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Tuesday, 01/28/2014, 06:25 am

Dana White Calls Roy Nelson a F—— Moron For Applying to NSAC

But, Dana, tell us what you really think.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

UFC heavyweight fighter Roy Nelson made headlines Monday by announcing his application to the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Now it’s UFC President Dana White’s turn.

At a media event on Monday, White weighed in on Nelson’s chance of landing the Executive Director position vacated by Keith Kizer.

What a f—ing moron,” White said, according to MMAFighting.  “Let me tell you what, if he puts in an application at f—ing Kinko’s, he isn’t getting that job.  Let alone the Nevada state athletic commission.


116 Responses to “Dana White Calls Roy Nelson a F—— Moron For Applying to NSAC”

  1. magoo says:

    Whatever u say Dana,god ur such a fukcin control freak, Roy sure knows how to get under your skin!

  2. Gary Love says:

    Good luck Roy.Unlike that douche Dana, I wish you luck and I hope you succeed.

  3. says:


  4. daddy longdick says:

    yall act like dana is some dickhead, but he is just brutally honest. roy nelson is about as fake of a blue collar man as they come and he has absolutely no dedication to his job. hes a fighter and he obviously does no cardio what so ever. if he doesnt knock a guy out after the first overhand right he loses the fight by decision cuz hes lucky enough to have an iron chin. he just wants a job so his fat ass has a reason to be fat by sitting around all day

    • Guest says:

      funny thing is ..nelson could gain another 200 lbs lose a leg and both arms and still kick your ass

    • Rev says:

      What? No cardio? Stupid. Roy goes hard every round. That takes monster Cardio!! Plus he’s one of the best heavy weights in the world. Thats why he still fights in the ufc.Yes he could up his fitness a little more but i’d bet money he could out run you and 95% of everyone else on here.

  5. mkpdavies says:

    Dana is beginning to disappear so far up his own arsehole, that he can almost see Chuck Liddel’s heels.

  6. Manuel Davis says:

    If he’s that fucking stupid then why did Dana hire him?

  7. James Whitehead says:

    I know Roy Nelson is a bit overboard. Thats just Roy for ya. But an actual athlete / MMA fighter on that board would do some justice. As long as his head did not explode in the process. lmao

  8. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Shit, that was funny..Gottta love Dana…“Let me tell you what, if he puts in an application at f—ing Kinko’s, he isn’t getting that job.” That’s some funny stuff there,, Kinko’s…lmao.

  9. Nephelim says:

    What I dislike is Dana hypocrisy ,like when big foot Silva tested positive after the fight with Hunt, Dana said how pissed off he was and that he wasn’t going to put up with that shit but hes willing to give the one of the biggest juicer a title shot come on.

  10. Jose Cruz says:

    Looks like Dana forgot where he started.

  11. truenymmafan says:

    maybe dana should go carry someones bags for a day and regain some humility and drive

  12. FlatDarkMark says:

    Could be some ploy of Dana’s to get a person in there with some know how of the sport. Hes stated his disgust for the NAC before plenty of times.

    But if it isn’t, What in the sam fuck shit is wrong with a motherfucker putting in a job application. I don’t care if its to be president AT LEAST someones trying to work in this country and not just living off unemployment food stamps and cash assistance.

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