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Friday, 09/14/2012, 01:46 pm

Dana White: Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones Makes Sense | UFC NEWS

“It could be, yeah (next for Silva after GSP). They’re talking like it wouldn’t be, but Jon Jones said he wouldn’t fight Rashad either and look what happened. As you continue to knock people off and you get to the level that those two will be at by that time, if they continue to win, Jon Jones and Anderson, you’re looking for big challenges, you’re looking for big paydays and that fight absolutely makes sense and the fans really want to see that fight, Anderson and Jones.”

UFC president Dana White tells Jim Rome on the Jim Rome Show that he believes a super fight between Jon Jones and Anderson Silva makes perfect sense.


35 Responses to “Dana White: Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones Makes Sense | UFC NEWS”

  1. This would be the single most watched fight of all time. DO IT!!

  2. Me says:

    I don’t see this fight EVER happening. I believe both fighters care about their legacy now then a few mill. Its a High Risk – High reward type fight.

  3. thebully84 says:

    Ppv buys out the ass for that card. Dana’d be like gsp who? Matter of fact I bet he’d throw gsp as co main event

  4. Jb says:

    I may be wrong but I’d like to see this fight before GSP vs Silva. Don’t want to see GSP vs silva; weight is way to much of an issue

    • CoSeeO says:

      are you retarded..are all of these people who seriously want to see this fight retarded? -_- and really believe that the weight difference between gsp and silva is more of an issue than the weight between jbj and silva?!?!?!?! my god are just hoping to see jbj smash silva because they know he’s fucking huge..silly ass fans.

      • Bob'O says:

        The same can be said about GSP vs Silva. Silva walks around at 205. He could bulk up and fight Bones. If he’s the best ever, then prove it.

        Silva will just knock GSP and his gimp knee out unless Georges takes a page out of Sonnen’s playbook. Even then, he’s not gonna finish Anderson on the ground. Not his style anyway.

        GSP likes to feel out his opponents. That’s where Anderson easily catches him. The only retards are those who believe that Silva vs GSP will end up being a good fight. Bones vs Silva! ~Bob’O

  5. Jacob says:

    I somehow get the feeling that DW mentioning this has more to do with how pissed he is at Bones right now. It wouldn’t surprise me one-bit if Jones keeps up his ‘poor me’ piece of meat bs to see Dana offer Jones The Spider knowing full well what would happen to him. Remember, according to Bones he a ‘business man’ now and he’s looking out for his future after fighting. Between the guaranteed payout, sponsorship endorsements, the live gate & pay per view attendance, plus any bonuses Jones and Spider would both be fit financially.

  6. Tapitout21 says:

    Will never happen. Bad for business long term, but great to generate buzz in the short term. The more “invincibles” you have the more people tune in to see if this will be the fight they lose. If they do fight yes it will be the one night biggest draw ever by far BUT then the next fight either is involved in loses. As a business man Dana will talk about it for publicity but never execute same goes for silva/gsp. It’s all UFC hype never reality.

  7. Xaninho says:

    Seems like he wants Silva to demolish Jones and give him a humbling experience.

  8. learntoread says:

    This fight makes much more sense than Sliva/GSP, being that Anderson has already successfully fought at 205 twice and will be doing it again @ UFC 153.

    It would also add the title implications of Jones’ LHW championship up for grabs (giving Silva the opportunity to own two belts simultaneously). The Sliva/GSP fight, at this point, is being talked about being a catch-weight.

  9. alex says:

    Do it. Gives Dana potential payback on Jones who probably doesn’t want to fight him. Makes sense particularly as silver does a huge cut. Style wise, silver has been training take down defense for sonnen, and Silva has probably hit / or is nearing his peak. Jones talks big, so he better be keen to fight.

  10. Brokenstring137 says:

    Bones wouldn’t even accept a fight against Chael… Why would he fight someone that beat him? *smirk*

  11. I think what Dana is trying to say here is that he will find somebody to kick bones ass! Jones loses to a ud 50 40 please please please somebody!

  12. stephen riddle says:

    Jones is like a silva wannabe anyways, he can copy weird strikes and things like that but anderson would make him look like a fool at 205 which is why jones would never ever fight silva, fag jackson would never allow it, jon there are other elite places to train think about that.

  13. rosen says:

    but would this still make sense after gsp knocks out silva?

  14. Farrakhan says:

    Of course it makes sense to the white man. Make the two top fighters in the world, (two black men) fight each other. Yes, it makes a lot of sense. Good idea [Dana “White”]…slave master. CONSPIRACY!!


  15. CHARTMONSTER! says:

    Jones will fight Andy, but don’t think Andy wants any of the bones!

  16. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Not that I believe GSP can beat Silva, but I think the way this was phrased by Dana, he’s looking past GSP. On a side note I’m with what most of ya’ll are saying in that Dana is just pissed at Jones at the moment. Jones – Silva would be a good fight though Jones might be unpredictable like Silva and have the weird stirkes Silva has, but he can’t move like Silva. Silva moves more fluidly than ‘The Dragon’ and even he gave Bones problems. Silva would literally dance circles around Jones. Dana is just seething and getting ahead of himself, he’s known for going back on his word too. I think after, if the GSP/Silva fight happens he’ll be humming a different tune.

  17. Mac says:

    Can you imagine
    Silva vs Jones main event
    Gsp vs Diaz co main event
    Bj penn vs Rory Macdonald
    that would be a sick card

  18. Sasquatch says:

    JBJ vs. Silva makes way more sense than GSP vs. Silva because Jones and Silva are WAY closer in size then GSP and Silva.

    JBJ; 6’4, 230lb vs. Silva; 6’2, 220lb

    GSP; 5’10, 19lb0 vs. Silva; 6’2, 220lb

    I know some poeple are going to scream bloody murder about the weight of the fighters I’ve put down but I’ve read many articles stating those numbers as their normal walk around weight when not training, I’ve even read Silva weighing as much as 230lb.


    you got Jones weight wrong.Try 240.He should be fighting Dos Santos.Thats more than the HW champ weighs.And you forgot to mention Silva fought at 168 for many years.GSP should stop ducking Silva,And Jones should fight guys closer to his actual size at heavyweight.Not these small ass fighters he has been fighting

    • Sasquatch says:

      Fair enough… even at 240 they’re still closer in size and that was my point. I agree with you too on JBJ fighting JDS, I’d love to see that!. Jones is a big guy and I can’t see him being able to make 205 for ever so I think we’ll eventually see it.

  20. Nunya says:

    Jones ain’t ready for heavy weight, but he is a youngster so he’s got time to grow & get faster & stronger. I give Vitor props for wanting to fight Jones. I don’t like that he gets a shot at the title but oh well. Alexander would have made more sense

  21. FightOfDecade says:

    This could be on the same card as Edgar vs Aldo. Then have GSP vs Hendo and JDS vs Batista on the the same card.

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