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Friday, 02/14/2014, 05:12 pm

Dana Tells Reporters To Give Him Names Of Cheating Fighters

Yesterday’s media event wasn’t all about Chris Cyborg and Alistair Overeem.

The topic of Performance Enhancing Drugs, drummed up an emotional response from UFC President Dana White.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo!Sports gave a recount of the discussion:

Give me a name, he demanded, and I’ll test them today, or don’t ever say it to me again. He was yelling, his face reddened, the fury evident. He sounded more like he was looking for a fight than trying to promote one.

“Give me one [expletive] name right now, I’ll get them on the phone, and somebody will drive to their [expletive] house today and will test them,” White said. “Say it. Say it.”

After pausing for a second to silence, he resumed.

“Then don’t ever [expletive] say it to me again,” he said, defiantly. “You guys like to play these [expletive] games. Let’s do it. I’m ready. I’m down. Let’s do this right now. Give me one name. Give me 10 names. Give me all the names you want; I’ll test all these [expletives] right now.”

The reporters remained silent. It’s not a reporter’s job to make news; it’s to report the news. But White was gunning for a fight.


12 Responses to “Dana Tells Reporters To Give Him Names Of Cheating Fighters”

  1. Greg says:

    Im starting to like this guy less and less. Sounds like he’s on roids with how pissed off he gets

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I used to think White was just a great promoter, but now I am really starting to like him more and more. He’s got balls and some of these little weasel reporters need to be called out. Some of the questions they ask are just ignorant. Go Great White!

  3. Michael Beck says:

    Hes running a multi million dollar business. So ya, I imagine he gets stress out. Than on top of that he has to deal with “reporters” who will poke at him but than hide when given a dose of there own medicine.You dont see reporters after a baseball game shuv a mic in the owner of tthe mlbs face do ya? “mma reporters” bring up roids everytime they have a slow news week.

  4. ☢ Andrew ∆ James ☢ says:

    “Well, I didn’t know you wanted to get involved…with the discussion, Mr. Helper.”

  5. Dasfuchs says:

    Dana asked the reporters to do their job & report “news” like a fighter that needs discipline to him & they freaked.

    The only people who don’t like dana are the guys who can’t handle the truth.

  6. NikSays says:

    I’ve got a name for ya…Vitor Belfort. Now run go test him, Dana. Let’s see how much pharmaceutical testosterone he’s got running through those veins of his. That’s why he can’t fight in Las Vegas already. He doesn’t wanna test a lot of his fighters, but none of those reporters have the nuts to speak up to Dana’s crazy ass anyway. It’s a lose-lose situation.

  7. mad says:

    haha you tell em dana

  8. Xaninho says:

    I think DW needs to stop the cocaine for a while. I’ve seen guys losing it like this before.

  9. joel says:

    Test joe rogan bro

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