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Friday, 06/07/2013, 08:38 am

Dan Henderson Wants Jones Over Anderson Silva Rematch: ‘I have less Respect for Jones as a person’

“I’d like to fight Jon Jones more than I’d like to fight Anderson Silva,” said Henderson. “Just because I have less respect for him as a person than Anderson. He’s not genuine. I think how he portrays himself is not how he really is. I think the fans have picked up on how he really is, as well.”

“A lot of it is probably because he’s young and he got catapulted into the public eye, and he’s trying to portray himself in a different way,” Henderson said. “But he should just be himself. “

While making the media rounds in Los Angeles this week to promote his upcoming fight against Rashad Evans, Dan Henderson went on record to discuss which champion he would rather face in Jon Jones or Anderson Silva.


22 Responses to “Dan Henderson Wants Jones Over Anderson Silva Rematch: ‘I have less Respect for Jones as a person’”

  1. Hendo one of my all time favorites, but... says:

    ..whether the real or fake Jon Jones fights Dan, Hendo will get beaten. Jones is too long for Hendo and Hendo being so immobile (only moves forward) plays right into Jones’ strengths

    I rather not see them fight.

  2. squid says:

    damnnnn . . . them’s fighting words. i honestly think hendo is jones’ biggest threat @ 205 only because his chin is proven and he’s willing to take a few to land one. this will essentially nullify jones’ reach advantage but the problem is if hen do gets too agressive and charges recklessly jones can take him down easily. jones is the total package

    • Billy says:

      Hendo is too old to be taking the beating that kid will give him. Think about Chael. How well he did with Anderson…..then Jonny

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