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Monday, 09/12/2011, 03:08 pm

Dana White Comments on Diaz vs. Penn

“To tell you the truth, the excuses he gave me made no sense. You’ve interviewed Nick Diaz before. You know what I’m talking about. But I started thinking about this: This kid is a real fighter and I love the BJ Penn-Nick Diaz fight. He always does show up to fight. We have trouble with him doing p.r. We also sometimes have problems with [his brother] Nate, whom I have a great relationship with, in getting him to do his p.r. What basically happened is, Nick freaked out. He disappeared. He told me he couldn’t handle the pressure of the main event. It wasn’t that he couldn’t fight it or wouldn’t have fought it, but all the responsibilities that come with fighting in the main event, he said he couldn’t deal with that. The fighting part is the easy part to him.”

In a quote via, UFC president Dana White gives his side of the UFC 137 card switch of main and co-main event.

Having demoted Nick Diaz from the main event to the co-main event against BJ Penn, White is convinced that regardless of the circumstances, a Diaz vs. Penn fight is one destined for greatness.


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