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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 01:43 pm

Dana White Calls Jon Jones Selfish And Disgusting For Turning Down Sonnen Fight | UFC NEWS

“As much as as he’s won, and all the things that he’s accomplished in a short amount of time … he’s been a champion that hasn’t been very popular. I don’t think this is going to do wonders for his popularity… Me and Lorenzo are disgusted… I don’t know why a guy who was a world champion and considered by many to be the pound-for-pound best wouldn’t fight anybody. It’s baffling to me. I’ve never seen it before…Being a fight promoter, and being in the business that we’re in, you can’t make somebody fight. I can’t make you fight. You’re either a fighter, or you’re not. This is what we all do for a living. I have a building here in Las Vegas that 250 people have been busting their ass, working hard, to promote this fight. Not just for Jon Jones, but for everyone on this card… You know what? Good for you Jon Jones. You’re rich and you’ve got some money, and you don’t need to take this fight. But there’s a bunch of guys on the undercard that this is how they feed their family, and this is how they make a living. And the UFC has spent [expletive] of money to promote this fight. I can’t make you fight, but it’s probably not a good idea to not do it.”

UFC president Dana White expressed his disgust with his 205 champ Jon Jones on today’s special conference call to announce the first ever cancellation of an entire UFC event.


122 Responses to “Dana White Calls Jon Jones Selfish And Disgusting For Turning Down Sonnen Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Chael wouldve beat that ass. Fucking jones he was talking about ppv numbers didnt do well in his last fight with machida. Im so sure that if he fought chael ppv numbers would be above his expectations.

    • Jimmy joe says:

      This is crazy, jones wont fight chael ! He is such a self important dick brain . A real champ would fight anyone, let alone a chael who’s moving up a wait class. I’ve lost any respect for jones. Chael for president

    • Billy says:

      Chael doesn’t deserve a title shot………what are you suppose to let him fight every champ just because he has a big mouth?

      • BeCrazy says:

        Not a fan of Chael and I think we can all agree that he didn’t deserve the title shot, but that’ not the point I think the point is that Jones should’ve nutted up for being a ‘champ’. Doesn’t take much to consider all the business goin’ on, and even the undercard fighters, like Dana kinda said here. Jones’ being a bitch. And at the same time shame on UFC having to cancel due to one guy and one event

      • Michael says:

        Nope, you’re supposed to ruin a whole event, screw many fighters out of the money they’d make, lose a great deal of your(already diminishing) fanbase, and piss off your boss just because you don’t want to fight a guy who’s 2-2 in his last 4 fights and is moving up a weight class(one you’re absolutely huge for) who’s only possible way to victory is wrestling. You know, Jone’s forte. Truly Jones is a great champ.

        (was a fan of Jones before this)

      • UFCbiggestFAN says:

        Jones knows he’d get beat so he chose to fight machida again because he beat him already

        • Pancho says:

          Chael is an easier fight than Machida moron. Plus Sonnen just fought and lost! Dana is trying to put the blame on Jones here but it’s actually HIS fault for putting together a card that relies solely on the main event! That’s why you put together good cards so this shit doesn’t happen! Fuck you Dana!

        • lousy says:

          it’s because you are stupid Pancho!!

        • IYF says:

          Pancho, you’re an idgit !!.

  2. chris says:

    Hahahahahah. Still think everyone is hating on Bones just because he’s on top Dana?

    • BiggoTrav says:

      They should at least make his ass Co-main for 152… Those flyweights deserve their chance in the spotlight! It is, after all, just THE FIRST FRIGGIN FLYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sasquatch says:

    WTF Jones!!!… Why wouldn’t he take it I wonder?, I would have loved to see him kick the bullshite out of that loud mouth wanna be gangster!

  4. Tokofeigy says:

    Scared to the “Bones Jones”

  5. Van Custo says:

    Gonna have to agree 100% with Dana White here. Jones is acting like a bitch.

    • BowtieAssassin says:

      Maybe Dana shouldn’t have tried to sell us a made for T.V card based on a main event, then they wouldn’t be in this mess, they usually have a decent enough card that if the main event falls threw the rest of the card can still be sold.

  6. ThatGuy1987 says:

    I’ve always liked Jon Jones as a fighter just because his style, like it or hate it, is so crazy and un-orthodox that it’s fun to see…….. But this is the biggest Bitch move I’ve ever seen by a fighter. Regardless of what Chael said first, YOU talked shit right back about how you would beat his ass and now you have the chance and you run?!?! BITCH-MOVE!! Oh and as a fighter myself, I get that 8 days to prepare sucks when you’ve spent the last few months game-planning for someone else but there is still no excuse for backing off a fight like that. I’ve lost a shit ton of respect for Jones after this shit.

  7. Moseswhite says:

    That’s right Dana! I’m a huge JBJ fan an have defended Jacksons Camp for years… But this is ridiculous. Pathetic. Unacceptable. They’ve lost a ton of my respect and I’m in complete disbelief. It’s a sad day for the UFC, but a pathetic display of pussy-osity for Camp Jackson and JBJ.

  8. danielrchargers says:

    Make his ass fight then, Dana.
    Fucking Greg fagget jackson.
    This is Fighting.
    If he were to lose his belt to Sonnen.
    Wed all ways HEY! AT LEAST HE TOOK THE FIGHT! HELL WORK HIS WAY BACK UP AND SMASH _____ – said fighter.
    Jones is selfish and Greg is an idiot.

    • John Smith says:

      He can’t make Jones fight. He’s only obligated to take the fight he’s assigned not one set up. It sucks and Jones is a moron for not taking the fight with a much smaller fighter being second in P4P but Jones hasn’t made the best decisions as of late

  9. slacker says:

    Yes, Dana. Speak the truth.

  10. Cory says:

    And with this we enter the political bullshit era of MMA where supposed “Champions” and the top “pound-for-pound” fighters dodge fights because they want to protect their record. It is this garbage that may just be the beginning of the decline of MMA. I thought fighters never pick their fights and leave that up to UFC brass? Anderson Silva and Jon Jones have shown that’s not the case (more Jon than Anderson). I don’t see how anyone can call Jon the greatest blah, blah, blah when he won’t step up and fight Chael. What a joke, this is not a promising sign for the future of the sport.

    • John Smith says:

      The only reason he can dodge is because its a short notice fight. If this was set up like a regular card Jones could do nothing unless he wanted to be cut and his belt stripped. Fact is with the UFC being the only major promoter they have all the leverage in every situation except this one. Until there are people who can rival the UFC we have no worries of this becoming like boxing. Jones lost fans and the UFC is pissed at him now which is a bad spot to be in but for now we just have to sit on this mad at Jones and disappointed theres nothing we or the UFC can do about it

  11. bunkylomax says:

    Jon jones should be stripped of his title..don’t they do that in boxing if a champ refuses to fight the top contender? I know Chael wasn’t the top contender but Machida obviously couldn’t take that fight on such short notice.ive never like Jon jones and I want to see him lose more than ever now..sounded like a threat from Dana saying this isnt gonna be good for jones..he could’ve been the hero and saved the card..he trained to fight hendo so hes in good shape also there are many similarities with Chael..I think he refused out of spite for Chael cuz of the trash Nike has sponsored a rapist and a drunken champ who refuses to fight

  12. Mach00man says:

    Dana is mad because Jones has ruined his plan try and put a belt on Sonnen. This crap was planned! Open your eyes folks! They knew Hendo was hurt a long time ago. Why do you think Sonnen started trash talking Jones a few weeks ago? Trying to stir up something to create a rivalry and get him in that main event.

  13. maurice says:

    i understand y jones dont want to give chael the oppurtunity. its the samething anderson tried to do. he didnt think chael deserved a main event, and quite frankly he’s right. i mean seriously chael vs jon jones? chael hasnt fought in lhw in years. his last 2 outings at mw looked horrid. i think this is more of the ufc fault then jon jones. i didnt hear any complaints when jon was fighting back to back fights just to satisfy the ufc. now that jones turns down a fight with a bum dana turns his back on him that fast. i thought i would never say this shit, but fuk dana white and ufc for this bullshit. company turning their back on their most promising champ. if i was jones i would just hand over the belt and tell dana and lorenzo to kiss my black ass. lhw division would miss the fuck outta jones then.

  14. DMAC says:

    Dana might run all the other UFC fighters but not bones or spider… Lmao! All the undercard guys are mad because there not consistent in their performances so they don’t get big contracts but it’s all Jon’s fault.

    • Brenden says:

      All the undercard fighters are mad because they worked their asses off and spent money they were expecting to make back on fight night for a full training camp, cornermen, and everything neccesary for the fight and jones took all of that and flushed it on them. The ufc shouldnt have tried to sell the whole ppv on one fight, especially with all the recent injuries. But jones had the opportunity to be a “rich franklin” and bail the company that helped make him who he is today out of a tight spot. Just because he has the money to throw away a full camp doesn’t mean all the other fighters do. They (and the fans) have every right to be pissed

      • Billy says:

        If dana gave a fk about the fighters on the undercard hed pay them or he’d still run the show without the bonz fight…….he won’t sell any PPV’s so he doesn’t give a fk…

        • Brenden says:

          OHHHHHHH! so you mean that dana and the fertitta’s don’t wanna lose money for the business they’re trying to run? And you’re saying that if YOU were in his shoes you would just say “go on with the show” and lose all that money? UFC is prize fighting, plan and simple. They wont put on a show that would be losing the company alot of money. Jones showed how much of a selfish brat he his with this and also that he has no respect for the company that pay’s him, the other fighters, and the fans

  15. Ned Fowden says:

    every single UFC fighter should refuse to take a match with JBJ now, putting the UFC in a position where they have to cancel an entire event is unforgivable.

  16. John Smith says:

    Jones is afraid to lose now that his popularity has dropped so much. Chael would push the action and wouldn’t let Jones skate the confrontation like he did against Rashad. Its pathetic he won’t take this fight and skilled or not shows he’s not a real fighter. I could see if it was an awful match up for him but fact is the UFC called on you and you backed down on a fight with a guy moving up to your weight class on short notice. You’re supposed to be second best in the world, man up and prove it

  17. Nando says:

    As much as I hate this, Dana is trying to place all the blame on
    Jones, but the fact is that Dana took a major gamble putting together a terrible ppv behind only Jones. Still, Jones should have been a company man.

  18. A.James says:

    Let’s boycott anything Jon Jones does. He shitted on everyone. Let everyone shit on him.

  19. Kay Oss says:

    Used to like Jones a lot but he really seems to have let his ego go crazy. He needs someone at LHW to beat his ass and teach him what it’s like to be humble again. I was hoping Hendo was that guy. Jones is an astonishing physical specimen and a tremendously talented fighter but he really needs an attitude adjustment. Even if Henderson hadn’t won, and the odds were against him, he’d have still shown Jones what damage experience can do. This though… this is just heinous. Feel bad for all the other fighters. Bad form Bones, and Greg Jackson too. Some serious damage to their reputations and credibility both.

  20. Max says:

    The entire event was canceled because of that idiot Greg Jackson…

  21. damn what a fucking dude ,a fight for the title with who ever is how defines a good champion or a bullshitter ,guess what he is a bullshitter ,damn dude that was the true definition of a real champ ,

  22. G Bud says:

    I don’t like Jones, but he’s been training for a stand up fight for 3 months, and with 8 days to go to be asked to then fight what most likely would be a battle on the ground is obviously makes his 3 months worthless.

    What about Hendo being irresponsible enough to get injured 8 days out?

    Again, I dislike the guy but I respect his decision.

  23. yon says:

    I-m agree with Jon, is like someone ask you to run a race against a 5 year old young boy. But by doing this, Bones let pass not only an entire Ufc event, but the chance to burry very very deep in Sonnen-s ego and all of his little crappy bulshit. Una pena..

  24. Loose Cannon says:

    Dana,,,,,,you are making NO sense.

    Let this one sink in your head and then give an apology tomorrow,

    Try being MAD at Hendo for getting hurt.

    Try Being MAD at Machida for not taking your INITIAL OFFER

    Try being MAD at yourself for making such a WEAK card.

    Jones is NOT obligated to rescue your card…….you are.

    • Tyler says:

      You are so right dude, who the fuck comes off of a loss, moves up to a new division and gets a title shot? Its because of his big fucking mouth, and Dana saw dollar signs to save his card…Dana is the bitch, and JBJ is the King of MMA fuck haters

    • Ryan says:

      You took the words out of my mouth, Dana stop blaming everyone else for your bitch moves… Sonnen doesn’t deserve a shot at Jones’ belt and EVERYONE knows it.

      Jones doesn’t have to fight. It doesnt make him a wanker in my opinion, hes been training to stand for the last 3 months.

      Next time plan a better card. Stop taking it out on your TOP fighters you f’n pin head.

    • warrior808 says:

      BINGO! and the sad thing is that there are so many idiots that dont realize this!

  25. yon says:

    I-m agree with Jon, is like someone ask you to run a race against a 5 year old young boy. But by doing this, Bones let pass not only an entire Ufc event, but the chance to burry very very deep Sonnen-s ego and all of his little crappy bulshit. Una pena..

  26. JT says:

    funny, Dana gives jones a hard time over turning down a title defense to a guy with a weeks notice, why not put another champ on the headline to face someone with a weeks notice? if he expects Jones to do it then every Champion should be able to do it right? why delete a whole card over one guy? then pin it all on him? not like jones got himself injured a week before a life changing fight……

  27. rod stiffman says:

    Seriously F**K U JON JONES

  28. antonio fantroy says:

    when you have the belt you can turn down a fight .so those who dont like it can shut up and wait like everyone else .

  29. kyle6286 says:

    Finally maybe more people will start to see the “Real Jon Jones”. He’s a pompous prick and he has been since the beginning. He’s been training for a bigger, stronger Dan Henderson who has knockout power for the last few months, and he turns down Chael who is transitioning up to 205 and fighting there for the first time. On top of that, Chael hasn’t even trained for a fight since Anderson more than a month ago. What a piece of shit.

    P.S. Go CHAEL!

  30. Warren says:

    What the hell are you lot and Dana talking about? What is the point of Bones fighting Sonnen. It would be over in a minute. Sonnen doesn’t deserve another shot. Jones is not ducking for fear of losing, he’s saying that this fight is not worthy of a title fight.

    • Rob says:

      Not worthy? Jones spoke about being able to crush Sonnen any day because of what Sonnen said to him. Well, Jones got his chance to prove that he could smash sonnen, but he did not take it, he ducked it. If you’re a fighter you should act like one and you should definitely like to test yourself against someone elses skills and strenghts, not pussying out.

  31. MR SMITH says:

    Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title shot. If they gave him the shot at his 1st fight in the weight division that would be bullshit. You have to earn the shot by fighting top contenders not by talking shit over twitter!!!

  32. Nate says:

    Jon Scared to the Bones Jones… what can i say? i never liked him, but i respected him. now i have zero respect for him. a real champ fights whoever gets put in front of them. Dana White better take away his UFC sponsorship. Chael talked shit, and Jon Jones has the nerve to talk shit back but then not fight?? what a coward.

  33. Castro says:

    It was a great chance for Jones to back up all that tweeter shit.what a douche…

  34. bigfoot says:

    if danas gonna slate jones next time give hin a proper replacement instead of a guy who trashed talked his way to the fight or at least put a guy agaisnt him who fights at the same weight ufc is becomin a joke tryin to do to much to soon

  35. ballsackface says:

    ufc have never cancelled on a card before when a main event has failed last minute.

    whos at fault here? bones or the ufc?

    way i see it is this, the fact they cancelled it means that there were too many low attraction fighters on the card so it was not worth the money to replace the main event as the ppv sales would be too low to pay staff, overheads for the arena, media and fighters.

    this wouldnt of happened if they had a second high profile fight on here.

    he can bitch and bones all he wants but facts are this, you are in the fight business. you have made the error of signing up with fox and have too many fights per month that all of your high profile fights are few and far between for the actual PPV cards because you keep some for the fox deals.

    UFC is responsible for not allowing the other fighters get paid and feed their family, not Jones. Jones is 1 fighter out of 20 (including prelims) on that card.

    basically dana and mr fertita knew they fucked up and are pushing the hate toward bones. this will push ppv sales on bones for the machida fight because they know people will pay to see machida beat bones (even if the chances are slim) cos everyone will want to see bones get defeated for being a bitch.

    see where this is going? if it was actually bones’s fault and he collapsed an entire even which has a whole broadcast arrangement and fee tied to it then they would have cut him as he would have been breach of contract.

    GG Dana, good spin.

    im more a fan of chael than i am bones but i just see the bigger picture.
    bones dropped the fight for the same reasons every other 205er other than chael turned down the opportunity to fight the champ. guess the whole of the 205 division is pussy!!!!

  36. maurice says:

    dana is a piece of shit. i dont think this has anything to do with the different style chael brings compared to hendo or watever. jones and anderson just hate chael, they hate everything the represents, and they are both flabbergasted that this guy mouth grants title shots. at the end of the day, chael is a small lhw, who wrestling will literally be nothing compared to jones. jones will finish chael in the first or second if the fight happens. and even tho the spider is better then jones, jones dominate in even more devastating fashion, simply because his background is wrestling. chael is only takin this fight for a pay check. just like he did with anderson silva. chael knows there is no way in gods green earth he could beat jones. by refusing this fight the person that hurts worst at the end is poor chael. because chael has to go back to fighting his sorry ass counter part forrest griffin. one things for sure, ppl can be mad at jones for not fighting that cheating ass criminal chael, but nobody should be dumb enough to actually think chael could beat jones. like someone said something about chael “pushing the pace” on jones. like seriously? just like chael pushed the pace against anderson and bisping. chael is on his last legs in the sport, the fact ufc put him in a position to fight jones is a complete joke. i literally have never been this dissapointed in the ufc management till now. im almost sure jones would have fought ANY OTHER LHW in the world aside from that criminal who hasnt even fought in lhw in years. i really dont like the way this shit is going. in my eyes this just makes dana and the ufc look like fucking stooges. jones was smart by taking a fight with a real fucking fighter in lyoto, who is about 10 times the fighter of phael sonnen.

  37. Truth says:

    I really believe that they should make a change in the contracts signed. JBJ wasn’t obligated to fight anyone but Hendo, fair enough(but he should have taken the fight with Sonnen to save the event.)
    So in my humble opinion I wish they would make the fighters start signing contracts saying they are fighting another fighter AND are required to fight on event day regardless of any and all changes to the event. That would solve all of this nonsense, legally they couldn’t make Jones fight and save the event because he was only obligated to fight a fighter, not bound to the event entirely. That would save future disasters like this, lets face it injuries are just going to happen. Everyone on the cards should be prepared for any event changes, regardless the situation.

  38. Joey Gillum says:

    Chael shouldn’t except coming into the light heavy weight division to fight the champion he has to work his way up from the bottom of Dana’s sack

  39. Neil says:

    Why should he fight a guy that just lost a fight in epic fashion? What does he gain.

    • Cory says:

      He gains exactly what everyone wants from him. Proof that he will fight anyone. Proof that he can beat anyone (regardless of who that is). He should be willing to fight a bum off the street to prove to the world what he is. Champions don’t back out of fights, regardless of the circumstance. 8 days is enough to adjust a gameplan. Many fighters have done it in 8 hours. If your the champ, act like it.

  40. John M says:

    Amen Dana! I’ve never liked JJ and this just another reason why.

  41. ZC says:

    This is just pure selfishness and being a wimp. He’s ruining an entire card because he doesn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen? Really?

    Chael draws the biggest numbers on PPVs, love him or hate him that’s a fact. This would at least give those other fighters on the card a chance to do their job. Jon Jones is pretty much using a sick day at work and his boss knows he’s not sick. Making the work load harder for everyone.

    I’ve hated Jon Jones since his first title defense. He’s arrogant, annoying and a pussy.

  42. Billy says:

    Dana has more money, and he can make it worth jones while to take this fight, or he can pay everyone on the undercard! What a fkn douche

  43. Billy says:

    Dana, how about you put a fucking card together that doesn’t count on one fight to carry it! Dumb fkr

  44. halfway says:

    Dana is 100% right. Anyone that doesn’t agree is a serious nuthugger.

    A champ fights whoever they put in front of him, a real champ at least. Anyone that doesn’t do that is a little closer to a paper champ.

  45. Kurius Boy says:

    I don’t get it. Why is Dana White disgusted for? Didn’t Sonnen just get knocked out in his last fight against Silva? So how does someone who just got knocked out deserve another title fight in his next fight? Sonnen not even that exciting of a fight, all he does is wrestle you to the ground, and basically lays on you until the fight is over. You need more then 8 days to prepare for a fighter with craftyiness. If anybody is making themselves look bad, it’s Danna White for calling out Jones like that. How many champions with his legacy have put there title up for grabs in a weeks notice? He didn’t have to scrap the event, he could’ve had the same people fight, add another fight, and charge less for tickets and everything. So don’t make it Jones fault

  46. DeeDotCee says:

    WTF! Selfish? Dana is a dumbass. Chael got his ass beat with the spider and then wants a fight again for another title shot? Pathetic! He should be the last one to fight bones. Its sad that all they really care about is how much they get paid in the end. Sonnen sucks.

  47. Pizza*eatinUFCwatcher says:

    I really didn’t look at it like that until White mentioned it. I let the DUI thing go because we all like to get drunk and bang hookers. But FUCK Jones! Bitch got a few bucks. And he is the biggest nobody champion. Let the whole event go to shit cuz he’s still a child punk in a big mans body. No respek for you Jones!

  48. Tyler says:

    You know what? Jon Jones is the fucking shit, he finishes fights a lot in a variety of ways and he puts on clinics. Jon Jones as the champion and the best shouldn’t just fight anybody, he should fight who deserves to fight him. And Chael, coming off of a loss to silva and a transitioning to LHW, doesn’t deserve it..He’s just a name and a way to make money because he talks trash and Jon Jones is the next big thing that happens to be hated on by many…And Dana’s talking about how rich Jon Jones refusing fights like its so ugly…Are you kidding me? What if he just thinks there’s others who deserve it and simultaneously a fresher challenge out their for him…Chael has done nothing to prove worthy of challenging JBJ and he also is the same Boxer/Wrestler style as Rashad and Quinton…Dana is mad because he is the one who is greedy, not JBJ…He wants that money the comes with name/mouth of chael….Its a total random fight out of nowhere that doesnt make sense and the fans deserve more than that superficial fight for the belt…JBJ is a scapegoat…Fuckin Haters…

  49. Jerry says:

    Jones is a coward I honestly think that a Champ shouldn’t have a choice who or when to fight.. Jones is always saying that he is & will be the best in the UFC I say prove it you whinning little bitch. I’ve never liked him & probally never will. And I honestly don’t care for Sonnen either but atleast Sonnen has a set of balls & isn’t AFRAID to fight when the chance is there. Jones go the fuck back to where you started fighting from because you just proved that you can’t hang with the big boys of the UFC….
    P.S. what a fuckin pussy you are..

  50. Law3056 says:

    As a champion you shouldn’t turn down any challengers, I agree with that much, but to a certain extent. I like War Sonnen, but he got 2 title shots against Silva and lost them both. And now people are pissed that Bones turned him down. Chael ‘just’ lost a title shot, so now all of a sudden he moves up and that immediately certifies him for another title shot? How does that make any sense? Machida was next in line for the shot regardless so the fact that Machida is getting the spot is exactly what should happen.

  51. DonDangerously says:

    Well shit Dana, you spo

  52. DonDangerously says:

    Well shit Dana, you sponsored him.

  53. Dirk Parker says:

    I Disagree with most people here.
    1. How is Chael now #1 contender ?
    2. Guys this is meant to be a legitimate SPORT. Moves like this, lose the sport it’s credibility. Chael gets title shot for trash talking???
    3. Dana if you’re so worried about undercard fighters pay and their families, why not pay them anyway? Not exactly short of a few quid!
    4.Jones has too much to lose fighting an underweight chump. Agreed he SHOULD win 95%. However with MMA gloves on, anyone has a punchers chance. Jones has saved the SPORT some credibility turning down a fight that should never have been offered in first place.

  54. Radge says:

    Imagine how much shit Chael is going to talk now LOL can’t wait its going to be brilliant, such a stupid move by Bones on so many levels.

  55. Leroy says:

    The longer UFC continues, the more Dana White looks like a profiteering spoilt little brat grabbing money whereever he can. That ain’t a sport.

  56. Brenden says:

    Im reallyyyy hoping nike reconsiders his sponsership deal with them. I doubt many people are going to want to wear any jones material after this stunt

  57. ken says:

    some champ did i say champ i meant chump a champ is someone who faces all competitors and jons aint that

  58. ihatecowards says:

    dana should just strip him of the tittle for not being a true champion and stepping up when needed to like a champ should. there’s a reason why chael calls himself the “people’s champ” (not cuz he supposedly beat silva the first time) but because he’s a guy that’s lookin to fight and is always wanting to fight. ever since jones came to the ufc he was touted as “the next big thing” i guess the thing they were referring to was a pussy

  59. Why would someone like epic fael get a shot at anything after spider silva destroyed him again haha lame…

  60. Sand Man says:

    Jones has forgotten where it all started for him. He was a stand in due to injury of another fighter. And if he is as Good as he thinks he is, he should continue to walk threw fighters. No matter what Sonnen has said or done, he will always Fight ! This is what happened after all the Sport Fighters started. Real Fighters like the Diaz Brothers do not duck fights. Maybe the Nike thing has gone to his Head !

  61. Bandelero says:

    this reminds me of when diaz wanted silva and dana said it made no sense since he was coming off a loss….and now its suddenly ok to offer someone coming off a loss a title shot =/

  62. jon jones sux says:

    Jon Jones is officially dead to me.

  63. Joshua says:

    Why would the entire event be cancelled? Why not just change the main event?

  64. funmaker says:

    I am a fan of all parties here. I like Hendo, I like Jones, and I like Chael. I think Dana is in the wrong here if anyone is. Nothing is ever his fault, it’s always somebody else fault. Jones is the champ and there is not much to be gained for him taking this fight. I respect him for taking control of his career and not doing something just because Dana is ticked about all the money everybody else is loosing. Would’ve liked to see Chael and Jones, but can’t say I blame him for not taking the fight on a weeks notice.

  65. Derek says:

    I’ve been a UFC fan since the days of Gracie and Shamrock, but I may officially stop watching from now on. Dana White – you have officially ruined MMA for me. Say whatever you want about Jon Jones should have taken a fight to replace Dan Henderson, I’ll agree 100%… but you talk crap because Chael Sonnen, who lost in two consecutive title shots at middleweight, decides to jump up to LHW and thinks he deserves an immediate title shot? On what grounds? Who did he beat to earn that? The only qualification Chael has at this point is being able to talk crap and sell a couple extra PPVs… so instead of giving a shot to someone who may be deserving or someone who didn’t just get beat in their second straight run at a title, we’re going to try to force Chael to the front of the line so we can shove a few dollars into the pocket… Had Chael beaten a couple people, I’d be defending Dana and Chael and jumping all over Jon Jones, but that’s not the case… I’m not defending Jones, but I can completely agree with the statement that Chael doesn’t deserve a title shot… I’m DEFINITELY not a Rashad fan, but I’d have at least understood that choice and could agree it made sense… but not an overrated MW who couldn’t finish Anderson jumping to the front of the line to try his luck at light heavy… that I can’t understand, except for the dollar signs flashing in everyone’s eyes…

    So you talk about how you are a fan of MMA, Dana, how you try to make the matches fans want to see? You don’t care anything about fans, unless you’re referring to the $50 they are going to have to shell out on your PPVs… otherwise, you’d have told Chael to sit down and earn his shot like EVERYONE ELSE!!!

    • Me says:

      Couldn’t have said it better Derek. Although, nobody will ever make me stop watchin UFC. No one. I’d also like to add something. Something ppl need to realize, Bones is “fighting to feed his family” too. He trained for Hendo… had a game plan. Chael is no chump. He need’s to be planned for. 8 days isn’t enough time to put your livelihood on the line. Bottom Line…
      He made the right decision. #StillABonesFan

  66. jdog says:

    Where are my posts going???????????? THIS IS BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chael has just lost a fight for a championship, because of his mouth all you bones haters are on his nutz saying he is ducking him. If Jones fought him what is there to win for him besides money? What is there to lose? The legitimacy of the sport is to lose if this fight were to happen. Remember when Vitor fought Silva??? Same thing everyone was crying saying why could he just move in and get a shot. Hell look at Frankie Edgar he has to have at least 1 fight before he gets a shot at Aldo, why is Sonnen different??????? Because Dana is a greedy prick that can do no wrong, what he says is law????? WTF why does he get to preach one thing then do another, why not put this card on without a main event??? You mean to tell me there is not 1 205 pounder that couldn’t stand in who has had a fight at 205 and won??? What about Jackson’s opponent? What about the Hammer, after all he is Jones only loss, I would rather see the Hammer than Sonnen, at least he has fought at 205, what about Franklin, hell anyone that has fought. Dana is crying like a baby and scrapped the entire event because someone had the balls to stand up to him when he was wrong, so then he goes and blames Jones and Jackson’s and all you blind people follow along out of hatred for Jones, how pathetic seriously people….

  67. Kiltit says:

    Seems everyone has forgotten how this company started off. You either come in off the street(Tank Abbott), or train for the event (Gracie, Shamrock, Severn, etc…) and fight whomever is put in front of you till the end of the show and you walk out as Champ. It’s a fight, and it shouldn’t matter who they put in there. That’s what the fighters get paid for and what I pay to watch. Seems like Dana said the only LHW to belly up was Sonnen, unless I’m mistaken. And as far as Jones goes, it was a puss out. Regardless of new opponent for Jones, the obligation should be, The show must go on.

  68. jdog says:

    What a joke, everyone who hates Jones, and loves Sonnen is siding with Dana White. Seriously when you are all pissed at Dana for doing something stupid and everyone keeps saying someone needs to do something. Guess what Jones did do something he stood up to Dana and I am happy for it. If Jones had fought Chael with no previous 205 pound fights it would hurt the legitimacy of the sport. Hell Dana won’t let Frankie Edgar go right into a title shot, he wouldn’t let Dan Henderson walk back into the UFC and get an immediate shot (BTW Hendo was prommised a shot and then Dana didn’t give it to him that is WHY he went to strikeforce) Allistar Overreem didn’t get one. So why in the hell should Sonnen get one???

    If Dana was really worried about this event instead of crying like a baby or spoiled brat like Sonnen calls Jones then why didn’t they offer it to any of the other 205 pound fighters out there?? I mean seriously you can’t say there is not one fighter out there that hasn’t one his last fight who wouldn’t take the fight? What about some of the fighters that are in different weights that have fought at 205, like Franklin, Bisping, Belfort. I know they didn’t call ANY other fighters once Jones said no Dana went into a tirade and just scrapped the entire card and thought watch this I will blame Jones and Jackson and EVERYONE will agree with me…… Guess what many did agree with him….

  69. dana $ $ $ says:

    Dana you suck! as if that you’re really concerned about the fighters. I can see your eyes while watching your fighters, you look at them as a $$$ sign.. LOL You are pissed now because you spent a lot of money and you don’t know how to get it back! BOOM!

  70. Sonnen does not deserve this title fight! what the hell is Dana White thinking?

  71. Dirish says:

    I think it all comes down to this…. Dana is used to REAL champions in the ufc. would Chuck Liddell have backed out? Shit no! He would have said to put anyone they want in the cage. jbj is a hitch of a champ.

  72. KIDD433 says:

    I’ve known that Jon Jones is a fraud chicken shit for a long time.For one fighting at a division he has no business fighting at.He’s a fucken Heavyweight,and walks around weighing more than the current HW champion.He fancys himself some “great” for beating top competition,like he’s beaten them based on skill,when really he’s only beaten them based on his physical advantages.strength and reach advantage.He’s fighting 5′-11″ and 6′ footers, with an average 74-75″ reach.He’s 6′-4″ with 84″reach and cuts 30-35 lbs usually.It’s not rocket science people.They’re mismatched Fights against much smaller opponents.Hence his bullshit Rogan hype is false,just like him…I’m glad his covers been pulled,and has been exposed for what he is.Knew it was a matter of time.

  73. if you watch MMA you wouldn’t this fight to happen!!! it’s all about the hype. Sonnen would get destroyed!!!

  74. B says:

    Anderson Silva P4P King!

  75. JEC says:

    So it’s a rumor out, that Jones is facing Belfort now, WTF ? The UFC needs to get it’s shit together, no other LHW will face this dude?!

  76. mike says:

    Granted it sucks for him to turn down a fight,
    I get where Dana is coming from on that, but
    the fact they are giving a title shot to chael is
    complete garbage, name one other person to
    lose 2 title shots (neither one was controversial
    decision) and the come directly off one of those
    loses and get another title shot. Dana said even Frankie
    Edgar would have to fight a contender before
    getting a shot at Aldo, and edgar has had a belt
    Yet Dana wants to bitch at Jones soely because
    He knows chaels annoying ass will hype it up

  77. Gabi says:

    Could Sonnen even get a liscense w the whole TRT thing?
    And the UFC cancelled this. There were other fighters. Not just Sonnon. But it doesn’t seem like they looked for other fighters. They wanted to get that money fight due to Sonnon runnin his mouth.
    I can see why JBJ didn’t want to give him the shot just talking shit and creating hype. Seems like it was bs from everyone not just JBJ.
    The UFC just jumped out talking shit first and people are eating it up screaming like it really effects their life’s. You were just watching on Saturday. STFU. How would you like some asshole from you office who just got there and just let the boss ass fuck them. Then how would you feel if they got the promotion you were up for? Yea.

  78. Spirit Splice says:

    Gee, Dana, maybe he turned it down because The felon didn’t earn a shot. I think there must be something sexual going on between Dana and Chael. He has let him.get away with more shit than anyone. Given him more chances than anyone. And now a freebie title shot after just losing? He never proved himself at 205. The blowjobs must be awesome.

  79. Zoeldog27 says:

    i emplore everyone to get on twitter and tell Jon Bones Jones how we all feel about him ruining UFC 151 so now there will be no UFC 151 what a selfish prick Jones is, what about all the undercard fighters that now miss out on getting paid and he wont fight Sonnen!!!! you’d imagine he’d beat Sonnen without too much trouble, i dont get it this is an absolute middle finger from Jon Jones to all us fans NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I BUY A PPV THAT HAS JON JONES IN IT and ive brought every UFC event since UFC 71 i cant wait till untill he goes up to heavyweight where he will not be able to use his massive body advantage JDS will knock him out id bet my house on it and all this talk about Jones being the best P4P fighter is crap well it must be if he wont fight Sonnen jesus your a fighter you fight since when do fighters get to pick and choose who they fight the answer is simple Dana tell Jon Jones that he either fights Sonnen and UFC 151 is back on or get rid of him from the company see how long Nike keep there sponsorship with him when he’s fighting for bellator someone is a letting there ego go to there head Rashad Evans was spot on with what he said about Jones he’s a fake and id say it to his face and i think at the next UFC fan expo i will be walking up to Jones asking him for his autograph then tearing it up in front of him and throwing it in his face and telling him what a fake loser he is i hope he knocks me out so i can sue his ass or maybe if were all lucky he’ll get drunk again and drive his car into a tree do us all a big favour, I love this sport more than i love my mother and to see this meglomaniac Jones treating the sport i love with contempt makes me so angry i hope Dana makes his life so difficult from here on in he deserves no favours from anyone what an absolute disgrace of a person hes a fake with a big mouth hmmm i wonder if he kisses his mother with that mouth ill have to ask him thatat the fan expo and dont think im talking crap i will be saying it to him im even gonna get my freind to video it and post it on my utube channel watch this space!!!!(VERY PISSED OF UFC FAN)

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