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Saturday, 12/14/2013, 09:49 pm

Dana White Clears Up “Stupidity” Over Why GSP Was Turned Away At Press Conference

Yesterday we reported on the UFC’s perceived stonewalling of Georges St-Pierre, when it came to him attending the UFC 167 post-fight press conference.

“Rush” insisted that a UFC official told him he was not welcomed at the conference. St-Pierre entered anyway, and was met with what appeared to be a room full of shocked faces.

At tonight’s press conference, however, Dana White attempted to clarify the “stupidity”:

My PR people told me that he [GSP] had gone to the hospital in an ambulance. When he was trying to go to the press conference, the doctors were telling him ‘No’. That he had to go to the hospital. And he [GSP] was saying ‘No, I want to go to the press conference’.”

Dana continued, saying:

We don’t tell guys ‘you can’t go to the press conference’. Never told a guy you can’t go. Especially Georges St-Pierre. Nobody’s going to tell Georges St-Pierre after a title fight that he can’t go to the press conference.”

I just wanted to clear that stupidity up. A little bit was lost in translation there, when Georges was telling that story.”


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