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Monday, 03/26/2012, 08:03 am

Dan Henderson Thinks The UFC Made The Wrong Move With Evans vs. Jones Booking

“I guess Dana promised Rashad he was next for the title shot. But timing wise, it would have been better for me to fight Jones, and then have Rashad fight the winner. That would have been better than having Rashad come right back after fighting Phil Davis, and it’s probably going to be pushed again if Rashad wins because he’s going to have to fight me pretty quickly as well. Dana hasn’t publicly stated that I’m next but that’s the word. We’ll see. The only fight that makes sense is a title shot, I was hoping to jump the line in front of Rashad, but I’ve got to wait until Rashad fights Jon Jones and then I’ll fight the winner.”

Dan Henderson earned his right to fight for the UFC title when he came over to the UFC as the Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion. He cemented his claim for a shot at Jon Jones with an amazing victory over “Shogun” Rua in his return to the UFC bout.

While many thought he would get the next crack at the champ, the UFC opted to put long-time number one contender Rashad Evans in and has left Hendo on the sidelines waiting for his number to be called.

Who do you think was more deserving?

(quote via ESPN)

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72 Responses to “Dan Henderson Thinks The UFC Made The Wrong Move With Evans vs. Jones Booking”

  1. Is it just me or does it seem like Hendo is doing alot of moaning these days?

    • Nuitari X says:

      He’s only human, if shit doesn’t go right at your job you’d bitch too…just sayin’

    • Kingron says:

      Yea but when you have been through the wars he has and been as good as he has for a long time you kind of have that privilege. At least he is only moaning bout getting a title shot and not moaning like Rampage about his pay or how he is treated or Ortiz who complains he was hurt every time he loses a fight.

      • Brett says:

        He beat 3 guys at the light heavy weight division in strikeforce, and then ko’d fedor(even if it was a flash ko, he still beat him in devastating fashion) and then beat shogun, who was the last champ before jones. and rashad beat tito and phil(who aren’t great) and before that he had a boring fight with rampage. you tell me.

    • Anti-Hater says:

      He’s been filling up the press with bitching.

      He’s a good fighter, but I don’t know why he’s so eager to get busted up. I think he’s just frustrated that he’s chosen to not fight for so long.

      I’m already sick of hearing what he and his trainers have to say. Nobody really cares about what he/they think. Maybe that’s why they’re making a stink…

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Speak for yourself .

        Dan Henderson has over 128,000 followers on Twitter & God knows how many visitors to his website .

        Thats a lot of “NOBODY” hanging on his every word .

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        When’s the last time you saw Rashad or Jones fight Fedor? NEVER and they never would. rashad skates his way around the best fighters and lay nprays ones he scared of like THiago Silva and ramapge

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Hendo for sure EARNED his shot by beating better opponensts than Rashad. Rashad has never fought Shogun and Rashad lost to Machida who was desoyed by Shogun. Rashads win over Tito meant nothing PERIOD topwards a title shot. Phil Davis wasn’t the top contender in fact he was like #10. No Rashad has AVOIDED the true top 5 LHW. Its would be awesome to se Hendo give Rasahd “STANKY LEGS” again like Machida did to Rashad. NO way rashad should ahve gotten another title shot without fighting Machida or Hendo

  2. Bla DeBla says:

    I dont think he is complaining or moaning , I’d say he is just putting his case forward .

    Nothing wrong with that , if Dan Henderson hasnt earned the right to be listened to then who has ?

    Personally I think its working out just fine , Evans has been touted as a contender for a long time & its time to put it to bed between him & Jones , whoever wins that is in for a hell of a night with Hendo Chomping at the bit to get at em .

    Hendo is probably got his eye on rattling their cages too , he has been in the game a long time & you can be pretty sure almost everything he says either has a spike or a barb on it , he is making sure both of them are looking over their shoulder at him .

    Dan Henderson = Jack Dempsey .

    One hell of a boy !!!

    • Kingron says:

      So your saying Dan Henderson can’t beat a black fighter?

      • McCombski says:

        I dont know how you got that out of anything he just said but ..ok?

      • Bla DeBla says:

        I dont know what you are on about .

        I personally think Dan clearly beat Quinton Jackson , he didnt get the decision because Dan , with his old school Team Quest Attitude was disappointed not to finish him while Jackson was delighted to have survived , thats why the judging went against him , but on the night Dan dominated for more than the majority of the fight & landed the cleaner shots .

        Jackson was reacting to Hendo & surviving , nothing more , it was a good fight tho & both men gave a good account of himself but theres no way I’d say that Hendo couldnt beat a black guy .

        Hendo went to war with , at the time , a much more polished Carlos Newton in a great fight way back when he first entered the UFC , he beat him with his heart & courage .

        I dont know what you are talking about .

        • Dante Niro says:

          i think you should watch hendo vs quinton again..
          cleaner shots? rampage knocked him down, it was a great fight
          very close , but page won.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          You are linking me to selectively edited parts of a close fight that highlight the ONLY quality moments Jackson had in it .

          I could edit GSP V Fitch & come up with enough Fitch highlights from that fight to put to a groovy soundtrack to try to bullshit some fake point like you are doing .

          Whoever disagrees with my opinion about the Hendo V Jackson fight ?

          Watch the entire fight with the volume on mute & you will see that Hendo had him pressurized for the entire fight & that Jackson was simply reacting to Hendo & surviving , Hendo out worked him , Hendo landed with more quality more often .

          But …

          Because Hendo is Hendo with his old School Team Quest Attitude , he was disappointed not to finish Jackson & the judges picked up on that as they did Jacksons delight to have survived & awarded Jackson the decision .

          It wasnt a robbery as such & if Judges are in doubt I believe they are obliged to favor the current champion .

          I had it Hendo 3-1 with one even .

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Bla Debla

          I think you might be a little biased toward Hendo though he would beat Rampage now. Rampage won that fight soundly and I think it was one of Rampages last great performances in the Octagon.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Its obviously you who is biased .

          You only ever comment to contradict me when I do anything other than kiss the ass of a black fighter , eg Ben Henderson , Jones & Jackson

          I have stated clearly , fairly & intelligently the reasoning behind my opinions on the fight in question , there is no bias whatsoever contained within them & you are clearly out of line making that claim toward me .

    • Nuitari X says:

      Holy shit!!! You actually said something I agree with!! I don’t know you, but I’ve read a lot of your comments and you always seem to be arguing with people. I don’t really care to argue with you I’m just saying that for once from what I’ve seen I do agree, so don’t go getting all butthurt over it.

    • Yeas says:

      Very well said. Hendo realizes as much as anyone else, he has to make a case for his fight. If there is fan pressure to ensure that Hendo gets the next fight, chances are that Dana will take that into consideration. I can’t think of anyone else in LHW that deserves a shot more than Hendo at the present time. Only other person that would be ‘ready’ would be Rua but he has already lost to Jones and Hendo. Would be nice for Davis to string a good win or two together to get his shot in as well. but the only person he could beat that would promise him a title shot would have to be either Hendo or possibly a match between him and Bader to be next in line to fight for a number 1 contender spot.

      • Kingron says:

        There is no way a win over Bader should put anyone closer to a title fight. Sides unless his striking has improved Bader would probably destroy Davis. Not sure his mma wrestling is up to snuff, just look at the Nog fight. I think Nog won that fight but because near the end of each round Davis finally snagged a takedown it looked awfully pretty.

    • MMACRAVER says:

      Yea not to mention the fact that people are asking him these questions… It’s not like he just looks for people to tell about this.

      The media, and people like me would like too know.

  3. Mike Diaz says:

    Hendo didn’t have to wait, he could have cleared all of our doubt on the first Rua fight and rematched him! The only real reason that he and Condit want to sit out is that they have no confidence in winning and know they can get their jaws handed to them anytime……Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  4. DP713 says:

    I am not sure he is moaning, its sounds more to me like he is trying to make sure that he gets this fight sealed after Jones and Evans. He doesn’t have much left in the in the way of fights left, but with his skill set, he can still give the best fighters in the world and run and even win. He knows its almost time to hang it up and wants to fight the best while he still can. I really hope its Hendo and Jones, that would be such a great fight. Hendo has the tools to beat anyone and I think his determination and pushing forward style might give Jones a hard time

    • Kingron says:

      You mean like Rampages style?

      • Bla DeBla says:

        LoL !

        Jackson quit pushing forward when Pride shut up shop .

        Ever since he came to the UFC he has been a counter striker at best .

        He has done nothing of note since he got the call from Hollywood .

        He walked forward against Jones all right , its just a shame he left his fighting spirit at home because he didnt throw anything of note let alone land anything of note .

        Cabbage Correira = Quinton Jackson on Jacksons best night .

      • DP713 says:

        Not like Rampage’s style at all. Rampage has been mostly a counter puncher since joining the UFC. Lidell, counter punch, Griffin – counter puncher, Machida- he was more aggressive but that is only cause Machida was juking him way around the ring. When Rampage decides he wants to move forward, its a slower pace its effective for what he does. Hendo moves forward faster and with less hesitation IMO. From the fights I have watched he is a bit more wreckless at times and it works for him because if Dan can get his hands on people he can take them down. I like Rampage and his will to fight seemed to be broken early in the Jones fight, and don’t think Dan will break as easy. Jones is a great fighter and has many tools, not sure anyone has matched a style like Hendo yet and could cause problems. Rashad could do it, and maybe able to get inside and give him problems I just dont see it.

        I think a fighter that could beat Jones’ style would be like a Randy Couture fighter. Get inside, get him to the fence, lean and put weight on him. Grind out and dirty box. It so hard to get inside on Jones and stay there he is hard to wrestle when get there too. During my grappling sessions it always seemed hard to control all the limbs of a guy who was taller and longer than myself. So I try and relate that when I see people wrestling Jones.

        Anyway you look at these fights, Hendo vs either of these guys would be good, but I just think Hendo and Jones make a better fight.

  5. djdj says:

    Dont worry Hendo you will get the chance to take an ass beating by jones….it seems these fighters are campaignin for a fast whoopin these days..why

  6. Nuitari X says:

    Hey mr. bla debla debitch, you done met your match and you can’t fuck with me, you know why? cause im in a good mood bitch, lol and in case u didnt understand before let me spell it out for you again, i said wow you really truely are a flaming troll douchebag just like EVERYONE says. Did you get it this time? EVERYONE. and i purposely didn’t use punctuation correctly in this post so a narcissistic jackass like you would feel the need to correct me, even after i just said that. Correct me if i’m wrong. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. D says:

    Rashad is not going to beat Jon Jones :/

  8. chilla says:

    say what?
    rashad has been pushed back more than any other fighter, not named fitch!
    why on earth would henderson think he should be next in line over rashad?

    dude needs to put down the needles and quit bitchin about everything all the time.

  9. Jujitsu Player says:

    I can’t argue with Hendo pushing his case forward but I think Rashad is there on merit…It’s hard to argue Hendo should be next in line, if Jones puts them both away which IMO he will convincingly, it’s got to go down as one of the best runs in MMA history given the caliber of his opponents in what is one of the most stacked divisions in MMA.

    Bla Bla – I see your winning new friends and influencing people…..what a total fucking douche bag you are. You can’t even develop any consistancy with your points becasue you fight people on both sides including people who agree with you, you bi-polar cunt. And yet again you have fuck all in the way of a contribution to anything. Say hi to your Mum from me.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Listen up JuJu ,

      I’m not here looking for a wife & nor am I here to pick up AIDS from the like of you , so leave me outa yer driveling posts & quit trying to pretend you have some kinda association with me .

      Yank Kids arent glass jawed little queers like you & they appreciate talent standing independently when they see it .

      • Whoa says:

        Ease up there, ultimate keyboard warrior!

        It’s funny that you mention “glass jaws” because judging off the reactions to your comments, one can only wonder how well you can take a punch. I’m pretty sure we’d all like to personally find out…

        • Bla DeBla says:

          What do you mean “We” , Kimosabe ?

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        • Whoa says:

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        • Bla DeBla says:

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        • Whoa says:

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        • Bla DeBla says:

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        • Whoa says:

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        • Bla DeBla says:


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          Just now add BORING onto that list aswell .

        • Whoa says:

          Can you only imagine how much more boring I would be if all I could do is repeat myself?

          Give it a rest.

        • Bla DeBla says:


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        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Fucking douche bag at it again, surprise surprise somebody has noticed you’re a prick and homo obsessed twat who knows fuck all about MMA.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          One who could disable every joint in your puny body then urinate over you for kicks.

  10. Beaner says:

    Well Rashad has deserved another title shot for awhile now. There’s a reason you got moved to Strikeforce Dan. Just because your the champ there doesn’t mean you can just come over and get a title shot. They need to make him fight someone else in the meantime. I think he’s just scared that if he doesn’t fight a champion and fights any other fighter and loses he wont get a title shot for awhile. He says hes got 3 more years left in him. Yet if Rashad,jones, Sonnen, Silva get hurt by the time he fights again it will be close or over a year

  11. Dan Donofrio says:

    Henderson’s fighting days are limited. Jones and Evans are young and have many more ‘prime’ years in front of them. It’s no wonder Henderson wanted to be next in line, although I am sure he knows that Evans deserves the next shot. And as far as Henderson complaining…He is the same ole’ guy he’s been for awhile. He is pretty mellow and soft spoken and doesn’t stir things up too much. It’s obvious he signed a better contract this time around, where he can call his shots and wait until he gets what he wants…Peace out to all, and to all a good fight!

  12. calvin says:

    Rashad deserves it more cuz clearly hendo doesn’t want to wait himself so why should rashad especially since hendo wont book a match and chooses to wait u wait u get jumped in the line

  13. Jordin says:

    Hendo definitely should have gotten the shot first. He has proven time and time again what a contender he is in this sport. He might be up there in age but he can whoop on some of these young ones coming up in the game.

  14. StandardFan says:

    Jordin, what planet are you on? Rashad has lost only one fight overall, and pretty comprehensively beat everyone in front of him since the Machida fight, and he’s earned his rematch already. For sales Evans vs Jones is a far bigger fight for the UFC moneymakers, then there will be a juiced up Hendo ready to lay down on whoever wins. It makes perfect sense.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Who are you selling it too ?

      Evans & Jones may be big news in certain impoverished areas of the US among certain ethnicity’s but Dan Henderson is a global super star in Combat Sports & has been since in or around 1997 , I find it hard to believe it isnt more cost effective to market Hendo for the title especially after the snoozefest that was Evans V Davis in comparison to the Fight Of The Decade contender Dan had with another Global superstar , Shogun .

  15. true mma says:

    After rashad gets his ass kicked people will regret not having hendo fight Jones first. Rashad is going to try to lay and pray Jones to a decision. Hendo will try and knockout Jones.

  16. 604pitbull says:

    henderson is gonna get smashed so bad he will be rusty and jones and rashad way to smart for him and hendo sucks off his back could barley get up from rampage he’s fucked

  17. stupid fans hater says:

    Hendo deserves it way more than Evans

  18. hayner says:

    hendos a beast n deserves the title shot first, no doubt about it!!!

    i say let rashad n hendo fight n winner can fight jon jones, n i would put money on hendo any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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