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Monday, 02/03/2014, 09:14 am

Dana White: Aldo is not the P4P King

UFC President Dana White says that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is not the P4P King, this following “Scarface’s” victory over Ricardo Lamas at Saturday’s UFC 169 event in Newark, N.J..

Despite sporting a 23-1 record, which includes a 17-fight unbeaten streak, the longtime WEC/UFC featherweight title holder is just lacking in finishes according to the brash UFC president, as he told

“The thing about Jose Aldo that drives me crazy is the kid has all the talent in the world,” White told “He’s explosive, fast. He can do anything but he just lays back and doesn’t let anything go.

“When you talk about being the pound-for-pound best in the world, you can’t go five rounds with guys that it looks like you can defeat them in the second round. That’s what Aldo has a habit of doing.”

Four of Aldo’s past six victories have come by way of judges decision. Those decision wins came against opponents Mark Hominick, Kenny Florian, Frankie Edgar and Ricardo Lamas respectively.

Do you agree with Dana White’s recent assessment of Jose Aldo? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!

By Chris Taylor


0 Responses to “Dana White: Aldo is not the P4P King”

  1. zack says:

    i agree. He plays it safe but why not? GSP did it, jon jones does it and dana sucked them at the same time until GSP peaced him out. Anderson silva hardly ever played it safe and look what happened to him. KTFO by a wrestler. It only takes one shot to change a career in this sport. Maybe if dana offered some kind of a finish bonus or if these guys made enough to be comfortable maybe they would take chances. But with a guy like aldo and most champs its not about the money anymore, its about his career and his legacy two, three years from now. So why take a chance when your opponent wont take a chance either. Lamas wasnt going berserker looking for the finish because he didnt want to get caught. And he doesnt have a belt to defend. Dana wants this to be a sport and not human cock fighting but he wants his champs to go in there and have a human cock fight.

  2. zack says:

    and why does dana throw around the p4p king crap twice a week. First its GSP then its Silva, then Jones, then aldo, then edgar, then henderson, then mighty mouse, then weidman, now barao. I think its clearly whoever is making dana the most money at the time.

  3. magoo says:

    It’s a simple arithmetic, the man with the belt makes the most gold! Who wouldn’t want to keep winning, this is there livelihood no more no less.

    • seminalcacti says:

      “the man with the belt makes the most gold” INCORRECT. There’s been a lot of fights where the challenger made off with more earnings than the champ with the belt.

      • magoo says:

        Check out what Weidman made prior to becoming champ, also Demetrious Johnson although he had to make a couple title defences first. Cain, Jones, Silva, GSP all made huge money holding the belt, why do you think Hendricks wants it so bad. Baraos windfall is coming soon probably next fight, do some more research and you’ll see what these guys made before they we’re champions.

        • seminalcacti says:

          Ok, your statement might be correct but here’s an example that will support my previous reply that challengers do in fact make more than champions at times:

          UFC 121 – Lesnar vs Cain… Cain was the champion at the time fighting Lesnar “the challenger” Cain made $270k total ($100K show + $100K win + $70K KO bonus) – Brock made $400k for losing.

        • magoo says:

          That my friend is the benefits of having ppv shares

        • seminalcacti says:

          so you’re admitting I’m correct? it’s okay even if you don’t admit it people can read my comment that Champions don’t always make the most “gold” and then google the salary they received.

  4. Jason R says:

    Aldo is so good. His opponents havent been able to get him. Lamas didn’t even show up. If he was explosive in that fight he could have had a chance. Then again, it’s more likely Aldo would have taken him out. Almost all those fights on Saturday were boring. benson is boring. GSP was boring. rory mcboring. so many lame fighters right now. edgar, lamas, hominik, zombie, florian, sonnen, ridiculous the lame fighters in the UFC right now. Aldo is pretty damn amazing. mighty mouse…boring. I’d like to see Swanson v. Aldo. That would be sick. I couldn’t give a shit about Pettis. he’s exciting unless he’s getting smushed by Guida,,,but like Jon Jones, he’s just someone you love to hate. that snarky bullshit look on his face…it’s lame. it was fun watchin gustafssun beat the shit out of Jones

  5. glenn says:

    i think dana had been saying silva was top p4p. but i don’t think he ever said gsp is top p4p just that he’s one of the top. but i agree that he was never openly critical of gsp due to his popularity and the main draw in a canadian market. i mean seriously who’s going to headline a canadian ppv event now? rory macdonald? realistically if you beat the top p4p twice you should be in the conversation, so weidman deserves some talk. there’s a huge void with silva losing so i would think jon jones will be top if he survives this year with texeira and rematch gustafsson.

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      No I’m pretty sure he did say GSP was top pound for pound after one of Silva’s shittier performances (I believe after the Maia fight). I know websites were saying that GSP was top, I can’t remember if Dana explicitly said it but I believe he did. Canada, unlike other MMA Markets, doesn’t necessarily need Canadian talent on the card to be happy, especially not for headliners. Weidman definitely deserves to be in the top P4P talk though.

      • seminalcacti says:

        I would have to disagree with your quote that Silva vs Maia was a shitty fight. Silva put on a clinic for 5 rounds and messed Maia’a face up. Silva was so slick he was slipping in to punch Maia in the thighs then slipping out. Who else can do that in mma? Yes, Silva could and should have finished the fight and that’s the reason I think Dana expressed his disappointment for Silva not finishing it for the Dubai crowd.

        We can talk about Weidman being top P4P when and if he can defend the title half as much as Silva did.

        • UFC 84 Forever says:

          Silva vs. Maia was a terrible fight and Silva was even warned for not being active on the feet. It was a shitty fight and both fighters are responsible, no different than UFC 97 where Anderson did essentially the same thing.

          And I agree, I never said he is top P4P but he’s earned the right to be in that talk.

  6. MixedMartialArts says:


  7. ..... says:

    I used to respect Dana. He’s just an idiot now.

  8. ChampDaily says:

    Dana is like a girl sometimes.

  9. Xaninho says:

    So why was that never a problem for GSP? GSP has been doing that for years and in a far less exciting way than Aldo. Aldo did try to take him out but Lamas is a contender for a reason.

  10. Danny Valentine says:

    Dana’s so full of shit. How many times has he said GSP was the P4P best? Aldo finishes a little less than every other fight. That’s pretty damn good considering who he’s faced. I’m really starting to lose respect for Dana…

  11. Austin says:

    Jon Jones. P4P. Enough said.

    • seminalcacti says:

      BS because Alexander Gustafsson won that fight. Jon Jones is one of my favorite fighters but he doesn’t deserve to be on the cover of the UFC game or mentioned as the P4P anymore.

  12. Michael James says:

    Jon Bones Jones. P4P Champ. End of story.

  13. ichichu says:

    My top 2 p4p goes to Barao and Aldo, in either order. They both look unstoppable right now. They have both virtually cleaned out their divisions. Maybe Barao has a few more matches left, but he has torn through everyone and is on one of the longest winning streaks in fighting sports. I think it is great that BJ has done some training with them.

  14. Pete Zahut says:

    Don’t worry. It’s just a matter of time. When Aldo destroys Pettis, he will be, unequivocally, #1

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