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Tuesday, 07/02/2013, 08:46 am

Dana White: Alvarez should fight for Bellator, but get paid what he’s worth

After months of legal battles, UFC President Dana White now believes that the best path for Eddie Alvarez (24-3 MMA) may be to return to Bellator MMA, this despite the 29-year-olds voiced desire to fight under the UFC banner.

This follows the announcement that, barring a settlement, Alvarez will not even appear in court to argue his case until September of 2014.

Here is what Dana White had to say:

“He should fight for [Bellator],” White said Monday. “First of all, they have every right – he signed a contract, and they have every right to him. But at least pay the kid the money. (That’s) the reason that you get that clause in your contract where you get out find out what you’re worth. You get to get out there and shop around and see what Eddie Alvarez is worth. Well, Eddie Alvarez found out what he’s worth, and they’ve refused to pay him that. It’s bulls—.”

“So now this kid’s life and his career have been in limbo here while they’re in this battle. That’s dirty boxing s—. That’s what boxing does. Boxing tries to tie you up and make so you can’t make any money and all this s—. We’ve never done that to anybody, ever.”

“Just pay him or let him go.”

Stay tuned to for further details on the ‘Eddie Alvarez free agent saga’ as it continues to SLOWLY unfold.


3 Responses to “Dana White: Alvarez should fight for Bellator, but get paid what he’s worth”

  1. Will says:

    I actually like Dana White, and what he said makes perfect sense. But as far as “we’ve never done that to anyone, ever,” and I could be wrong, but didn’t they do that to Randy Couture when he had the opportunity to make more money with Affliction and fight Fedor…?

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      Not exactly, but I do agree with the bulk of your post. Randy’s situation was fairly different, though there was a bit of weird/slightly shady dealings that followed in that situation.

      Dana catches a lot of flack because he HAS to be the “bag guy” every time.

  2. patastrophe says:

    if memory serves randy still had a fight or two left on his contract and was trying to leave to fight fedor because the UFC wouldnt allow M1 to copromote.

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