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Monday, 09/24/2012, 11:04 am

Dana White: Bellator Doing One Of The Scummiest, Most Despicable Things In The Biz | UFC NEWS

Dana White talks about TUF numbers, injuries, Bellator contracts and criticizes Bob Arum during his UFC 152 post-fight scrum with media.


“You know why keeps leaking all this stuff out, and all this negativity is Spuke TV.”

“These guys don’t have a f—— program on that show to save their life.”

“The worst channel in the history of the world, okay? Nothing they do on that channel works.”

“Where as FX has such a powerful network, they want us on Fridays… TUF was the #1 for its time period for 18-34, passing all cable and broadcast channels.”

“That’s a home run for FX. Is it a home run for us, because we are not doing the numbers I wish we could do on Tuesday or Wednesday? No. But it’s an absolute home run for FX.”

“I don’t talk much about Bellator. But what they do is one of the dirtiest things you can do in the business. It’s dirty, its grimy, and it’s just despicable.”

“I have the right to match, but once I cut a guy and let him go and somebody else tries to sign him, I don’t come back say ‘Oh you’re breaking the contract, I have a contract.’

“When you make a decision to cut him, you cut him. That’s one of the dirtiest scummiest things you can do in the fight business.”


16 Responses to “Dana White: Bellator Doing One Of The Scummiest, Most Despicable Things In The Biz | UFC NEWS”

  1. pimp stronghand says:

    I love Dana lol. He’s funny haha. I especially love when he gets pissed off and throws a fit, cussing every other word lmao.

  2. Black Jesus says:

    The Bob Arum comment were great! Funny

    • B-rad says:

      Thats because Bob Arum is a fucking scumbag. I dont even know why boxing is still somewhat relevant. K1 and other pro kickboxing is 100000000000000000x more exciting than boxing.

  3. Dee says:

    once again Dana is sticking his foot in his mouth. Why can’t he just shut up?

  4. The natural says:

    I hate how Danas always ur best friend wen he’s dealing wit something or Someone. But then. Wen there done with u,Buisneess is over, or you loose or ur not a fighter for him anymore he bashes the he’ll outta you and ur nothing and never were and he’s the reason y the UFCs so big and the fighters are just there he’s really is a pos like that. you can never trust a snake.

    • The natural says:

      He is right bout alotta shit tho

    • Learn how to fucking spell you retard. So basically, in your theory, Dana is a nice guy to his employees, but once they refuse his contracts or sign for more money in a competitive organization and he isn’t as nice anymore, he is a dick? Obviously reading your grammar I know you aren’t smart, but guess what? Welcome to the world of business. Shit is cutthroat. And Dana, is the godfather of MMA, and he can be a dick, in my eyes, because without him, this sport is still fighting 1 time a year in the basement of some shitty arena if they’re lucky. Fucking ungrateful bastards.

      • The natural says:

        Dana has nothing to do with how the sport has evolved he’s just PR he been the face of it since his curly mop top day and as too relating Dana to the godfather your off ur rocker and spelling and grammar who gives a shit I’m using my iPhone while I’m banging ur chick can only get one thing wright at a time. But yea I’ll give u examples Ken shamrock used to be the reason y people watched UFC back then and he bashes him spike tv paved ur way look how he’s acted to Penn Ortiz jones rampage silvia inn the past and many more he’s like a immature child wit some power and u my friend must keep his nuts warm at night good job

    • susan walker says:

      so funny that when TUF was on spike spike was the greatest channel ever. If it sucks so fucking bad then why did he try to block them from putting bellator on their? Speaking of bellator, dana hates when there are any organizations that are in competition with the ufc, even though bellator is a different animal than the ufc but anyone in the mma game dana fucks with! I am sure there are issues with ALL mma organizations, god forbid even the UFC but dana would never admit that, all others are fucking scum. Listen, I like dana some of the time but a lot of the stuff he says is wacked.

  5. The natural says:

    He is right tho bout most shit tho

  6. paksiw says:

    Dana is getting insecure with Bellator.

  7. stephen riddle says:

    Their is an option to watch bellator on friday and i decline its f*cking wack and axs tv has better fights anyways, spike tv? Lmao there is nothing left over there. No im not a nuthugger so dont even go there, i watched it before and fell alsleep on the couch, lmfao!

  8. Your real dad says:

    My gosh Dana you a$$hole is your disease or
    whatever the hell you got going making you the biggest Pr!ck in MMA history

    • James Lehart says:

      Dana is right though what Bellator is doing is disgraceful business. You cut someone and that’s it ever other organisation in the world is open to give you an offer…… What Bellator is doing is cutting people, then when they go somewhere else, Shock the MMA world Bellator ring them up and say ‘Hey, remember that contract WE cut you short on or didn’t resign? Well its still binding and since you’ve just got yourself a lot of attention, we’re gonna get ourselves some of it and resign you. Oh guess what? you DON’T HAVE A CHOICE!!!’

      That people is shameless, disgusting business – Your toying with a fucking mans career here, if he wasn’t good enough for you before tough shit it HIS choice who to sign with, dont fucking play with people careers, what gives ANYONE the right to do that…. Scumbags, Pricks, Cunts call them what you want but it is truly disgusting

  9. Wsheets says:

    Dana is a mothefucking businessman that works for a private, extremely profitable and most powerful MMA company. The man is a bad ass and has the job all of us want, LET HIM SPEAK!

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