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Friday, 02/21/2014, 09:46 am

Dana White Blasts Bellator: ‘Rebney is out of his F***ing Mind’

Dana White covered a number of topics at the UFC 170 pre-fight media scrum, and one of the notable topics was Bellator. When asked about Bellator MMA President Bjorn Rebney’s claims that they are “going after everybody,” White launched into a verbal tirade regarding the promotion.

“Guys are trying to fucking get out of that place. Guys are, they got these contracts you can’t get out of. Look at what they did to Eddie Alvarez. Eddie Alvarez has fought like once in the last two years. They promised all kinds of things that they never had. The difference is, we don’t sue our fighters… if a guy wants to try to do something and move on with his career, and test the waters, we don’t sue them. We don’t jump in and start suing our fighters. People are trying to jump that ship, not jump onto that ship…[Rebney] is out of his fucking mind.”

If [Gilbert] signs a deal with those guys he ain’t going anywhere, “Nobody can get out of those fucking deals they have. Viacom will sue you til you fucking bleed. Sue you til you bleed. That’s a whole ‘nother ballgame over there. Everyone wants to talk about the UFC like we’re bullies? They’re the fucking  bullies, and they’ve got these contracts that you cannot get out of. Look at Eddie Alverez.

“Who doesn’t want to jump that ship? “Do you think Chandler wants to be there?” White said. “Chandler’s sitting there thinking ‘I just signed that fucking  deal? Oh my god, why did I sign that deal? Nobody wants to be there. They’re in these contracts that are dirty, nasty contracts that you can never get out of. What are you going to do? You’re going to head to head with Viacom and sue them? Good luck with that one. You’ll spend the rest of your career in court.”


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  1. Lou AlltheWaylive Rocka says:

    Didn’t dana & the ufc sue Randy Coutre when he tired to sign a deal to fight fedor?

    • BrainSmasher says:

      No, he sued them. Couture had a contract with the UFC. To get out of it he tried to retire then comeback and fight somewhere else. Basically he tried to create a loophole out of his contract. So he took the UFC to court hoping the court would allow him out of the contract. The case dragged out so long it was costing him a fortune and finally give up. UFC didn’t sue any of its fighters. A few have tried to sue them and failed. Ken Shamrock, Penn, and Couture off the top of my head.

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