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Thursday, 02/14/2013, 09:59 am

Dana White Confirms Luke Rockhold vs Vitor Belfort UFC Brazil | UFC NEWS

UFC President Dana White confirmed that plans are in place for Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold yesterday while in London. A date and venue have not been confirmed yet, but it will likely take place during the second quarter of 2013. The fight will headline a major event in Brazil, and the winner will most likely establish themselves as the number one contender at Middleweight.

Luke Rockhold is on a 9 fight win streak, defending the Strikeforce middleweight championship in his last two outings. His last fight was a unanimous-decision victory against tough opponent Tim Kennedy in July. Rockhold, who trains at the American Kickboxing Academy, has been campaigning for a fight against Belfort in recent weeks. It looks like his wish has been granted.

On the other hand, Vitor Belfort looked phenomenal in a recent TKO win against top middleweight contender Michael Bisping last month. He is 8-2 in his last 10 fights, with his only losses coming at the hands of two UFC champions; Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. Belfort is eager for a rematch against either opponent, with aspirations of once again holding a UFC belt. There’s only one thing standing in his way, and that is Luke Rockhold.


9 Responses to “Dana White Confirms Luke Rockhold vs Vitor Belfort UFC Brazil | UFC NEWS”

  1. magoo says:

    Damn straight into the gates of hell for Luke. I thought they would have eased him in against Bisping or Boetsch, if Luke beats Belfort I’m pretty sure hell get Anderson next.

    • Brad says:

      Agreed. A tough debut fight for Rockhold. I don’t see why they wouldn’t give him an immediate title shot if he wins. I’m just curious to see how he stacks up against top UFC talent..

  2. Sasquatch says:

    Yeah no doubt.. fore sure he’ll earn a shot if he beats Belfort, I think at this point anyone would.

  3. some guy says:

    I can’t WAIT to see this fight happen it is going to be a great fight!

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    Vitor KO’s Rockhold – watch and see.

  5. ya herd says:

    I think lukes got this fight, he likes to take people down, the only reason bisping lost to vitor is that in the entire fight he never tryed a takedown, once u get vitor on his back the fight is half won

  6. BB says:

    ya herd ,, u forget jones vs belfort and luke isnt near as big as jones , vitor has it

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