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Monday, 02/03/2014, 04:30 am

Dana White Blasts Overeem For ‘Crappy’ UFC 169 Performance & Lesnar Callout

A win’s a win right?

If you said yes, you’re wrong. Just ask Dana White.

Last weekend Alistair Overeem took a rare approach in his bout against Frank Mir. The giant striker chose to coast through 15-minutes and secure an ‘error-free’ victory to keep his contract intact.

Dana White was not impressed:

“He fought safe. I think he could have finished Mir. He kept his job. It was a crappy performance by Alistair and then he calls out someone (Brock Lesnar) who doesn’t even fight in the UFC. It was not a great night for Overeem.”


22 Responses to “Dana White Blasts Overeem For ‘Crappy’ UFC 169 Performance & Lesnar Callout”

  1. Xaninho says:

    That’s bullshit. What did he want? Overeem trying to take Mir out and then get KO’d again by a ridiculous sloppy frontkick just because he gassed? He fought a good fight and tried to take him out without ending up with another loss despite being the better fighter for the first two rounds.

    Bigfoot and Browne both are lucky they didn’t fight this version of Overeem.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I have to agree with the second half that Browne and Silva were lucky to win against a better fighter that shot his wad. Why didn’t the Refs call both those fights that Overeem was beating up those guys much worse than what Dean called that Barao did to Faber.

      But, I disagree vociferously from your first point. Overeem could have beat out Mir, bet he got scared of gassing….That is what White was talking about.

      I truthfully don’t think Overeem should be judged harshly by the Silva or Browne fights since he beat the crap outta them but couldn’t get a TKO and then gassed. He needs to be on TRT.

      So cool on the second point and F-you on the 1st…Lol

    • Canine Justice says:

      The only thing you said that was wrong is that Mir wouldn’t have knocked him out, Mir would have broke his arm.

    • Christopher W says:

      Dana is a fucking re-tard for criticising Overeem. The guy put in a faultless performance against a 2 time champ who broke noguiras arm coming off the back of 2 losses. I reckon Reem screwed his mother haha

    • Andrew Brown says:

      Reem gased on Silva that was he own doing ..the Ref saved Brown …. He put on a clinic VS Mir out striking him 135 to 5 and Dana has nerve to say he is displeased !! I mean wtf !! Having 2 loses against decent opponent’s than being told your job is on the line if you lose a 3rd when Mir himself was already in the 3 loss category and no dubt after his 4th Reem gave him will still fight with the company tells me him and Brandon Vera and others still get the rub from Dana White !!

  2. magoo says:

    Agreed Xaninho,Dana is full of shit! I wouldn’t call it “safe” but rather an intelligent fight on Overeems part, he tested his cardio and looked fantastic plus he didn’t lose any strength from trimming down, he beat the snot outta Frank Mir without blowing his wad in the first round, he made Mir look like an amateur and props to Mir for hanging in there he ate some really hard shots. As far a calling out Lesnar I think he just hates the guy, no big deal. Oh and congrats to the 2014 Super Bowl champs the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS on bringing the Vince Lombardi trophy home to the Pacific Northwest, kinda reminded me of the Reem/ Mir fight a one sided beat down…

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Seahawks and the Pacific Northwest, Washington state and everything in it, SUCKS. Too many libtards….But I digress…lol….

      Overeem should have finished Mir, he was way to conservative.

      And Plz…stop with using The Reem…that’s just a gross nickname and kinda gay…His real one is the Demolition Man…thx.

      • Christopher W says:

        His name was demolition man in pride, his uses reem now. An he did need to be conservative as dana has it in for him and would love an excuses to cut him

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Doesn’t The Reem nickname just give you the willy’s?? I much prefer OverHulk or OverBeast to the Reem. There is NO WAY Overeem has sanctioned The Reem!!

          Hell no, he should have gone all bezerker on Mir and finish him!! Not gas, but just finish.

        • Christopher W says:

          Personally I think OverHulk would be an awesome name but he does sanction ‘the reem’. He even has his own show titled as such and refers to himself as ‘the reem’ on his website. Remember he is Dutch and it probably sounds very cool to him and I’m certainly not going to be the one to argue with him about it haha

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          LOL…so he HAS sanctioned the REEM??? shit, that’s right he’s from Holland….Man what was he thinking?…Doesn’t he have anybody around him that might counsel him about that name?? Europeans, just are weird!

  3. Matt says:

    Why didn’t he ever call out GSP for this? Overeem has a history of gassing out and losing. It was a smart fight. #JustWinBaby

    • Christopher W says:

      Because for a long time gsp was happy to play ufc poster boy. Reem is just to much of a representative of mma as a sport not just the ufc so dana has something against him

  4. chaosfan says:

    seems dana is just butthurt that the top fights weren’t as great and blaming it on Overeem.

  5. Ernesto says:

    Dana is a dick head. I mean the call out was pretty gay cause first brock is not even coming back, at least not for sure, and they are a lot of other fighters to pick on. He did a great fight. A smart one. He said it him self, he secured his job. He thinks Sánchez’s and W. Silva’s style of fighting are the only way to do it. That’s not mma.

  6. StaalOntwerp says:

    What the actual fuck!? He outstruck Mir 139-5! If you don’t like Overeem just say so, but don’t say it wasn’t a great night for Overeem. It was one of the best nights ever for Overeem.

  7. SlipSlap says:

    Im not a Reem fan – but he tore Mir apart, constructively and systematically. Dana – youre so full of shit I wouldnt believe you if you told me that you were bald.

  8. Marky13 says:

    Safe or Not? Alistar did good on the stand up and especially on the ground were Hes very underrated.. I think Dana White needs to chill out….Maybe he needs to be tested

  9. Numax SirPurrsalot Radcliffe says:

    What the hell is White gibbering about, he’s the one that wants to give Lesnar another shot true, so what better what than letting him get his big ugly head smashed on true, think again Dana White is a hypocrite it’s as simple as that.

  10. Numax SirPurrsalot Radcliffe says:

    Let’s rip on Dana he’s a tool

  11. anyone22 says:

    I couldnt agree more with Dana!! this is exactly what I was thinking watching it so its very nice to hear him say it. I think most of you dissagreeing just dont know shit about MMA/UFC and fighting

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