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Saturday, 09/28/2013, 01:30 pm

Dana White And Ken Shamrock Engage In Very Public Dispute On Twitter

UFC President Dana White and former UFC Champion Ken Shamrock have made their dislike for each other very public over the last number of years.

After a bitter lawsuit won by the UFC, the relationship between the promotion and one of their hall-of-famers has never recovered.

Now that stars like Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson have left the UFC banner, Ken Shamrock has tried to rally up the troops for his anti-UFC campaign.

This whole thing came to a head recently on twitter when Dana White took the gloves off and let Ken have it.



0 Responses to “Dana White And Ken Shamrock Engage In Very Public Dispute On Twitter”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    It hurts how bad these guys want to be relevant again. They really are a bunch of assholes. Love how Tito is Wonder Woman though.

  2. ken rodriguez says:

    any way you look at it dana white is a fucking dick. i would love to see him go away. btw ken shamrock should get the credit he deserves !

  3. ^ says:

    Danas the real deal, how many presidents of huge company’s be as real as this. World needs more guys like that.

  4. Manuel Campos says:

    Thanks for putting all these tweets togethers , after the release of top ranked UFC fighters , I don’t know what to think about the UFC Drama.

  5. chris otterstein says:

    Dana built this company from the ground. Fuck all u haters. Tito and ken and rampage all grew into pussy fighters!!! Chucks a legend cuz he went out swingn. Not lose and say its cuz the ufc contracts. Bitches… ill fight u pussies all at once

    • slip slap says:

      What are you smoking?

      Ken was arguably the worlds leading and most famous MMA fighter when he joined the UFC from Pride.

      You UFC kids forget MMA existed before Zuffa established the UFC.

      It’s an absolute fact that Ken and Tito are hall of famers for a reason – they’re legends of the sport, irrespective of what a bitter and twisted Dana thinks.

  6. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    That was hilarious! hahaha!

  7. tikler says:

    if you little f.a.g.g.o.t.s think Dana is such an a.s.shole, s.h.i.t.t.y human being, an idiot etc. then stop watching and supporting the ufc. Go watch bellator and those has been b.i.t.c.h.e.s tito and rampage. it won’t be long before those c.u.n.t.s start talking shit about bellator and how they ripped them off too. do you hear about baseball players from 20 yrs ago coming out and saying their owners took advantage of them and didn’t pay them what they deserved compared to what players today make? these bags of d.i.c.k.s want the same pay as fighters today like Jones,GSP etc. when they can’t fight their way or of a paper bag. at the end of the day, who gives a f.u.c.k what you nut huggers think about dana. the ufc will go on with or without your money.

  8. UFC H8er says:

    It’s gotta be all about the mighty dollar. Dana is a cheap azz. $5,000 can make/break a friendship, for sure. Dana ought to keep his enemies close and fork over $.

  9. doc says:

    A guy I worked with got an autograph from Ken Shamrock. He said he was a total arrogant jerk.

    This was about 10 years ago though. I wonder how he is like now that he is older and not relevant in current MMA.

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      Mike Swick commented once and said he felt Frank Shamrock was a huge bully and it was ironic he was working on an anti-bullying campaign. Ken doesn’t seem like he’d be all that much better than Frank, but maybe not as bad as Frank…?

  10. Parkc says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Shamrock years back when he was one of the top fighters in the UFC, Nothing but a class act. We try to teach our children respect…so why is it so hard for you Mr white. Give respect where it is due.

  11. squid says:

    my brother met ken shamrock when he visited them at camp pendleton. he told me he was a cool, down-to-earth guy and didnt hesitate to sign autographs or teach some new submission skills to his whole unit

  12. doc says:

    Well it seems most people who have actually met Ken say he is a decent guy. I was disappointed when my co-worker told me his experience was bad.

    We all have bad days though.

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