Tuesday, 02/19/2013, 11:19 am

Dana White Calls Out Bellator to Pay Eddie Alvarez His Worth | MMA NEWS

If you thought UFC President Dana White was done talking about lightweight fighter Eddie Alvarez, think again.

Eddie Alvarez has been in the middle of a legal battle with Bellator MMA, his current employer. The lightweight fighter’s contract ended and the UFC made him an offer. Bellator however, had the chance to match it, which they did.

Alvarez is disputing that Bellator’s offer will still not match up to the UFC offer when factoring in exposure and Pay-Per-View revenue.

In a recent interview, Dana White had the following to say:

“(Bellator) have the right to Eddie Alvarez,” said White. “He did his deal, but if you look at the way that this thing goes down, Eddie Alvarez paid his dues there. He honored his deal. He honored his contract with them. When your contract is up and you have the right to match, that’s where a fighter truly finds out what he is worth. Well, he found out what he was worth, now pay him the money.”

Do not expect this to be the last that Dana White has to say in the matter. Not until Alvarez is fighting in the Octagon at least.


8 Responses to “Dana White Calls Out Bellator to Pay Eddie Alvarez His Worth | MMA NEWS”

  1. jim says:

    wonder what Dana would do if he was in Bjorn’s shoes.

    I don’t think he’d be so liberal with UFC fighters.

  2. Drew says:

    Dana, it’s not your company if I was Viacom I’d tell u to fuck off

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