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Monday, 02/24/2014, 05:56 am

Dana Backs Herb Dean’s Stoppage In Rousey vs. McMann Bout

“You get hit to the body like that, and regular people who have never been hit to the body have no f—— clue what that feels like. Believe me when I tell you. She went down on her knees and she turned her head the other way. Could Herb have let her take some shots to the face? When the fight happened when I saw it, I said ‘oh man.’ then I watched the replay and I thought it was a good stoppage.”

Some are calling foul when talking about Ronda Rousey’s win last Saturday night.

McMann was visibly stunned by a knee to the liver, her body folded to the canvas all while Rousey continued to land blows to the face. Referee Herb Dean had seen enough, but right as he halted the bout, McMann was seeing rising to her feet.

It was a close judgement call, but according to the UFC boss, he stands by it.

What are your thoughts?


10 Responses to “Dana Backs Herb Dean’s Stoppage In Rousey vs. McMann Bout”

  1. magoo says:

    I’m sure you and Ronda both are happy with the early stoppage! Too bad McMann wasn’t given the same opportunity Browne had in the Overeem fight. McMann was getting back up and turned her head away to avoid getting hit when Herb stopped it prematurely, oh well Dana and his cash cow are laughing all the way to the bank,and everyone that was dumb enough to buy this event got fuckin ripped off……lmao
    Glad it’s over let’s move on to a card worth watching for our money 171.

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    If roles were reversed, Dana would be fucking livid. Liver shots absolutely kill, but I’ve seen way worse go way longer.

  3. Xaninho says:

    McMann got up after Herb Dean pulled Rousey off. If he would have let Rousey continue dropping punches on McMann she would have gotten hurt more than necessary.

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