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Thursday, 02/13/2014, 06:57 pm

Dana Blasts Overeem (Again) – Doesn’t Buy Injury Excuse: ‘I Know The Truth’

“I have a feeling this rib injury is going to last as long as it takes for dos Santos to get another opponent. That’s what I’m willing to bet. This is going to be the longest rib injury ever. As soon as we get dos Santos a fight that rib is going to heal right up.

“You say you want to be the best in the world? You want to be the world champion? This is the No. 1 guy. This is the guy. This is the f—ing gatekeeper. You beat this guy, nobody is going to question you. Shouldn’t he be chomping at the bit for a fight like that? Especially when you told us how much money you deserve and how you’re going to be the next champ.”

“[Overeem] marches his fucking ass in here. Tells us how much he’s worth. He’s worth all this money, he’s the best heavyweight in the world, he’s going to be the champion, and he doesn’t want to fucking fight anybody. I bet you his fucking rib wouldn’t be hurting if we got Brock Lesnar, bet you his rib would be fine… did anybody hear anything about a rib injury until I offered him dos Santos two different ways?

“You guys come to whatever conclusion you want to on that, I know what the truth is.”

What else needs to be said here?

Yesterday we learned that Alistair Overeem had turned down an important heavyweight bout against Junior dos Santos.

Dana White said he was ‘literally hiding from JDS‘ and Overeem said ‘no way, he’s just injured’.

At a recent media luncheon in Las Vegas, Dana White, continued his verbal assault on ‘The Reem’.

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10 Responses to “Dana Blasts Overeem (Again) – Doesn’t Buy Injury Excuse: ‘I Know The Truth’”

  1. mad says:

    overeem would get murdered

  2. Gogoplata says:

    JDS would get destroyed. He should be thankful that Overeem’s rib is injured.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha DW is mad because he has to pay Overeem top salary

  4. DiamondBackPain says:

    Overeem take the fight. rib injury or not. Kick his ass.

  5. Nick M. says:

    Pettis didn’t hurt his knee when he was supposed to fight Aldo.

  6. dave says:

    JDS would beat that ass the “Reem” isnt that great and now that hes been popped for roids before and it was long suspected, it just shows how much of a fraud he is, if he wasnt scared to fight JDS then tell dana you will as soon as the rib heals,agree to fight and leave the date open contingent to the healing of the rib it shouldnt take more than a few weeks and how did this rib get hurt did mir break it with one of the 5 strikes he had in the whole match ? No he didnt overeem is just scared of jds bottomline.

  7. Revel8tions says:

    Reems for the top fighters from all over the world. I don’t think he’s scared. I think he has to assess the situation for what it is. He has lost two and just won a pretty one sided affair. Build on that and then smash JDS after a fight or two. Reem has a suspect chin, but JDS has never fought anyone who could strike on his own level. I think this is a great fight- just not yet.Let not forget JDS is coming off two brutal butt kickings. I say solve this by sticking JDS in there with Cormier (since his fight fell through). That is – if JDS is in fight shape.

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