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Sunday, 06/10/2012, 11:12 am

Dana White Calls For Fighters To Tone It Down, Stop Getting Injured | UFC NEWS

Injury is nothing new to mixed martial arts.  Recently, there seems to be flood of UFC fighters pulling out of their bouts.  Major fights are being changed due to injured fighters like Brian Stann, Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch, Vitor Belfort, Dominick Cruz, Michael Bisping, and now Jose Aldo.  Matchmaker Joe Silva and UFC President Dana White are just expecting the unexpected every time their phones ring. Friday night, Dana White tells Fuel TV

“I’m numb to it now.  Last year when the stuff started happening it was devastating. Now, I’ve chalked it up to this is part of the business, part of the deal.”

White believes part of the problem is the hard charging nature of all MMA fighters is part of what makes this sport great, but their never-say-die attitude also carries over into the training room.

“I think what’s happening too and me and Joe Silva were talking about this tonight, you have so many talented guys out there now all in the same camp, going at it like they’re fighting for the title, these guys need to tone it down in training a bit and stop hurting each other,” said White.

Assumptions of late is due to the high level that fighters are expected to perform at in the UFC, and that the cut line is only one fight away, some competitors aren’t willing to take the chance of coming in at anything less than 100-percent.

Another theory is the idea that ever since the UFC instituted their fighter insurance program in 2011, some athletes are more willing to pull out of fights because they can get the necessary medical treatment needed as opposed to ‘fighting through an injury’.

 “I know that at the heart of the sport, fighters want to fight, fighters want to get paid, and the only way they do that is to fight,” White stated dispelling all rumors

Guys that fight in the UFC and the guys that we deal with all the time are hungry to fight.  These guys want to fight, and they want to get paid. The more you sit on the sidelines, and the more you’re out, the less money you make.

Like I always talk about the short window of opportunity in the fight business, I don’t think that’s the case.”

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6 Responses to “Dana White Calls For Fighters To Tone It Down, Stop Getting Injured | UFC NEWS”

  1. Zack says:

    Bisping is faking to avoid Lombard and keep his self proclaimed #1 contender spot. And I don’t see it as a bad thing that John Fitch is injured. More of a blessing sent from above.

  2. ASDF says:

    Not when you pay them 20k or 30k, for most of the fighters. Weigh 20k vs a loss on your career.

  3. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    The recent surge of injuries is staggering. A lot of great fights getting cancelled not only causes the UFC to lose millions, but I think it may repel newer fans who are starting to tune based on the bigger names fighting. I wish I could even posit a solution. All I know is that when I first started watching MMA around ’05 it was pretty rare that a fight got called due to injury. They scheduled the fights everyone wanted to see and they went forward. Wish that was still the case.

  4. Mach00man says:

    Question…Is it possible that the use of TRT is causing all of these injuries? I don’t really know enough about the stuff to say yes or no but is it at all possible that it makes these fighters train and exert themselves way too hard? So hard that they injure themselves?

    Maybe? Maybe not?

    • Rod says:

      Nah TRT is actually what guys use to heal quicker after injuries and surgeries, etc… Besides, these are guys who aren’t known to get in trouble for stuff like that (Sure belfort had that post surgery-steroid issue once earlier in his career, but there was a good explanation behind that and it was given to him by a doctor.) I’m no MMA fighter, but I used to teach taekwondo and injuries happen all the time in practice, training and sparring.. Hell, i once had my lip split almost in half from a straight punch to the mouth one sparring session, I remember leaving a trail and sink full of blood that night. lol!. Training is basically where they take the beatings and learn how to defend or counter for the real fight.. Between that and all the working out, it’s very common to get injured

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