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Monday, 04/29/2013, 06:49 pm

Dana White: Anderson Silva Asked for a Super Fight after UFC 159

Following Jon Jones’ victory over Chael Sonnen last Saturday, UFC president Dana White revealed to the media that Anderson Silva, his middleweight champion since 2006, had called him earlier in that evening asking for a “Super Fight”. White, however, did not disclose what opponent the “Spider” had in mind.

Nevertheless, all signs point  to that being either welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre or Jones, the light heavyweight title holder, not only due to the fact that they are the top fighters from the divisions surrounding Silva’s weight class, but mainly because they have been almost as good as the “Spider”, the UFC’s record holder for title defenses in a row with ten, in terms of dominating their respective competition.

For what it’s worth, the fight against GSP has been the favorite in Anderson’s mind for the past years, since his 6’2 tall frame would present a significant size advantage against the 5’10 Canadian. However, Silva has recently admitted the possibility of sharing the octagon with Jones for the first time. Either way, the 38-year-old Brazilian does not intend to put anyone’s belt on the line if such super fight ever comes to fruition.

Since the call happened right after another clear-cut victory by Jones, it was most likely regarding the 25-year-old phenomenon out of Jackson’s MMA. Nevertheless, the way of thinking of Silva’s camp is almost as unpredictable as his moves inside the cage. In Jorge Guimaraes and Ed Soares’ minds, his longtime managers, a fight against St. Pierre could still be the best move to make.

But before the talk of a blockbuster bout involving Anderson Silva builds itself up again, he’s got business to take care of inside his own division. Dana White also stated following his breaking news on the Spider’s call that if the champ fails to defend his belt against Chris Weidman, the possibility of such super fight will be out of the window along with Silva’s middleweight reign. “It doesn’t matter who he wants to fight, ” said White, ” he’s got to fight Weidman first. If he doesn’t beat Weidman, what difference does it make? The fight isn’t even real.”

Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman are set to collide as the main event of UFC 162 on July 6th at Las Vegas, Nevada.


94 Responses to “Dana White: Anderson Silva Asked for a Super Fight after UFC 159”

  1. GRT 3000 says:

    awwwe, screw this Weidman shit. Get em’ in there with Bones. that’s a real fight.

    • greggylasek says:

      Word up on that..Weidmans gonna get killed. Bones is the only one on this earth with a legit shot at beating andy in whats the back end of his prime…The best 2 fighters should fight, thats why boxing is dead, because they pussyfooted around doing what was needed in their sport.

  2. real homies says:

    I bet anything it’s a catchweight bout at 195 non-title 5 round fight!

  3. andrew says:

    it wont be a catchweight fight bones barely can make 205 and andy can easy make 205 he has done so a few different times but yea this is the only super fight that makes sense andy would desttroy pierre but jones hmmmmm interesting!!!!!!!

    • GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

      A. Silva can make 175 lbs. Jones will have a huge size and weight adv , 7″ reach adv, and he’s 13 years younger advantage. Stand up Silva would tear Jones apart. Jones will toe pick and lay on him rain down elbows.

      GSP and Silva are only 8 years apart and they have same reach and GSP is all ROIDED up with massive more muscles than Silva so consider strength and reach this is much more fair fight than Jones and Silva IMO. I mean most of GSP legacy is beating a bunch of lightweights he outweighed by 30 lbs at fight time. Why is it such a big deal GSP to fight Silva at 175 lbs when he had no problem fighting guys he had huge size and weight advantages on and don’t forget GSP’s 76 ” REACH advantage he had fighting all those LIGHTWEIGHTS like Sherk, Penn, Serra, Menjavar ( 135lber)

      • squid says:

        i somewhat agree. both fights would have many disadvantages because the size difference between gsp-silva and silva-jones is significant. however, i’m with you in that gsp vs silva is a more fair fight than a silva/jones fight. im a bigger fan of anderson than i am of jones, but imho, if jones and silva fought, jones would beat the spider fairly easily by using straight wrestling, superior strength, size and reach advantage. although, spider would handle bones in the standup, we know it’s not gonna happen. jones is too young, too smart, too big and too good to not let it stay on the feet should they fight. he always comes in shape and with an excellent game plan. on the other hand, if silva and st pierre fight, i think silva will KO gsp and it wouldn’t even be a contest.

  4. HelpMeRhonda says:

    He must have meant a superfight with Forest Griffen, wait a minute, he already dominated that fight before he pulled the American Pyscho out of retirement to beat the steriods out of him. Who’s next Cote? Wait a minute, was that 2 or was that 3 out of the 10 record defense. Hercules!! Hercules!!

  5. confucius says:

    serious who cares bout this weidman shit. I care less to see the spider fight some up and comer with wins over nobodies. lets put the superfight together with Jones so silva can put an end to an amazing career. if he fought jones i dont even see why continue to fight despite his newly inked 10 fight deal. Dana must think were idiots saying silva called him last night about a fight considering silva has verbally already said he wanted to fight GSP months ago, that is old news. Why the fuck would dana bring that up again? Its obviously about Jones.

    • brandon says:

      Its also obvious that you’re an idiot. Silva will be lucky if he gets past weidman. If he gets lucky against him, as much as i cant stand jones, he would murder silva.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        You’re the idiot here. “lucky if he gets past Weidman” Silva will destroy this bum Weidman and his career. It won’t be luck but superior fighting skills.

        • squid says:

          not so fast. don’t underestimate weidman. silva has superior fighting skills for sure, but TDD has always been his weakness. and, he won’t enjoy the significant reach advantage he usually had in his past fights. andy’s getting older too… i think weidman’s gonna be a tough fight. i’m pulling for the spider, though, as always. WAR SILVA!!

  6. dv says:

    Hahahaha, you people make me laugh. “Silva’s ducking weidman, he’s scared he’s scared”. *Cough, yeah.. scared of a way over-hyped b1tch who called out his name. Now… Anderson accepts, f chris weidman he’s a bum, get a superfight. Stuuuupid people.

  7. doc says:

    Silva saw the beating Jones put on Sonnen and called Dana to tell him he wants GSP. He would whip GSP with ease. All it would take is on hit like the one Condit put on GSP and it would be game over. Silva hits way harder than Condit and faster.

    Bones would Sonnen Silva and fuck him up with GnP. Silv a wnats no part of that.

  8. Rob (Bacon) Bird says:

    I say we do a Royal Rumble with all the current champions. The winner gets to ref the Jones vs. Ortiz massacre….I mean fight.

  9. drew says:

    if anderson really wants to be a boss…..he openly challenges gsp at a fight of 178, no belt needed, he wins
    then a half a year later or sooner or later depending on whats up he should challenge jones…that fight IMO is the biggest superfight….and that one would be a fucking sight to see….anderson will catch jones regardless of what happens thats just facts….yet the spider has so many weapons buttttttt national champion in bones on the ground but andersons JJ is nice as hell….so that is the superfight folks

  10. silva says:

    hahaha you guys make me laugh. First weidman WILL get destroyed. Silva will high kick his face or take him in the clinch I can already see weidman bloody face wondering what th ehell happened to him. Then silva will fight jones and you are all missing something here. Yes jones will take silva to the ground BUT silva is a master of BJJ. Did you see how jones got caught by belfort? you think silva can’t do that? he will get jones in a triangle or armbar and make him tap. That’s the game plan cause that’s jones main weakness. As for GSP I don’t think it will happen as GSP is too scared

    • Iknowmma says:

      Agree with most of it but silva would KO jones he will not submit him.

    • Hendoo says:

      You really think that Jones is going to be that dumb? The guy will grind Silva into dust with his elbows before he can pull any submission on him. Chael was doing nothing on the ground thats why he was able to submit him, JBJ was doing nothing to Belfort thats why he almost got armbarred. If Silva thought fighting Chael was hard, wait until he fights someone who is significantly more powerful, fitter, faster and technically more effective on the ground in JBJ. I agree that Silva probably wins the stand up but if JBJ comes out like he did against Chael, not even Silva can beat that. Silva is all about rhythm and timing, you take that away and pressure him (ie Chael) then you get a Silva who is confused and ineffective. JBJ by TKO in the 2nd round.

  11. tokdogg says:

    Silva would destroy st. pierre, and jones would destroy silva.

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