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Monday, 10/15/2012, 05:30 am

Dana White: Anderson Silva Is More Dominate Than Mike Tyson | UFC NEWS

“We saw something tonight that you might not f**king ever see again as long as you live. What that guy does — like that spinning back kick where he steps to the side and then steps back — and he just kind of laid in there, took some shots, let him hit him, he was moving his head and then playing with him. And then, the minute he said, ‘I’m done,’ it was done. It’s just unbelievable — nobody does that. Nobody. Nobody in this sport is able to do that. That’s why when I get these guys sometimes who say, ‘I don’t know, Anderson Silva might not be the best …’ Are you out of your fucking mind? Nobody can do what this guy can fucking do. He’s the greatest of all time. And I think he’s the greatest in any combat sport. I’m a huge Mike Tyson fan, and in Tyson’s heyday when he was executing people, and you were just wondering how long it was going to be before he knocked someone out — he had that power and mean-ness that people were afraid of. Anderson Silva just does amazing things that nobody else can do…. I’m telling you right now: Watch every fight that he has, enjoy every moment that he’s here because when he’s gone you’re going to fucking regret it. You’re going to wish you watched more. It’s like [Michael] Jordan — even the games he played that didn’t mean a lot — he still did a lot of great shit. Anderson Silva is the guy who you want to watch when he’s fighting because you’re going to see some shit you’ve never seen before in your life.”

UFC president Dana White has nothing but kind words for his middleweight champion and Brazilian superstar, Anderson Silva.

To check out what else the UFC boss had to say check out the video of his UFC 153 post-fight media scrum on page 2.


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10 Responses to “Dana White: Anderson Silva Is More Dominate Than Mike Tyson | UFC NEWS”

  1. The natural says:

    Yea but Tyson would fight jonny bones jones. Also wouldn’t be a punk wen it came too fighting whomever is lhw champ. Dont get me wrong I agree with u. He’s goat. With fedor next to him cause imagine he losses his last two fights. He still got two fights left in his current contract so.

    • Alex says:

      It’s easy to say that when Mike Tyson didn’t have a size and weight disadvantage to his adversaries who could take him down. Weight classes mean a lot more in MMA than in boxing because of the ground game.
      About Fedor… unfortunately, after Pride and before his losses in Strikeforce, Fedor fought against guys who were not in their best (e.g.: Sylvia and Arlovski). What if Fedor had fought Overeem (or even Brock Lesnar) in 2008?

      • NoDoubtNOut says:

        Brock Lesnar is a chump. He was a big jacked up dude, that was it. His stand up wasn’t effective nor did his wrestling game transition to MMA all that well(I.E Cain Valesquez fight). Lesnar was a huge dude which he used to overpower and take his opponents down, then laid on them like a house and smashed them to pieces with his hammer of a hand, that was it. He had no MMA skills, just abnormally strong. When he faced another strong guy(Alistair Overeem) you saw Lesnar get murdered.

  2. chocheech says:

    spelled “dominant”

  3. The Truth says:

    Silva puts the “Art” in Mixed Martial Arts. Mind, body, and spirit are amazing to watch. Even outside of competition, this guy IS on a different level.

  4. Seth says:

    I like that he mentioned AS taking hits sitting back playing and then deciding alright time to wreck shop and ended it before round 2. It’s like he wants to take some punishment just to test his chin because he rarely has in his career.

  5. Not You says:

    Of all things in Silva’s arsenal his chin is his greatest asset. His timing is incredible, offense is technical and precise, defense is very well rounded. But he can take punches like no one else.

  6. Drew says:

    I’m wondering the buys for this event he seems like he saling people the idea that anybody I throw in there againest the GOAT next to bj u should buy regardless

  7. dogfart says:

    anderson is GOAT however its quite scary how much of an errection Dana has when he talks about him. im sure hes fucking him

  8. Ulisse says:

    God of fuckin’ mine. Tyson fough guys twice his size. Only a blind man would fail to see that.
    I love Anderson, maybe he’s better… But let’s see him fightin’ heavyweights. Then we can speak.
    In my eye, Anderson is a new Roy… not even close to what mikey did.

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