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Thursday, 11/10/2011, 09:00 am

Dana White Confirms Chael Sonnen Next For "The Spider"

“It’s the fight that everybody wants to see, people want to see Chael vs. Anderson. Anderson is in this position where he feels like this guy is so disrespectful he doesn’t want to give him a shot, but Anderson will end up fighting Chael Sonnen. The answer is yes [Chael Sonnen is next].”

On yesterday’s Jim Rome’s nationally syndicated radio show, UFC president Dana White answered the question that many fans have been pondering… Who is next for Anderson Silva?

Fighter’s the likes of Michael Bisping, “Mayhem” Miller and Mark Munoz are all lobbying for a chance to fight for the UFC’s middleweight title, but the boisterous and self promoting Chael Sonnen has apparently received the nod to face Anderson Silva yet again, for the second time.

Anyone surprised?


0 Responses to “Dana White Confirms Chael Sonnen Next For "The Spider"”

  1. Joe says:

    no not surprised he deserves it more than anyone in the middleweight division, if andersons out for too long then put him against munoz or something

    • Jerome says:

      Deserves it??? One fight after a loss that he was doped up on and he deserves a shot? Oh wait I forgot he beat up on Anderson Silva for 4.5 rounds, oh wait Dana forgot Anderson Silva had bad ribs that make it hard to move let alone train and be 100%, oh wait again Dana forgot that Chael was all doped up prior to his fight so he could get extra training in and have more strength during the fight, oh wait everyone forgets that a beat down when on roids (TRT is a form of roids) is a roid beat down, and it doesn’t mean it was a real honest beat down. Deserves a shot my butt!

      • matt says:

        you do realize that chael was boosting his testosterone levels because he has a legitimate disability also it is a steroid sure but that is like saying mouth wash is alcoholic. Chael also worked anderson’s ribs during the fight and he showed no signs of them being that damaged, anderson had to make some excuse considering the predicament he was in. Do your research before mindlessly babbling on about a guy you know nothing about

        • Drew says:

          nice Matt took the words outta my mouth

        • Mike says:

          You know nothing about steroids to be making that comment. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid, period. The amount used would be the discussion point. Your comparison should be more like comparing tequila to whiskey, just depends on the amount.

          TRT therapy is used to bring test levels back to a normal level. Increasing the amount of testosterone used in TRT therapy would include all the benefits of any athlete doping.

          Chael claims his levels were barely above normal, but have we seen the results? Also if you get pulled over for a DUI and are over .001, you are legally drunk. Chael was over the limit, therefore he rightly should be treated as a cheat.

        • RTS says:

          chael the cheater sumthin deserves a shot alright, one right in his azz for being a cheater and a worthless sack of skin!!!!

        • Jack says:

          i totally agree he cheated that”s it

      • Jim says:

        Your comment is a waste of space

      • george says:

        Dude u are way off. He wasn’t Doping he was on doctor prescribed testosterone… fact! Testosterone is legal in UFC if disclosed…. fact He had priorly disclosed that to ufc… fact. So If anything at all he is guilty of not disclosing it properly. But u keep thinking he was doping. If u wanted to cheat testosterone is that last thing u would be using. And as for Anderson fighting with a cracked rib.. suck it up i have seen fighters enter fights and win with broken feet,toes, and hands. Claiming injury after a loss or bad showing is WEAK! Come post here after that fight please! Unless he traingles him again….. well u seen what happened last time. He will get dominated!.

        • Breezy says:

          stfu george… it all could be facts…. but the fact of the matter is that chael’s level was higher than normal for that fight….FACT… he got suspended.
          i hope your not a gsp fan… because i would call him a p*ssy for not fighting Condit.
          Anderson beat chael by the only way he wanted to (submission) because chael disrespected the art of jui jitsu. So that shows alot. Imagine if “the spider” let his hands go…should i say another “f. griffin” show.

      • brian says:

        Really? his test levels where 1 point above normal if there is such a thing as normal hormone levels.(everyone is different) secondly when does anderson not fight hurt according to him and the blackhouse camp… he’s just like nick diaz he’s never lost its either the judges fault or he was hurt, man up and admit you got bested…plus higher test levels cant make you take a punch he took everything silva threw elbows and all and walked through it like anderson was a bitch.. just like bj would have had nick not lay and prayed cause he was scared of bj’s boxing.

    • Fernando tellez says:

      I completely agree… No one is challenging silva, so y not… If they r so sure silva will win, then let it b settled once n for all…

    • No shittz .. Why wud they be afraid of a one dimensional wrestling loud mouth who has pillow hands and no skills at all. Easy fkn money right? Wrong ..they know Chael is a bad MUTHERFKR and it’s going to be a repeat without the tchoke. Chael will finish this fight by the 3rd!

    • Daniel says:

      Are you freaking kidding me? How has everyone become so blinded by all of Chael’s talk and running of his mouth? The dude is 5-4 in the UFC. 5-4!! Thats a horrible record. Thats barely good enough to even be in the UFC let alone deserve a title shot. He is a great wrestler. So what. Doesnt mean he can fight. He taps out in almost every fight. Chael sucks ass and the numbers dont lie.

    • chosefightsanotherway says:

      I love the fights Silva has performed in. I think he will beat Sonnen again so when and where ever. I just think there should be a better way to decide fights, something other than sucking Dana Whites ass would be great. Brock has no buissness getting another title shot, neither does Sonnen. If there is someone that is in the weight class and has not fought everyone else in the weight class win or lose they should not get a titlte shot.

  2. Zack says:

    Oh ya. Can’t wait for Chael to lose so we can here more excuses

    • mike says:

      Did you not see Chael absolutely OWN Silva?? Silva got lucky…and Chael got sloppy at the end of the fight. Won’t happen again, I guarantee it. Chael is head and shoulders above Anderson(skill-wise). Anderson Silva isn’t the unstoppable force that all you Silva nut huggers have been crying about for the past 5 years.Chael won’t let this fight go the distance.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        I know, right?! He owned his ass so bad, that he ended up tapping out to Silva! Wait.. What…? I’m confused here. Who owned who again?

        • mike says:

          watch it again, he never taps.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          No, you watch it again, please. Just because he lied and said he didn’t tap, doesn’t mean he didn’t. Anyone who actually watched that fight can see Phael was clearly in distress and did in fact tap. If you didn’t see it, it’s becauses you didn’t want to see it

        • Shawn says:

          Lol! Serious? What fight were u watching. He tapped. He even admitted to it after d fight. He also admitted HE LOST.

        • niko maestas says:

          STFU ..never tapped

        • Zack says:

          Lmao y’all are sad he tapped. I think he actually tapped cuz of the arm bar. Or maybe just cuz he’s a pussy. Either way he tapped then tried to act like he didn’t again showing he’s a cheater. Anderson will unleash muay Thai furry on chaels face this time

        • krafty11 says:

          I guess it must be fun living in Never-Never Land. Say hi to Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for us while your there. Have a nice day!

        • josh says:

          Even a blind man cansee he tapped. Watch the hilarious interview with chael and hawanee or whatever his name is. He gives silva credit.

        • serve u right sonnen says:

          he tap twice u could tell big time. even the ref steps in to stop it if he didn’t sonnen probably would of went to sleep

        • The Jay says:

          Dude, he did tap……..maybe YOU should watch it again.

        • Chartmonster says:

          the blind bandit..if chael wouldn’t have let up it u would’ve had a new / temp mw champ! ha ha

        • Chartmonster says:

          krafty..u fat ass double chin sushi eating jabba the hut lookin homo from the land of the rising sun kimono wearing hoale..shut up! peter pan..just bc thats the costume you wore for halloween this year.

        • krafty11 says:

          Charty, learn to spell.. and Jabba the Hut?? seriously?? I am not the one who should be a contestant on The Biggest Loser…you got that one gift wrapped and waiting for you under the Christmas tree..Say hi to Jillian Michaels for me.. and making fun of Japan is a bit low , but considering the comment came from you..who can be surprised.. You need some serious therapy to help with the anger issues.. Good luck with that and God Bless..

        • Chartmonster says:

          greeny..obviously u don’t know what the term of OWN means..yeh silva won granted..but silva got OWNED!

        • Henry Kobitchsky says:

          how do you get owned and win at the same time? makes no sense

        • dubmatic808 says:

          it seems you dont know what owned means newb

        • Jabba the krafty…how do u spell your name right I’m not good w fat ass outer space creature’s name. Tell u what .. Let’s compare photos I’ll post mine and u post yours and we will have penn fans decide who looks more fit your and I’ll post mine.. No photo shop princess!

      • CP says:

        No, Chael won’t let this fight go the distance. This time, he’ll get knocked out by the Spider! Chael knows he can’t afford to get caught “juicing” again, so he’ll lay off the illegal enhancers, which will take away his edge (which wasn’t enough in the first place)…Lights out for Sonnen!

      • Ellis says:

        I remember Chael getting caught for PED’s after this loss, I do remember that.

        • Speedfreak says:

          What PED was it that you remember ? *WRONG* Know what your talking about first. A.S was losing that fight 4 rounds to none

      • Shawn says:

        keep in mind that Anderson Silva had broken ribs when he fought Chael Sonnen, look what he did to Vito Belfort, need I say More.

        • Gavin says:

          I dont care who you are there is no way he could fight with broken ribs unless pumped up on pain killers…..having bruised ribs makes it hurt even with a simple task of throwing ball.ABSOLUTELY NO freaking way you could fight with broken ribs……And there isnt a doctor of any sport that would let you the liability risk is too high…

        • brian says:

          you all are riding anderson’s dick like you owe him money… vitor would have beat him had he not got caught with a kick that you can bet will never happen again…
          as far as the brian stann fight chael dominated and quickly after what almost 2 yrs off..
          anderson is scared and will retire befor he has to fight chael again take that to the bank

      • spiritsplice says:

        No, what I saw was Silva give Sonnen a work and lay down for him. And after 5 rounds of letting Sonnen have his way, he couldn’t win and did not damage. So where is the owning? Won’t let it go the distance? Is he going to quit sooner this time or get knocked out by a serious Silva this time?

        Not unstoppable? Only undefeated UFC champion in history, longest win streak, longest title streak, top p4p, most accurate striker in mma history, a list of highlight reel finishes, need I go on?

        • serve u right sonnen says:

          Amen Brotha!! this people need to get off sonnen’s nuts lol the guy lost point blank its over with now they are going to fight for the second time all i know is that sonnen has angered one pissed off brazilian Anderson Silva and I can’t wait until 110% Silva unleashes god’s wrath upon sonnen. be careful of what u wish for that goes for sonnen and if he loses we won’t have to see him again in the ufc oh man Christmas has come early!

        • Jimmy says:

          “only undefeated champion” Have you seen his record?

      • Jimmy Dick Jones says:

        Your fucking retarded.

      • DanaBrown says:

        Silva got lucky?! A black belt got lucky tapping Chael out?! That’s news to me…

      • Ally says:

        What part of he was on JUICE is everyone forgetting? Let’s see If he can do the same now wo “TRT”.

        • Speedfreak says:

          You not see the stan fight ? Dude come on. Made quick work out of a legit top contender

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Cause beating Chris Leben makes you a top contender?

        • Zack says:

          Anderson would knock Brian stann out in 10 seconds retards.

        • Chartmonster says:

          forty do not discredit Stann bc Chael is on another level. Stann n Vitot are on the same level. Stann will KTFO of Munoz..believe it!

        • Mike says:

          All those that are saying Chael was on juice or steriods are fucking retarded, he had an elevated testosterone levels due to a condition called Hypogonadism since 2008, he was being treated with synthetic testosterone replacement which is not the same as anabolic steroids like Nandrolone, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, Anadrol, Dianabol, Sustanon, Halotestin, trenbolone, and Masteron, he has been cleared of this before other fights but failed when fighting A.Silva, its the reason he only got 6 months suspension instead of a full year, because he failed to re-disclose it to the NSAC which is require every fight you have, get the facts straight no one cheated

        • Mike R says:

          All those that are saying Chael was on juice or steriods are fucking retarded, he had an elevated testosterone levels due Hormones Therapy* for a condition called Hypogonadism since 2008, he was being treated with synthetic testosterone replacement which is not the same as anabolic steroids like Nandrolone, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, Anadrol, Dianabol, Sustanon, Halotestin, trenbolone, and Masteron, he has been cleared of this before other fights but failed when fighting A.Silva, its the reason he only got 6 months suspension instead of a full year, because he failed to re-disclose it to the NSAC which is require every fight you have, get the facts straight no one cheated

      • Charlie says:

        Did you not see Chael lose? A win is a win, if u dont believe me ask Anderson, Who has the belt and who is the one bitching the hell out of the media to get a second chance?

      • Dustin says:

        im the biggest chael sonnen fan there is. but even i say anderson had a hurt rib and that wasent the real anderson that time. I REALLY HOPE CHAEL KICKS HIS FKIN ASS SO BAD. but im realistic. his rib was hurt. thats why he sucked that night.

      • Jacob says:

        He’s undefeated for the last 5 years. I think his winning streak speaks for itself dude.

      • Paul says:

        Mike, he has been unstoppable for the past 5 years!

      • tony says:

        I didn’t even read your full post, I stopped and was annoyed once I read silva was.owned and you guarantee he won’t lose again. Agreed.with everyone else. He clearly tapped. Was chael winning yes, did silva plan that I bet he did. Silva has NEVER been dominated and yes chael is good but he’s notbetter than other fallen fighters that silva defeated. Hendo is better than chael in my opinion, and silva beat Dan down. No middleweight is going to beat silva for a while. Only person I see.beating silva 205 and is the champ. And you say chael is above silvas skill level, why isn’t chael champ? Why isn’t chael undefeated in the ufc? Chael is known to get tapped by bjj black belts. Does anyone remeber maia’s bjj clinic he put on sonnen?

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          How can putting some one in a triangle be lucky especially when the guy is know to tap all the time?

        • Xaninho says:

          Yeah he was so lucky, it was like a miracle….Suddenly out of nowhere Sonnen was caught in a triangle and Silva didn’t even know what he was doing right? And then he got even more lucky cause he converted it, again without knowing what he was doing into an armbar!

          Wow never seen such luck……

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        That was so hilarious you must be a bandwagon Chael fan because if you weren’t you would know that all he is good for is tapping and talking.

      • Calvin says:

        Mike please retype that comment SKILL WISE!? he is not better than Silva skill wise he has wrestling thats all thats why he got tapped Sonnen did back his talk up except the winning part and we will see what really went down in the rematch

      • Julio says:

        Silva had broken ribs coming in this fight. he was to pull out. Silva wanted to finish this fight with a submission. cuz chael talked shit about the black belt.

      • Jerome says:

        Oh wait did you not know he was on steroids?? Contrary to your delusional belief that TRT is not a form of steroids, and that it in NO way makes Sonnen have an unfair advantage…. BUT OH SNAP the punk biatch still tapped and Silva had messed up ribs to boot!!

    • Al says:

      Hey Asshole . . . Just what do Silva’s Balls taste like ? You Useless Fuck. . .

  3. Xaninho says:

    Not surprised, but I’m not watching. As should every real MMA fan boycot this fight.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Why do people keep saying Sonnen deserves it, and no one deserves it better? He already had his chance, it should be someone elses turn.

    Let’s just cut all the MWfighters from the UFC except Sonnen and Silva, cause we’re going to have Silva-Sonnen rematches for as long as it takes till Sonnen finally wins….

    • Robby says:

      When was the last time Silva was in an exciting fight? He wasn’t, not until Chael Sonnen beat him up for 4 1/2 rounds. I know Chael lost, but on that merit alone, Chael deserves a title fight rematch. Silva was hurt or some garbage so let’s let the Spider prove himself that he would destroy Sonnen in a fight that he wasn’t hurt. He was hurt against Okami and walked through him at Rio. Sonnen destroyed Brian Stann, who was all but #1 contender. Let the two best fight again. It’s the only fight that makes sense! Munoz needs a top fight and Bisbing and Miller still have to fight…

      • Xaninho says:

        The Silva-Sonnen fight was boring as shit! All Sonnen did was lay on him with some pitter patter baby slaps, 300 ‘strikes’ my ass, Sonnen hits like a girl, or no I think Arianny hits harder. Only exciting part for the Silva haters was Sonnen almost laying out a boring decision win.

        And after all he loses, not by a weird decision, not even a close decision, no he tapped out. That’s no ground for a rematch. Only reason he gets the rematch is cause he’s a loudmouth douchebag with a group of fanboys crying for a ‘well-deserved’ rematch.

        • JFDWolf says:

          Are you serious? Sonnen hits like a girl?? If you go back and see the fight, he dropped Anderson Silva with strikes a couple if not a few different time. A rematch would prove it all. Makes sense.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Well, his punches can’t be too powerful if he hit Silva around 300 times, and Silva walked out with no visible bruises, lumps, cuts, or anything like that. In fact, he looked way worse off than Silva did, who hit him way less

        • spiritsplice says:

          He didn’t drop anything, Silva was pretending. If Sonnen had any ass behind his strikes, Silva would jave looked like hamburger after that many hits, but instead, he had ZERO DAMAGE after 5 rounds. He even put his hands down and let Sonnen tee off several times, result? Yawn…

        • steve says:

          STFU you spyder lovin ass! Chael will destroy hiim this time. Silva has no talent.

        • Xaninho says:

          Silva has no talent? Seriously? And you call yourself an MMA fan? He’s unbeaten for i don’t know how many fights. he has the most highlight reel KO’s, his striking percentage is ridiculous…And you are seriously saying he has no talent…

          SMH, man…..SMH

        • FightClub (my dick) says:

          fawk-in retard. Silva has no talent…only considered the best pound for pound MMA fighter EVER. go take your meds.

        • Paul says:

          Xanino or whatever your names is, you don’t have a fucking clue what you are talking about…why don’t you sit at home (probably in your basement) while all the real MMA fans watch the fight of the century…then you can secretly watch it on the net after you know what the result is as you are probably too tight to ppv it!

        • Xaninho says:

          Actually I have a pretty nice house, I dunno ur name, but ur mom might be my maid, cause she has a son named Paul living in her basement…

        • Paul says:

          That was rubbish.

        • Gotta love momma jokes! Lmao.. Hey ex-ho what is the origin of your name it is unusual.. seriously? Arabic.. Spanish..Asian?

      • Fortyb4five says:

        lol nearly every one of Silva’s fights are exciting..even the Maia fight had its moments…Silva haters crack me the fuck up.

    • henry Kobasky says:

      The reason he deserves the rematch is because he proved that he is the better fighter. Imagine not letting GSP have an immediate rematch with Serra, when Serra’s win was an obvious fluke. Same situation here. Sonnen is the champion, and Dana knows that it would be a miscarriage of justice to deny Chael the nearest opportunity to make it official.

    • Speedfreak says:

      cause A.S has cleaned out the division. Who was the last legit contender ? Vitor ? Okami ? PLEASE Stann was the only contender left and Chael rolled through him

  5. Finally.Can’t wait for Silva to beat Chael(again) and watch Chaels fans

  6. riDICKulous says:

    yes. it is rubbish nowadays that making money goes above everything else. even principles and values. chael cheated and lost; shamelessly ran his mouth and got another title shot. and everyone says he deserved another shot. he CHEATED and LOST for goodness sake.

    his fight with stann was nothing. it was a bad fight stylistically to begin with. he should fight munoz to see if he is really good a wrestler.

    it is sad to see these days that cheaters and liars are placed in high regard. just so the boss can make more money.

  7. The Unknown says:

    And the time has come for Silva to shut the mouth of the Oregonian “gangster” once and for all. The outcome of the fight simple. Chael will come in throw a few combinations and shoot for the takedown only to find himself getting stuffed. Anderson will circle the ring avoiding his punches and moving away from the takedowns as easy as it was for him to get his wife pregnant. He’ll get into his rhythm throw a few jabs and straights that may not drop Chael immediately but they will sting. Chael will get aggrivated shoot for another takedown only to get stuffed once again. Anderson will then proceed to kickbox him throwing thundering leg kicks and battering Chael’s legs and face with his dominant striking. Chael will then shoot for another takedown and this time succeed. He’ll throw a few slaps(since his punches obviously weren’t that effective the first time around, 5 rounds of ground and pound with no finish? Common Chael) only to find himself getting sweeped. Anderson will take full mount. Batter him from there with vicious elbows. Chael gives up his back and gets choked out at the end of the 1st. Story of his whole damn joke of a career. Chael Sonnen yet again gets submitted by the best p4p fighter in the world Anderson Silva. I can’t wit for that Henry guy to correct me on everything I just stated. Save it for someone who cares.

  8. ehbruins says:

    Sonnen deserves another shot, any other guy that’s fought Silva hasn’t been close to winning. This fight will be Silvas best , he knows what Chael has. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  9. Night-Wind says:

    This is the rematch that everyone is dying to see!

  10. Jb says:

    I love reading posts from guys who have never competed or understands real mma.

  11. Big Balls of fire says:

    I´d rather Vitor had a rematch before sonnen. Sonnen is a loud mouth cock sucker.

  12. Jacob says:

    Its a huge fight for both fighters anyway anyone looks at it. If Chael wins he did what he sai he was gonna do. If Silva wins there won’t be a need for a 3rd fight. I know who I got picked but either way, the fights gonna be Fn EPIC. Everyone talking bs about it will be watching it.

  13. Glynn says:

    At first, I didn’t want Sonnen to have the honor of fighting Silva again, but then I realized how silly I was being. If Sonnen wants to be humiliated once again by Silva, why not? In the first fight, you can see Silva touch his rib, indicating that he was in fact hurt there. Also, one small slip of Silva’s foot caused him to give up the stand-up portion of one of the final rounds (round four, I believe). Sonnen has been called “pillow fists” ever since that fight and Silva was never in any danger other than being decisioned by one of those dishonorable, boring decision-based fighters. Other than the miracle over Stann, Sonnen hasn’t finished a fight in, like, four years (against an unknown named Uscola). Sonnen also has the second to worst win percentage in MMA (look it up if you don’t believe me). He basically only wins 50% of his fights. Most guys win 75%. So, have fun losing, Sonnen. :)

  14. Jujitsu Player says:

    I can’t argue with Sonnen getting this fight with the last one being so close. After that I think the winner should have to fight the winner of Mayhem v Bisping. I see Bisping having too much power and better stand up than Miller and whether you like him or hate him he probably deserves his shot ahead on Munoz. IMO. I don’t see Bisping beating either Sonnen or Silva but his record should earn him the fight.

  15. Nathan Doyle says:

    If it’s One Thing the UFC does right, it’s Deliver! Personally, after all thats happened & all the trash talking Chael’s been doing, i thaught i’d never see this happening AGAIN!
    Thank You UFC for answering our prayers!!! Expect this one to be Fight of the Night/Year.

  16. 9Lives says:

    Anderson Silva has destroyed EVERYONE he’s faced except Sonnen, so I say let’s see which man had the fluke….Silva for not destroyin him too, or Sonnen for not finishing the fight and coming away with a W. Sonnen controlled the whole fight, but it seemed to me that Silva looked calm and composed waiting for his opportunity for Sonnen to make that crucial error, which he did and then it was over. Silva had to know Sonnen’s gameplan. Sonnen is a better wrestler than most of , if not all of the guys in the MW Division. But once again, if he makes a mistake Silva will make him pay. We all know Sonnen will have the same gameplan as last time, and once again he’ll out-wrestle Silva but when you’re The Champ, you’re supposed to FIND someway to win which is what Silva did in the 1st fight…and I do believe it’s what he’ll do in the next fight with Chael. I for one am looking forward to this fight….he’s the ONLY man that has stood his own and forced HIS will upon Silva….noone else can say that….and if he loses again…back to the end of the line…and FINALLY….shut the fuck up!!!! He’ll still talk shit cuz that’s who he is, but this time the reporters won’t be listening, and nobody will care.

  17. UFCmma says:

    sonnen has no chance this time. do you really think silva wont practice his takedown defense? the front kick is right there waiting. oh yea, the first time they fought silva had injured ribs, was doing more damage from the bottom than sonnen from the top, and sonnen was on PEDs. Silva healthy is not someone to be messed with and plus, sonnen has a weakness for bjj. dude always loses to a submission. i guarantee a TKO, not a knockout but a stoppage by herb dean. silva is gonna pull something like he did with griffin, okami, and maia. once hes in that mode which he will be because he is mad, its game over for his opponent. get it through your head that sonnen is only better than silva at wrestling and nothing else.

  18. Hendrickson says:

    Hendo needs another shot so he can retire as one of best ever beating fedor and silva

  19. chaelisacheaterROIDS says:

    to all of u morons sayin sonnen owned silva, i supposes he always wears a jiu jitsu robe to the ring for his fights, not at all just this one cuz faggot sonnen insulted the noguera brothers and andersons jiu jitsu, the fight went 100 percent the way silva wanted(dana wanted a show) and anderson wanted to win via jiu jitsu like he did, no nut hugging its called reality ppl, u will all see when sonnen gets finished b4 the 3rd round, he is nothing silva knows he has no power, silvas elbows from the bottom did more damage than chael did all fight, eat it u chael nut hugging losers dudes a waste ass middle of the road fighter

  20. FunCrush says:

    All the people who swing from Sonnens nuts are newbie bandwagon fans. He is 5-4 in the UFC, most people dont know that because they didnt even know who Sonnen was til he called out the G.O.A.T. I guarantee anyone of us can knock someone out with 300 hits…. not Sonnen. Sonnen bad mouths Silvas undefeated streak in the UFC… Sonnen says if he had the opponents that Silva had he would be undefeated too… Chael has been Sub’d by Jeremy Horn 3x, Silva beat horn. Chael was subbed by Forrest Griffin, Silva tooled Griffin. Chael was sub’d by Demian Maia, Silva toyed with Maia and left his face looking like a sloppy Joe… Chael fucking tapped to Babalu for gods sake… and all these Chael dick riders are clueless… 5-4 in the UFC and he has his lil blind fan base that forgets this clown is a born loser…

  21. EP says:

    dude all you sonnen nuthuggers and fkn crazy. Oh dude he beat his ass for 4 1/2 rounds and this and that … guess what….. HE GOT TAPPED OUT AND LOST THE FIGHT!!!!! End of Story. And this time around he will get KTFO’d in 1st or 2nd. What will u guys say after that ??? i cant wait to hear the Bullshit… Silva is going to dismantle him this time around, thats for damns sure.

  22. ChrisVVA says:

    I love how all these commenters that supposedly train or fight in MMA feel that they are the only ones that can have an opinion on MMA. I havent starred in wrote or directed a movie but I can have a legit opinion on wether I thought it was good or not. I think people are delusional if they think that Chael didn’t kick the Spiders ass for 3 1/2 rounds (what ever the resons, steroids broken ribs…whatever) but that being said winners win and thats all that matters. Thats why most people (myself included) want to see the rematch so badly. I think they are both Jack ass’ as people but great fighters.

  23. wally says:

    i love all these Chael fans did we forget he tested positive for steroids lol Spider is gonna handle his ass this go around

  24. smity says:

    Real Mma fans don’t talk like yall do they respect the fighters for stepping in a cage and going to war Mma is not about crippling someone or destroying their life or maiming them its about competition and sonnen did nothing different then any other wrestler has done in the ufc and who cares how hard he huge he won 4 rounds against silva who has done that before him nobody don’t matter how he did it and to say silva let him is excuses cause.silva almost lost and who caresbif sonnen really tapped he lost either way and for those accusing of owes he has had to use those for medical reasons his whole life and documented proof supports that so face the facts their fighting if sonnen wins 3rd fight silva wins sonnen don’t fight again till he earns it

  25. J.P says:

    “Almost win” and “lose”, are the same thing.
    Daiju Takase used the same triangle choke to beat Silva 8 year ago, but Silva never said that it was a lucky victory. A real fighter gives no excuses to his defeats.
    Chael is good fighter, but he wasted his oportunity. This time, there will be no broken ribs, and no ”surprise plan”. Silva will probably train very hard to be in the greatest shape of his carreer, and he already kowns that Chael will try to take him down, so he probably will train to prevent that situation, and to react if the fight still goes to the the ground.

  26. ZC says:

    You idiots don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Anderson Silva won the fight, but Chael Sonnen beat him.

    Thats how it goes. Chael Sonnen isn’t going to try to grind this one out like the last time. He’s coming in to pick him up, throw him down, and TKO or submit him by the third round. Mark my words.

  27. boss says:

    I cant stand either fighter but some ppl on here sound like they wanna do more with the fighter than just watch them fight! I hope sonnen wins just so there are some changes and title challenges! And by the way to ppl that say it. SILVA IS BORING AS SHIT! and yes he still wins…but who really cares….. Yall can dish it out after they fought n then u can argue as to y or if!

    • Xaninho says:

      SIlva is boring…. oh so that’s why he has the most highlight reel KO’s? And Sonnen is an exciting fighter? Grinding and lay n praying for a really exciting decision win huh? Cause that’s exciting in your eyes apparently….

  28. JPonds says:

    Chael only seemingly dominated an injured Silva. Silva didn’t want to knock Chael out. He wanted to submit him due to the comments he made about his jiu-jitsu trainers. Saying that getting a black belt in jiu-jitsu from them was like getting a toy in a cracker jack box. That is the only reason it went the way it did for as long as it did. That being said, I hope Cheal destroys him.

  29. Anthony Santisteban says:

    Yes, Please A.silva work on your wrestling and Take down defense. In my book your only holes in your game. I dont see Sonnen really changing up his game. So Silva you no what to expect. Except for Sonnen working on his B.J.J Defense.

  30. Keels says:

    everyone knows spiderman is shitting his pants at the thought of being bullied AGAIN

  31. e says:

    thank god hopefully everyone will stfu when its over.

  32. david diaz says:

    anderson feels he doesn’t want to give him a shot? that sounds an awful lot like he’s scared!!

  33. Say it isn’t so! Damn I didn’t know this was going to happen. Chael already told everyone after he beat Stann.. Let me guess maybe Super Bowl weekend..hmmm? You can run but u can’t hide especially when papa Dana wants this and the fans .. well at least the Chaelmonster fan want this too. Hope his shoulder will be ok bc we don’t need any excuses when the MONSTER TDs commence and the domination with an ending occurs. Not saying Chael is going to win, but it’s going to be war bc 2 of the best is going to be pounding this murther out! As always.. I GOT THE CHAELMONSTER FTW BITCHESS! Chael make sure your levels are good bc this is going to be a ride that the spider can’t handle! Peace out mofoz!

  34. funny $$$$$$ says:

    chael sonnens highlight reel put me to sleep and it only a minute 58 long i havent found one yet that is two minutes lol,,, but in all seriousness he should have fought belfort before getting the match with silva

  35. d francis lum says:

    Anderson is and will be the greatest ever ufc fighter, just think if he was a white douche. Be the highest paid . Largest paying ppv fans are rednecks so who is dana going to accomadate.

    Keep it real Loser .

  36. Stonewall says:

    A list of fighters I root against Machida, Frank Mir, Nick Diaz, Koscheck and a few others does that mean they suck NO they have incredible skills I clearly see that. So just because you dont Like Anderson Silva doesnt mean he sucks he is one of the best if not the best and I was rooting for Vitor to knock him out but boy was I wrong but never once did I say he sucked or has no skill because my guy didnt win. So to say a guy who hasnt lost sucks because he finally had a close fight for the first time in YEARS but still won is silly maybe he wasnt himself that fight or maybe Chael is his achillies heel but we will find out either way.

  37. Quazzi says:

    lol knew this was going to get ppl going at it lol. Lets be honest nobody knows who will win this fight and the first fight yes chael beat silva down but silva got the submission and victory. Either way u can make a argument for either guy for who is the better fighter but the bottom line is chael sonnen is the biggest threat to silva at 185 and is the only logical match up right now. If u deny that than u are delusional. I have no damn clue who will win and really dont care. I just want to see a good fight and listen to chael sonnen’s hilarious shit talking. Yes i know he crosses the line, disrespect, blah blah blah but at least he is good at it.

  38. Eric Turner says:

    Sonnen has no real Skills except to LAY AND PRAY. Thats all he is good at, he is no where near as well a rounded fighter as Silva. He took roids the first match and STILL could NOT defeat the Spider. Anderson tapped him out to prove a point, like giving Sonnen a free toy in his happy meal. Sorry ppl, but Sonnen only did as much as he did the first match because Silva was playing with him, Sonnen is just too cocky to admit it, go lay and pray some more I hope Anderson KO’s him on the feet

  39. Jake says:

    The article should be titled, “Dana White Confirms ‘The Spider’ next in line to fight Chael Sonnen – The true champion, the linear champion, and the people’s Champion!”

    ..Of course.. that would be way too long of a

  40. Jason says:

    To all you Silva nut huggers: Sonnen owned Silva for 4 1/2 rounds on the ground, and it was Sonnen that “rocked” Silva with his stand up! And if anyone read the articals on Sonnen’s use of rods: “Sonnen’s defense was his Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), which is not uncommon for athletes his age and with his competitive background; however, Sonnen failed to follow the proper protocol for clearing his TRT therapy prior to the event”. So it wasn’t that he was “juiced”, but that he didnt report his TRT therapy!!

  41. Eric El Bestia says:

    This match is good for the 44,000 seats in the Saitama Super Arena in Japan or even better Brazil’s 83,000 seats stadium The Maracanã Stadium, The Fifa’s 2014 stadium.

  42. Rockwell says:

    Chael Sonnen is a worthless whitecollar felon who cheats his way through everything in life. Anderson is right… he DOESN’T deserve another shot. Shouldn’t he be in jail anyway?

  43. FunCrush says:

    Jason is obviously a fucking teabagger, it was TRT, but he abused it and tested at abnormal ridiculous levels of Testosterone… not only did he abuse his TRT, he lied and said he contacted NSAC and informed them personally about his TRT, when Dr. Kiezer came out for the NSAC and said Sonnen lied, he never contacted him about his Testosterone therapy, THEN Sonnen came out and backpeddled like a little bitch… and blamed his camp for the miscommunication, and to correct u on your dumb, ignorant comment, it is NOT normal for a man of his age to take TRT, TRT is for men in their 50’s… and for previous Steroid abusers, (when u stop taking steroids your body doesnt produce testosterone naturally anymore) So Jason take Chaels nuts out of your ignorant mouth and know what the fuck you are talkin about before u bump those teabagging gums…

  44. desmond says:

    Hell yes! cant wait to see Sonnen beat silva’s ass!!

  45. meercat says:

    Kids like sonnen, who are fed shit and kept in the dark evolve into slimey

    magic mushrooms. You want a drug addict, convicted felon to be the

    Mw ufc chump ? Could he travel to The UK or Canada -NO . Felons not

    welcome. After one year probation and no drugs , he could,nt take down

    retired featherweight.

  46. MMA FAN says:

    Silva was Hurt last time but a win is a win… he won and he will win again, un like GSP who is a lil bitch and wont fight when hurt besides sonnen was on steroids!!!!

  47. Keels says:

    I think The Spider is an amazing fighter! the only difference between Sonnen and the other guys he beat is that Sonnen doesn’t go in the cage with the fear and doubt the others have. Be honest! Chael beat his ass for every round until that hail mary triangle…it’s not like silva planned to get rag dolled around and do one choke in the 5th and end it. Keep it real…he’s feeling insecure right now

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You hit a bulls eye!

    • Xaninho says:

      No he was planning to choke him as soon as possible…Too bad it was very late in the fight, but he still made him tap like a bitch. Exactly as planned for running his mouth about BJJ..

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        He may have tapped but everyone knows that Wrestling > BJJ. I doubt Anderson take down defense will be good enough to stop the eventual lay…pray… and ground and pound.

        • Xaninho says:

          I can’t agree that wrestling>BJJ. Ofcourse a great wrestler will beat a mediocre BJJ practitioner, but Silva isn’t mediocre. Wrestlers are vulnerable to BJJ submissions, especially Sonnen…Hence the hate he has towards BJJ and Brazilians.

          If Sonnen takes Silva down again he will get submitted again. But Silva will Knock his ass Out before that.

        • Big Balls of fire says:

          You have to be kidding? On what planet is wrestling better than JiuJitsu?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          PLANET EARTH. BJJ practitioners always have problems against wrestlers and that’s because wrestling keeps you in the dominate position. That is why ground and pound and wrestling are a good combo. Munoz… Brock…. GSP…. Fitch…. Sonnen…. Cain… etc

  48. Ironhaynsnake says:

    I wonder what Chief Rybeck is teaching Silva for this fight?

    • He better teach him the dim mak.. that’s the only that’s going to stop the Chaelmonster.. maybe the 5 finger death touch also. Other then that Chael is going to slam the spida on his head and walk away w the belt and a million in his pocket.

  49. chon209 says:

    look at all the attention sonnen gets especially from his haters and thats why he is getting another shot regardless if you ppl agree or not and if he doesnt belong in there with the spider then anderson will own him so why are ppl still being haters, sonnen gets another shot and anderson gets the chance to humble sonnen in the cage its a win for everybody

  50. SaberTooth says:

    This is for all the dumbass’ who don’t train mma and definitely do NOT fight. WRESTLING is superior to juijitsu!!! Sonnen beat the crap out of Silva and all the time Silva is crying and lying to Sonnen about his witty bitty hurt ribs (yah and all you deluded bitches who think this is true) as Sonnen is completely beating his ass. Silva’s only chance was to catch Sonnen in a submission which he did in round 5 due to Sonnen having a mental lapse letting Silva control his wrists. Sonnen will not let happen in the next fight. Go watch the Sonnen-Filho 2 fight and that is what is waiting for Andy in the Sonnen-Andy 2 coming to a PPV near you. Now all you ‘Karate Kid’ jackoff Andy bitches just listen to that little voice in your head that says: ‘Crap that’s RIGHT’!

  51. tommy wilson says:

    damm right he deserves a chance the other contenders could not wipe chaels ass anderson will go down if this fight does not happen another sorry ass ppv

  52. BJpennrules says:

    Not surprised because Dana is a scumbag…and Chael Sonnen makes the UFC look like the WWE, but Chael is the guy who has the best chance at beating the Spider.
    Bisping and Mayhem are just not good enough or ever will be …Munoz on the other hand needs 3 more fights because he is not ready maybe another year for Munoz.

  53. JamesBlack says:

    Chael Sonnen Next Champ Maybe,Or Will Anderson Silva Walk In As Champ An Walk-Out As Champ,Maybe

  54. Mike says:

    I am a nurse and actually give the treatments out that Chael takes. If he in fact has a documented case then he should be allowed to take the testosterone supplement to be able to perform on an equal playing field. But the fact that his level was high leads me to believe that he had a alternative medicine doctor right the order for him which is a common practice today to circumvent the system of testing. There are dozens of places you can go to today and get treatment by an alternative medicine doctor and you simply have to give the symptoms of lethargy and loss of muscle recovery time and they will write the prescription.
    The one HUGE RED FLAG that I see that no one has talked about is Chael had a hearing and LIED.He stated that he had given his information to the director of the athletic commission when in fact he had NEVER EVER spoken to him. Do the research people before you believe this man. I love listening to him talk about how he is the best in the world and the streets of Oregon like everyone else. But you can’t lie flat out and get away with it. There really needs to be an investigation and Chael should submit to independent medical testing and this will settle everything. One blood test will show if he in fact is deficient in testosterone or just getting an edge. And in closing he should have never been allowed to fight in Texas when he is still suspended in another state for the use of steroids. I hope the fight happens but let me see him fight at least one more fight clean before he gets a shot at the title again. Chael vs Munoz would be a great fight. Make it happen Dana White and when your fighters get suspended in one state. Don’t let them fight in another to make money for the UFC. Show that you have morals. Go JDS!!!!!

  55. showtime will be champ says:

    all i have to say about sonnen vs. silva is “LETS GET IT ON”

  56. brandon thomas says:

    After silva tko’s sonnen 1 2 it won’t matter and the little bitch that couldnt can go back to Oregon and rub some more cocks take some more magic shit and maybe just maybe WWE will let him wash the towels in the dudes locker rooms and he can kept _ackin off

  57. Carlos says:

    If u guys think Anderson is really that badass and truly belive he better than chael then u guys gotta stop acting like little bitches and support the rematch instead of making punkass little bitch excuses and STFU!!!!

  58. aussietim says:

    I really cant beileve tht some of u clowns actually said chael is better then anderson silva lmfao just goes to prove how little u know and how much u get cauggt up in hype silva is going to ko his ass wait and c then i want all u clowns to admit tht u have no fucking clue!

  59. TCP says:

    Really looking forward to this fight, all of the hating a s**t talking aside. That stuff takes away from the fight itself. Chael did lose the fight….period. But he also dominated Silva for most of the fight, and honestly, he is the only person since Patrick Cote who actually put up a fight and who Anderson didn’t embarrass. I think the whole “legal” TRT thing is bush league personally. If your stones don’t produce as much test as someone else’s, then you’re in the wrong sport. If you want to get a handicap, take up golf.

  60. Chartmonster says:

    yeah just like thew first fight ..the broken beast! : )

  61. Chartmonster says:

    Hey Che’lu sorry the Vitor fight won’t happen just yet! Munoz v Vitor..who u got bradduh? VITOR…

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