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Friday, 12/27/2013, 08:34 am

Dana White: Bigfoot’s TRT Failure Ruined The Fight For Me, It Destroyed Everything’

Testosterone replacement therapy. Quite possibly the most controversial and taboo subject in all of high level mixed martial arts. Unfortunately, TRT use is becoming more and more prevalent.

When news broke that Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva tested positive for an elevated level of testosterone in his fight-of-the-year candidate bout against Mark Hunt, many were questioning if the fight would have gone the same way if Silva had not been on testosterone.

After the fight, UFC President Dana White was praising the athletes for the performance that they put on, but once new came out of a failed drug test for Silva, it made him change his perspective.

“It bummed me out. I loved that fight so much,” White said. “Tell me the last time you saw two heavyweights go at it back-and-forth like that, ever? I mean, it’s been a long time. I mean, I was bummed out.”

Silva has a therapeutic use exemption for TRT, and blamed his doctor for the failed test.

In respect to that, White said “here’s what happened. So, I told you we test the s*** out of these guys that are doing TRT. We gave [Bigfoot] his last test the week of the fight, he was perfect. He took another shot to put him over. And, what does that extra shot really do for you? What does it really do for you the week of the fight? It destroyed everything.”

“Now you don’t get the win money. We were giving both guys show and win money. And you won the bonus. Now you lost both your show and win money and your bonus money. Ouch,” he added.

Possibly due to the consistent nature of this controversy, White had a message to all fighters who are undergoing TRT.

“So all of you guys out there that are on TRT–and it’s legal–if you want to f*** around and take that shot after you’ve been tested, there’s the consequences,” he said. “The consequences could not we worse. Now you’re on suspension for a year, you lost your win and bonus money, and I’m sure your sponsors aren’t thrilled either.”

With the rampant use of TRT in MMA, and the fact that it just seems too easy to abuse, many fans and media members alike have called for an all-out ban on TRT use. Drug testing is regulated by the  various athletic commissions who oversee the sport, and the UFC must adhere to their rulings.

“We’re always going to do what the athletic commission does,” White said. “… I told you guys how much I loved this fight. Now it ruins it for me.”



4 Responses to “Dana White: Bigfoot’s TRT Failure Ruined The Fight For Me, It Destroyed Everything’”

  1. Boxxy says:

    You people talk without any knowledge about gear or effects.TRT is almost close to nothing for a fighter.Yes is a banned drug but doesn’t effect the body on short run.So Hunt got his fat ass kicked and that’s it ,stop blamming other things.All those guys are using substances and some of then they get away some not.All Brazilians are using gear and I know this from a close UFC inider.
    TRT is what’s easy detactble but let’s talk about HGH who’s is one of the hardest drugs to find and a real test is around 30k.Do you thing UFC will pay 50k to test for that? NO .At the end of the day it’s about team work and in a team there is a doc.Who ever has the smarter one has more chances to win,like in any sport,and I could give you 100 examples .

    • Anti-Zuffa says:

      High tests don’t coat anywhere near 30th you fool. While lot of talking out your ass. Hunt won that fight if you know anything about mma. I actually was upset it was a draw.

    • AshenRex says:

      You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. What do you think TRT means? It’s a therapy of HGH. Most all are detectable in tests, and the body gives off certain markers when it produces its own and when a substitute is used. When these markers are measured, if it’s out of balance, that’s how they know it’s been abused.

    • Xaninho says:

      Dude you are talking out of your ass. TRT is a banned drug? TRT means Testosterone Replacement Therapy, it’s not a drug it’s adding testosterone. All Brazilians are using gear and you know this from a close UFC insider….GTFOH you lying air monger.

      There are two HGH tests, the first was an “isoform” test which is not a great test because it can only detect HGH use up to a few days prior to the test, the second and newest test is called a “biomarker” test, is not that hard and it can detect HGH use to up to 3 weeks prior. It does not cost around 30k.

      You can keep your bogus examples to yourself because it’s nonsense anyway.

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