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Monday, 10/01/2012, 08:07 am

Dana Strikes Deal With Jon Jones: Will No Longer Talk Bad About Coach Jackson | UFC NEWS

“I sat down with Jon Jones and we talked, I made a deal with Jon,” White said. “I’m not going to say anything about Greg Jackson [anymore]. I think you guys know my opinion and how I feel. It hasn’t changed. I’m just not going to talk about Greg Jackson. It’s good news. I will keep my big mouth shut about Greg Jackson. That’s part of my deal with Jones. I do think Jon Jones’ arm would be feeling a lot better right now if he didn’t listen to Greg Jackson and that’s all I’m going to say,”

During last weekends media event the UFC boss told reporters in Nottingham that he struck a deal with UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones that includes keeping his mouth shut in regards to famed coach Greg Jackson.

On the other side of the deal Jon Jones agreed to never turn down a short notice fight again… (O.K., I made that last part up)


35 Responses to “Dana Strikes Deal With Jon Jones: Will No Longer Talk Bad About Coach Jackson | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    hahahahahahah fkn dana

  2. jonjones4life says:

    “ok, i made that last part up”

    -dana the comedian

  3. g Rod says:

    You see house nigger Rashad on the post-fight show after Saturdays fights? THAT is the only way a black man fits into Dana Whiteboys world. Sitting there next to all-American racist poster boy Sonnen wearing a Perry motherf**kin Ellis suit with a big ass kissing sambo grin on his face. Jones won’t suck any white d*ck thats why even in Dana’s promise to keep his mouth shut he still makes a negative comment about Jackson and Jone’s arm!! The only thing Dana hates more than a black champion is a black champion who has a manager who doesnt want his fighter doin a tap dance for the UFC. Jon Jones aint no motherf*ckin Bojangles Dana. So F*ck you and your UFC!

    • The Real Truth says:

      Ah so you’re retarded, good to know.

    • g rod is retarded says:

      g-rod were you dropped on your head as a child? or did you eat a lot of led based paint chips?? lets see here who do we have for a white champion? heavyweight division we have Junior Dos Santos who is brazilian, light heavyweight we have Jone Jones who is BLACK, middleweight we have Anderson Silva who is brazilian and BLACK, welterwight we have GSP who is white, light weight division we have Benson Henderson who is…. what is he? idk but i know he isnt white! as for the lower weight divisions i know there is Domitris Johnson who is black, Jose Aldo who is brazilian, Dominic Cruz which i am not sure if he is white or a mixed breed? so if you ask me your ignorant rants on all the articles i see you make your comments are just plain stupid! there is not racisim in the ufc as you can see it is dominated by brazilians and african americans so please do us a favor and stop posting your retard comments and keep them to yourself this is 2012 its not the 1960’s anymore!

    • ballsackface says:

      Im a nigga, and you are the reason why white people think we all smoke crack fool

    • Joshua "big mistake" breitbach says:

      your comment gave me cancer

    • ozzyozzyoi says:

      Im from australia, known as THE most racist country in the world, because it is. Dont get me wrong there are a lot of non racists here, but even I can see that g Rod -as crazy as he sounds with his rant – is correct.
      -Maybe you guys calling him a racist just arent accustomed to it, or playing the accusation card.

    • you's a fool g rod says:

      … Last time i checked the guy who told Jones not to fight was white… What’s that? Sounds like a tap dancing Jones to me

    • ODLICIOUS says:

      Please don’t pay your internet bill anymore

    • Wtf says:

      Okay so your calling others racist but yet dropping the “n” bomb… If my “white” ass were to drop that I would be hated and bashed constantly. If the UFC or any MMA promotion was racist only their “supperior” language would be allowed to be spoke. Not only that, did you see Dana argue when the white supremist got dropped from Strikeforce I believe it was, or was it Bellator. Regardless, the sport has enough going against it to have a couple people screaming for attention about racism when really if there is any racism it gets brought front page and people get fined.

    • unknown!!! says:

      you my friend are hands down the biggest dick i have ever come across on this site

    • TheWholeTruth says:

      Go kill yourself g Rod. The world is better without people like you.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      grod is jealous that the UFC and most other successful businesses are run by white ppl. blacks are good at being athletic and performing, but as far as actually running a business, they lack the intelligence and work ethic required to do so.

  4. jeremiah says:

    Gotta love when someone pulls the racist card saying dana only likes white fighter is the dumbest thing there are only 2 white champs and I do believe no black people accepted the fight with jones if I’m not mistaken a brazilian did so the racist comment makes you look ignorant and stuck in the 30s

  5. Tom says:

    Using racism to make a stupid point is ignorant. Dudes not funny he just sounds like an idiot who was raised with hateful fucking people who say racist shit like that and think its ok

  6. g Rod says:

    @Tom…I’m not “using” racism you ignorant blind clueless bitch. I’m pointing it out cause its right there in front of my face. Dont piss on me and tell me its raining ok cause that’s the way things are. It Dont matter that there are black champs in the ufc. That aint the point. The motherf*ckin point is that Dana Whiteboy aint happy with the situation and.always does his best to change it. That’s why Sonnen and Faber get shot after shot. You want to tell me I’m lying about that?? You want to tell me Dana didnt give the CHAMPION Jon Jones a whole lot of disrespect for not figjting racist poster boy illegal drug-using crimminal Sonnen? But he didn’t say shit about Sonnen did he? No disrespect just another offer for a title shot his punk ass didnt deserve. If you cant see the truth then YOU are the racist and F*ck you and Dana too.

    • Bob'O says:

      Hey FuckO? It’s pretty clear who the racist moron here is and that’s your dumb ass.

      Jump off the stupid wagon and save your drivel for your idiot club because nobody here agrees with your nonsense, nobody.

      You = sTUCK oN dUMB dUMB!


    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      Sure seems like you’re using the race card. Most people do not think the way you do.

    • ballsackface says:

      as a black man i dont want to be associated with you.
      i might just bleach my skin so im not associated with fucked up twisted racists like you.

      you are a racist. “dana whiteboy” as if its some unsult for him being white?

      you are fucking wrong and i hope in life you aint like this as if you think what dana is doing is racist then you need medication

    • unknown!!! says:

      white bitch this white bitch that no ur not being racist? this isnt the only thread u have had a rant on..dont back down from ur bs talk now that no1 agrees with u …

  7. Tom says:

    Your an idiot. Straight up, you say stupid shit I don’t even understand you dude. It’s hard to take your point seriously when your saying people are racist that you’ve never met and for sure don’t know

  8. gRod got raped by a white boy says:

    Ignorant!!!! all I can say..dude just wanting attention!

  9. jeremiah says:

    Yeah dana is so racist for sonnen and faber getting title shots cause I must of forgot about the long list of black number one contenders they passed upgive me a break sonnen got the fight cause he beat stann and bisping 2 top contenders not being racist but there want no colored fighters that were number one contenders at middle weight and faber beat bowles who was the number one contender that’s what got him a title shot not being white and then he lost to a tough ass brazilian if dana was racist he would have gave faber easy fights and you sayin black people don’t get title shots or big chances how do you think silva bones and henderson got their title shots not from being white but being good at what they do

  10. bmann says:

    Dana White=worst business man in sports or anything.

  11. ozzyozzyoi says:

    Im not racist or anything, but being from THE most racist country in the world (australia), I can see where g Rod is coming from, and hes correct.
    maybe you guys arent accustomed with racism, but you dont need to call a black a nigger or a white a cracker to be racist.
    and sonnen didnt deserve that fight against jones; jones made the right move.

  12. g Rod says:

    I apologize for all the racist bullsh!t i’ve been saying recently, I’m just hurting right now coz my white boyfriend just left me for another white dude who had a larger penis than me. I love white d!ck ya’ll.

  13. makaveli says:

    G rod is a retard! And I loved all the comments u guys made. Funny stuff! Race has nothing 2 do with it.

  14. joey says:

    everyone respects the man… just madd (pissed) at him 4 messing up our fight night.. man the champ is gonna fight… my badd he didnt take the fight… what …what… why.. man f!@k !!!! ok made that up was good one

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