje greatest fighter of all time. What more does he have to prove? Think before you spew thos BS in a forum idiot

      • Really? says:

        Anderson walks around at about 210-220. He could definitely fight at Light Heavyweight. They respect each other. That’s why they won’t fight.

        • B says:

          I have a feeling Anderson spoke to Jones and they got on the same page. Anderson is vocally against champions fighting each other. He thinks it’s bad for the sport and is basically a lose/lose for both guys.

          Jones pretty much agrees with that sentiment now.

          The fight will never happen.

  18. Whocares says:

    they all lost from jones and tbh i don’t see one of them winning now…

  19. Bjjdude says:

    Heres whats gonna happen : shogun and machida will win. Lets say shogun gets the rematch. Machida will face gustaffson for the next shot

  20. Silva vs. Jones. Enough said, make it happen.

  21. Leefal says:

    Should be Gustafsson v Te Huna II for the next title shot.

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Theyve ALREADY FOUGHT! Neither of these guys deserve a shot yet.

      • Scotty says:

        How doesn’t Gustafsson deserve a shot? He only has one loss on his record, he is 6-1 in the UFC, all of his wins but 1 have been by TKO or submission and he dominated Thiago for the decision.. I think he deserves a title shot before guys on the UFC on Fox, even shogun and shogun is one of my favorite fighters..

      • Leefal says:

        I know they’ve already fought, hence the little “II” I added to indicate it would be their second fight.

        I wasn’t aware that fighters weren’t allowed to fight each other twice any more…

        Gustafsson got beat up in the first fight before pulling off a nice sub.
        Since then, both fighters have looked good and keep improving.

        The veterans have had their shot at 205, time to give the new school a crack at it.
        (Although I hope Hendo knocks the living fuck out of Jones)

  22. Frankie says:

    So rubber match Shogun vs Machida III to determine #1 contender……..

  23. Jeff says:

    Jones has already dominated 3 out of the 4 of these guys…..I am pretty sure Jones beats Henderson…so whose left? if Vera somehow does beat Shogun which is doubtful…does Dana really think Vera vs. Jones would be a marketable fight? shit why not throw Forrest Griffin or Rich Franklin up against him…they would stand about the same chance but at least be a big name

  24. stonerman says:

    Really none of those LHW fighters deserve a title shot. Shogun and machida are coming off loses and vera and bader are coming off not that great victories. I would like to see the 2 winners face off for the next title. If they all end in a decision then none of them deserve a title shot

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