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Dana White Confirms Cormier UFC Bound, Wants Undersized HW To Drop To 205 | UFC NEWS

Daniel Cormier’s recent domination during a five round fight, winning the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Championship by unanimous decision on May 19, 2012 at Strikeforce: Barnett vs Cormier leads UFC President Dana White to say

“Yes, he will end up coming over to the UFC. The thing is I’d love to see the guy go down to 205 lbs.  I think he’s a small heavyweight over here.

Listen, I respect Josh Barnett, he did work Barnett. Barnett fights like once a year, I’m not taking anything away from Barnett, but it’s a whole other ball game over here.

I’m not telling him [Cormier], if the guy wants to stay at heavyweight, I’m not going to tell him where to go, but I think it would be a good move for him to go to 205.”

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez and training partner to Daniel Cormier share the same weight division and now also fight for the UFC.

If Cormier doesn’t take to Dana White’s recommendation and move to 205lbs, will it be a teammate won’t fight teammate scenario again at AKA?

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40 Responses to “Dana White Confirms Cormier UFC Bound, Wants Undersized HW To Drop To 205 | UFC NEWS”

  1. kevin says:

    no need to drop down to lhw not at least untill he gets beat. jds is not a big hw and i think that dc will be able to get ahold of and controll jds in the clinch. As good as jds boxing is dc’s wrestling is better. Its a great match up. i say do cain and jds soon because both took little to no damage. then dc gets the winner

    • lolziez says:

      that wont ever happen, hes not gonna come over and just get a title shot, ur nuckin futs man

      • says:

        him and cain will never fight they are good friends and long-time training partners/teammates

      • Mike cannon jr says:

        Tell me why any one would think.. Cain deserves a title shot after defeating cormier… Recently vanquished opponent ?.. But hey.. Whatever.. Lmao… Cain can’t duke… Period… But he will take his shirt off…. And vasaline up and.. Roll around on the floor with u… Sounds more like what I guess would be gay porn… Than a fight… Lmao… But hey… I guess that’s what your into…. Lmao

        • E716 says:

          What cain you talkin bout?

        • jones says:

          @ mikecannon you can clearly see you either dont watch ufc or your a total idiot…cain cant duk?? hmmm did he hump big nog? an hump brock? no he duked them out moron…..or maybe you cant type and im reading wrong

        • Again, which Cain are you talking about?!?

        • Manic Monkey says:

          What “other” Cain is there? CV obviously. I just think he was expressing a dream/fantasy he has about Cain Velasquez. LOL

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Hmmm, let me guess; You have homosexual tendacies, and you know nothing about mma…

      • Dennis says:

        Considering his record, and the fact he just rolled a top 5 heavyweight why wouldn’t he. No Overeem until 2013, so after Cain who’s left. I mean are you gonna give Roy Nelson or Stefan Struve a title shot? Let’s be realistic.

      • Simon says:

        There’s not many credible contenters for JDS cos he’s beaten nearly everyone on his way up. Velasquez will get the next shot but it’s not going to go well, then because overeem is suspended that bumps cormier to next in line by my math. John jones needs to man up and jump to HW, now that is a fight worth seeing.

    • Juice37 says:

      I think youre clueless…jds is 6’4 solid 235. 30lbs and hes at limit..whats not big about that?
      Now coture on the other hand at 6’1 223….thats a small hvyweight

  2. Not You says:

    He just doesn’t want Cain and Cromier to run the number 1 and 2 spot o the heavyweight division while never.

  3. maurice says:

    because of daniels background in wrestling, he can hang with pretty any much type of build in the cage. when he runs into guys like jds, carwin, werdum, etc guys with bigger size and know how to use it, then he can be in trouble. until then i think hw is his best division. plus i hate guys having to cut weight, unless they honestly got too. but cuttin to fight jones is smarter then fighting a beast like jds!

  4. Scotty says:

    Dana is right and agree with him.. I think Cormier should drop down to LHW, he could do some damage in that division.. He used to wrestle at 185 so he can cut down to 205.. I say give him the winner of Hendo vs. Jones(if no medical suspension).. He has to let his hand heal from the Barnett fight anyway.. He should work conditioning while his hand is healing, drop to around 225 and start camp from there.. Or if he doesnt want to wait give him a number 1 contender fight.. But i say he drops to 205!

    • TheCyndicate says:

      Yes, because ALL of that experience YOU have fighting in the UFC, you would know,.. right?

      Hey everyone, lets just let “Scotty” think for us all and dictate the weight of the fighters, from his advanced knowledge of the sport.

      • Mike cannon jr says:

        Any fighter loosing muscle… To compete … Will not be stronger… Duh.. Or betr … Ask Roy jones jr… He lost 30 lbs of solid muscle.. To defend against tarver … How did that work out.. Dumbass’s prolly don’t have a clue what I’m talking about…

        • Dinglenuts Magee says:

          Maybe you have never seen Daniel Cormier…

          but he will not need to “loose” any muscle to make 205.

    • bobby says:

      he can’t cut to LHW it will kill him, He got pulled from the olympics cause he almost died trying to cut to 205 or w/e it was

    • jones says:

      scotty man it was years ago when dan cormier wrestles at 185 ,,he was way smaller…he i just at the size where 205 would be hard for him to make.. i dnt know of top my head but him and cain look about same size..they should both cuz down to 205..why does dana nnot think cain should also go down ? is cain more? i think dan would beat cain,..i know dan corners cain an they will nevefr fight jus sayn

  5. Train the trainer says:

    Comier vs Nelson

  6. dante040 says:

    Who is a big name aka hit at 205?

  7. Brend0magic says:

    Cormeir would be a fuckin’ monster at lhw, would like to see it but don’t think its necessary yet.

  8. Avction says:

    Dana again wanting a contender for JBJ, he’s thinking of his business not what’s best for DC. UFC has contenders @ HW Dana needs them @ LHW. This is Danas motive.

  9. Mike cannon jr says:

    Fuq Dana white…. If I wanted his opinion…. IDE pull his face off of brock lesbos cock and ask him….

  10. Mike cannon jr says:

    Dana is turning the UFC into a friggin… Promotional scam… Ad it’s lookin more and more like the WWE … Every event… Classless … Loud mouth idiot fans.. Who will believe anything Vince.. Ahem I mean Dana says… He’s even makin the fighters kiss his ass… Just to fight….. When did mma become about Dana … Instead of the fighters … He’s a bitch nuttrider making and breaking fights… According to his mood.. And who can toss his salad betr…. Lmao… Wich means.. Brock or Cain … Will prolly get the shot… Lmao.. In their mouths….

  11. dr Kildare says:

    Douche nozzle’s he wants him to move down because Cain has already said he won’t fight Daniel Cormier, so if Cain becomes Champ again Cormier won’t be fighting for the belt anytime soon while Cain holds it or vise versa. They won’t be fighting between themselves to see who is #1 contender so lose the weight and go fight Jones Im sure he can give him a good fight and it doesnt screw up the HW matchmaking.

  12. John says:

    So is he saying Barnett is not coming to UFC? Just wondering because I dont think the fight was one sided and I saw Barnetts break. It was a bad one and something like that can greatly inhibit your ability to take your opponent down or control them.
    I think Barnett deserves it just as much as Cormier.

    • jones says:

      @ john…barnett will n ever be in ufc again…dana hates him,,he hates him as a person and josh has failed like 3 juice test an always says he is inocent 1 in ufc also and 1 in alliction..i dont know abouit the rest..but i saw a interveiw along time ago with dana talkin mad shit saying fighters like josh are bad for mma..and abo his roids…josh barnet himself killed affliction mma..if he did not fail the roid test he would have fough fedor (and i sure won) bu after the main event flopped afliction folded its fighting shit…an dana forgave them and let there tshirts back around

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        I’m pretty sure Dana and Barnett have since reconciled their differences. Not too long ago, Dana said he was open to the idea of bringing Barnett back.

  13. The natural says:

    If u think what he said has anything bout the wellfare of cromier ur crazy Danas only saying it save face the guy beat Antonio Silvia plus Barnett were Cain just beat Silvia but cromiers to small for hw yeah right. Cromier and Cain are best in wrld Cain was coming of injury being a champ he was way too out of it too defend belt.

  14. Mike McMack says:

    If is ain’t broke don’t try and fix it. Leave Daniel at HW unless he gets beat because of his size in the UFC’s HW division.

  15. jones says:

    dan is too big to make 205 now,,,i fought at less weight when he was smaller..rampage could no cut 30…if dan cut to lhw it would kil his abilitty…however he would be a killler there

  16. stephen Riddle says:

    Yall forget that jds is the champ!?

  17. Dick Diaz says:

    JDS has literally beaten everyone in his rise to the title shot… cormier makes sense as a title fight; its a fight i personally want to see.

  18. Gunner says:

    Cormier vs Nelson or Hunt..

  19. kushites says:

    cormier at 205 would take out jones

  20. Rob says:

    To be fair to DW, Cormier would only need to lose about 30lbs (including his cut) and he’d be the second shortest HW in the UFC right now. Even with his elite-level wrestling, it’ll be tough to get inside on guys like JDS who are that much bigger.
    It obviously depends on DC’s judgement and feeling, but I wouldn’t say moving down would be bad for him. He is tailor-made to beat down Bones and there are a lot of worthwhile guys to test himself with in that division.

  21. Cptengineer says:

    I love DC as a small heavy weigh Barnett is a huge guy and he had no problem. Until he proves other wise, no need to drop down. Plus with kidney issues, it may not be a good idea. took a picture with him in Vegas this weekend and I always thought he looked puggy; that dude was solid, all muscle and a really cool dude.

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