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Tuesday, 02/11/2014, 07:01 pm

Dana Admits To Being Threatened By His Fighters Over Money/Contracts

“Oh yeah, there’s no doubt about it (That a fighter has threatened to beat Dana’s ass). There’s been many. One time, I was in a negotiation over a contract, and one of the fighters said, ‘Well how bout if I come down there and just beat your fucking ass?’ [laughs] Well, it’s not gonna help in the negotiations, and it’s definitely not gonna get you any more money… Um, there’s been a couple. Baroni did once. The other fighter, this guy is actually a manager now, it was Matt Hume… I’m in the fight business, man. I’m not in the nice business. I deal with 500 of the baddest dudes in the world, and their managers, who are sometimes ex fighters. That stuff happens. Guys get heated and offer to beat some asses sometimes.”

Big Boy sits down with UFC Owner Dana White and asks him some questions we’ve all been wondering about the UFC.




0 Responses to “Dana Admits To Being Threatened By His Fighters Over Money/Contracts”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Haha Baroni would say that. Kind of surprised Matt Hume said that though.

  2. rico says:

    Dana would molylwop most guys in the UFC. Baroni and Hume would get owned.

    • Kenneth Cotton says:

      Your drunk Dana has ZERO fight experience and would get destroyed by any competent fighter and that includes Baroni and Hume your just fucking retarded

      • seminalcacti says:

        he used to box so it’s incorrect to say Dana has “ZERO” fighting experience. At one point they were discussing to have a boxing match between Dana and Tito Ortiz.

        • BrainSmasher says:

          Baroni has more boxing credentials than Dana. I like Dana but Baroni would have killed him back then. Back then you havd to out last Baroni. HE was to powerful, hit to hard, had good boxing and a wrestling background. Not to mention an iron chin and never give up. Dana wouldn’t have a chance in hell. Dana would get smashed by any decent fighter. He would have to cherry pick a curtain style fighter at a much lower weight than himself and train hard to actually beat anyone.

        • Kenneth Cotton says:

          Dana was at best an amateur boxer if even that i think he simply trained in boxing i don’t think he ever actually had a fight and that was all talk Dana would have never in a million years stepped into the ring and embarrassed him self especially not during Tito’s prime Tito would have smashed him with sheer power and speed Dana white is just a pudgy little bald man with what looks to me like a glass jaw and a face crying out for a pounding no way he would last even a round with any decent fighter who isn’t being paid to go soft on him

        • guest says:

          then why didnt tito show up to the fight?? TITO IS A FUCKING PUSSSSY!!!!!

      • Steve says:

        He’s also got the Zuffa Brother’s behind him.. So I don’t think anyone is going to f*ck w him… As for 1 on 1… let’s just say he’s a full time President, not a full time Professional fighter

        • Kenneth Cotton says:

          Dana white could retire for 10 years and do nothing but train with the best in the world and he would still get smashed by almost any decent fighter who isn’t being paid to take it easy on him he has no boxing skills no kick boxing skills no wrestling skills no BJJ skills no striking skills what so ever he’s over weight with zero reach and no actual fighting skills i think just about every female MMA fighter could easily beat him 1 on 1 the males would destroy him even if they took it easy on him you can’t teach weight and height issues as well as age and lack of skils

        • T.Daddy says:

          I bet Dana would beat your ass big mouth

        • Kenneth Cotton says:

          Sure he would and monkey’s can fly.

      • Peter Curran says:

        You moron Dana does have fight experience know what you are talking about before you open your mouth!

  3. Michael Johnston says:

    Ripping off people isn’t easy. I don’t envy Dana White’s job one bit.

    • T.Daddy says:

      Dana doesn’t rip anybody off.. It’s a contract the fighter don’t like what he’s getting paid don’t sign it… And there’s other fight organizations that pay way less to fighters then the UFC

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