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Tuesday, 08/07/2012, 03:32 am

Dana Message To Critics Of Potential Rematch Between Jones & Machida "If You Don't Like It, Don't Buy It" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC President Dana White comments in an interview with Inside MMA.

At UFC On FOX 4 Lyoto Machida stopped Light-Heavyweight contender Ryan Bader impressively in the second round. At the post-fight press conference Dana White confirmed that Machida would be receiving the next shot at the UFC Light-Heavyweight Title.

White commented on his decision and revealed that is simply came down to who wanted the shot more.

“Everything about Lyoto Machida tells me he wants that title shot worse than ‘Shogun’ does. He’ll fight anybody. You can tell he wants that title shot worse than ‘Shogun,’ in my opinion, and he looked good tonight. He knocked Bader out convincingly. He didn’t take any damage, and he had a good showing against Jones in his last fight.”

Prior to the bout with Bader the new number one contender Machida faced Champion Jon Jones for his title and was stopped in the second round and left unconscious on the canvas. Jones faces Dan Henderson at UFC 151 and should Jones defeat Hendo it will confirm the rematch with Machida.

Many fans are against a Jones vs. Machida rematch as the first bout was finished so decisively, however White has a simple message for the critics.

“Don’t watch it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s what everyone said about this card. All these geniuses who have all the answers are judging cards before they happen. you don’t judge something until after it happens. to judge it before is completely stupid.”

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40 Responses to “Dana Message To Critics Of Potential Rematch Between Jones & Machida "If You Don't Like It, Don't Buy It" | UFC News”

  1. Bob says:

    machida will win this and its worth ordering…

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I can’t wait to see what kind of tricks Machida pulls out of his bag. I think Machida has a better chance than alot of people give him. All it would take is one perfectly timed kick and it would be lights out. I can’t wait tell Jones moves up and fights guys closer to his own size and reach.

    • deez nutz says:

      REAL FANS – will know that these are two of the most talented fighters ever to grace the cage and they won’t want to miss this.

      Watching Machida is like watching art to me. I won’t miss a fight he is in ever and I hope he continues fighting for a long time, belt or no belt, 205 or 185. His movements, techniques and style are beautiful. and yes, even though he is going to be a rightful underdog against Jones. (hendo ain’t beating jones) Machida is still the biggest threat to JBJ. He is still the puzzle, the strangest style to deal with, with lights out KO power and the ability to strike from distance.

      Face it, EVERYONE else gets smoked by Jones. Machida is the only one who even offers an interesting fight.

      • Nuitari X says:

        I agree with everything you said except the whole (Hendo ain’t beating Jones) part. Didn’t you just read what Dana White said? He said to judge beforehand is stupid and I totally agree. Don’t count Hendo out. Even if people think he only has a punchers chance, it’s still just that A CHANCE.

        • deez nutz says:

          so your point is that because Dana said something to try and get more people to buy fight cards, he is after all a fight promoter, that I should give Hendo more of a chance.

          He has shown horrid conditioning over the last several years and he is 41.

          His MMA wrestling of late has been questionable and he is going up against one of the most successful MMA wrestlers in the game.

          He has a 14 in reach disadvantage.

          He is going up against a guy that has been finishing elite fighters without breaking a sweat or being touched.

          Whatever chance he has is very small.

        • SinCe 2004 says:

          Bones vs Hendo will UNDOUBTEDLY be Jones easiest fight since becoming Champ.

    • Joop says:

      Why not throw gustaffson in there for a shot first…by dana’s logic “can’t judge a fight before it happens” why not give chael sonnen a shot…or even BJ…dont be an idiot and judge it before it happens

  2. Michael hamlin says:

    Jones will get beat in 3 round new champ

  3. Xaninho says:

    Bob is a pussy, but I agree Machida can win this. First fight he made a mistake and got caught in a standing guillotine. Up until that moment he had the upper hand.

    • Wrestler66 says:

      He got dropped first ….. I would not say he got ‘caught’ he did good round one then Jones adapted and crushed him !

      In the rematch Jones has seen it all before and knows what Machida has got …. Jones will stop him in one or two unless Machida runs away (if he does hell be finished in third)

      • Xaninho says:

        True that’s also a possibility.

        Machida was much bigger in their fight than he is now though. I’m thinking he might have changed his approach and concentrated on his agility and speed more instead of bulking up power like he did the first time.

        I think Machida will be faster and lighter on his feet, so it might prove to be more difficult for Jones to hit him with solid shots.

        Either way it will be an interesting fight.

        • Wrestler66 says:

          For sure …. I’m kinda just under the impression that in the Light-Heavyweight Division no current contender can contend with Jones …. Think LHW could end up like Heavyweight Div in Boxing with Klitschko’s dominating as will Jones until a new guy eventually emerges !

        • Wrestler66 says:

          I’m a big Hendo fan but Jones is on another level !

        • Xaninho says:

          Yeah I don’t really see Hendo winning either, unless he manages to catch Jones with one of those H-bombs. If Machida can’t do it then Jones will be ruling the 205 division for a long time. None of the other current 205-ers is a real threat to him I think.

        • Matcheetah says:

          That is true Machida performs better when he’s light on the feet, but Jones will muscle Machida to the ground so, not sure what his best approach should be

  4. DARTHVADER says:

    2-3 and gets the fight. Dont worry Dana i wont buy it.

  5. danielrchargers says:

    Look how Flamboyant our current LHW Champ is…
    I bet he is thinking how long he can milk the LHW division until he takes a page off of Overeems book and heads to HW.

  6. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Guess Dana isn’t giving Hendo much of a shot. Though, I do think I’ll give Machida a shot. I’ve called all his fights correctly since I’ve been watching him, and I’ll give this one to him. He looked good against Jones last fight up until getting choked the hell out. He looks better, you can tell he’s improved. Black House will crown another Champ.

  7. 123 says:

    Lyoto Machida Will Lose To Jon Jones Because Lyoto Machida Should Be At Middleweight.

  8. Bob'O says:

    Lyoto is gonna knock Jones out like he did Evans this time around. Can’t wait to see it happen either. ~Bob’O

  9. Yo says:

    2 great fighters,that being said now that dana said it like that,STREAM it issss.

  10. Xguardian says:

    Dana of course you say it stupid to judge something before it happened to judge it we have to watch it.

    I pose another point I right now am a out of shape JiuJitsu fighter over weight from taking care ot two toddlers and no training. that makes me 5’10 and 230lbs. So If I am on the card with Jr dos santos Is it safe to judge before it happens ?

    Not saying machida does not stand a chance just saying judging things before they happen is legit

  11. the original steve says:

    lyoto wins one fight against a 45 year old- fights champ. loses to champ wins one fight against someone who got beat by tito ortiz-fights champ. cain velasquez loses to champ beats a roid monkey failure from strikeforce-fights champ. and he says diaz vs silva doesn’t make sense

    • Cody says:

      Hahaha all day bro but in fairness Lyoto was doing very well until the elbow and it’s sad to see everyone just count hendo out even Dana talks about it like he’s already lost we can only hope he catches this oversized jj so the div will be fun again

    • SinCe 2004 says:

      THANK YOU!

    • Sugar Ponybear says:

      So Lyoto beating Cotoure doesn’t deserve a title shot but Brock beating him does? I mean come on, Heath fucking Herring, you’ve got to be kidding me. Frank Mir has proven time and time again he’s not top competition and Shane Carwin was all hype. If Brock got his, Lyoto can get his.

      • the original steve says:

        okay did i bring up brock? no. and brock didn’t deserve it neither does machida. the only reason brock got it was because he was a HUGE draw. i mean machida can get his ass kicked again if jones gets passed hendo. im more campaigning for the diaz silva fight. well maybe if diaz wins one fight itll make sense to dana

  12. Dick Diaz says:

    i think this PPV will generate good numbers.

  13. DEE says:

    Machida was doing good in the 1st fight. He had Jones worried in the corner. The biggest question he has to answer is his heart. I felt he gave that fight away after the cut, instead of trying to fight through it. He has shown that he doesn’t like to be hit. I have read and heard all the critics regarding the fight who suggest Jones had the perfect guillotine. When have you ever seen a BJJ black belt be submitted via standing guillotine? It should never happen because even a white belt knows to turn your head to the side and take the man down before he cranks it up, or better yet take the hand off of you. I felt he gave it away after he got hit. Probably dazed but still gave it up.

  14. A.James says:

    Machida wants this fight. He’s not going out like last time. Jones better man up.

  15. julian671 says:

    Machida stand up destroyed Jones, all he has to do now if watch out for Jones long cheap ass niggah arms. Machida would take this fight

  16. maurice says:

    MACHIDA VS HENDO. JUST WATCH. jones last 2 victims r also guys that have been able to find his chin. not because of super great striking, but because of timing. hendo timing on his strikes, especially the hbomb is uncanny. hendo will land the hbomb. it just remains to be seen wat will happen when it lands. rashad and machida had jones backpeddling once he got touched. hendo will sit jones on his ass as soon as either hand lands flush. if jones shows good recovery skills against hendo, then he will adapt and pick hendo apart. hendo is as tough as they come, if there is one man with the skills, balls, and the chin to bring the fight to jones non stop its hendo. machida is definently a better fighter then jones, but his weak chin will always have me doubting him against bones. if jones destroys hendo, let alone beat him, then i will officially declare it the JONES ERA.

  17. Pancho says:

    Ive always been a fan of Machida. A rematch with Jones would be a really great fight considering how good Lyoto did on his feet in the first

  18. DMAC says:

    Machida won’t last as long as he did in the first match up. He had so many openings during the Bader fight but Bader wasn’t fast enough to exploit those opportunities like Jones will. Regardless I’ll still buy it, might as well keep throwing all they got at JBJ right.. And props to Machida for speaking English better, it helps us non brazillians relate to him more and I’m sure gains him more fans…

  19. Dagnag says:

    Not to worry Dana, I won’t buy it, I’ll watch it live streaming!

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