Dana on the unlikely rise of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

Anthony Johnson

“It’s crazy. If you look at Anthony Johnson, Anthony Johnson started at 170 pounds, right? And this isn’t like boxing where if you move up a weight class, it’s three pounds. You move up a weight class here, it’s 15 pounds. So he goes from 170 to 185. It’s not like he was a world-beater at 170 or a world-beater at 185. If you know anything about fighting, every time you move up, you lose a little bit of knockout power. It’s been the exact opposite for this guy. Him beating Alexander Gustafsson the way he did makes no sense whatsoever. This is a guy (Gustafsson) who went five hard rounds with Jon Jones. Many people believe he won that fight, and many people believe Jones won the fight. For [Johnson] to come out and knock out the guys in the 205-pound division that he is, it’s unbelievable and I am very excited for the fight with him and Jon Jones.”

In UFC President Dana White’s recent interview with Jim Rome, he talked about Anthony Johnson, and the fighter’s rise from the ashes at 170 pounds.