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Thursday, 09/15/2011, 12:29 pm

Dan Henderson Takes Down Internet Troll

It would appear as if Dan Henderson is just as comfortable with delivering a verbal “H Bomb” as he is a physical one.

Today, after he was apparently reviewing a forum thread on the infamous Underground Forums, the multiple time, multiple divisional, multiple promotion champion responded to a misinformed MMA fan who questioned Henderson’s worthiness of fighting Anderson Silva in a rematch.

To that Dan responded directly to the critic with the following:

“Skooter, the difference between you and me is that while you sit at your computer and make ignorant statements while hiding behind an anonymous screen name, I am willing to test myself against the toughest fighters in the world, in front of hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans, over and over again. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I always come to fight. I’ve been doing this for the past fourteen years, and I have at least a few more strong years left in me. What have you done in the past fourteen years other than act like a moron on this forum and hang on Anderson’s nuts? Tell me where you work so I can come watch, and whenever you have a bad day I’ll demand that you get fired with no opportunity to redeem yourself. Sound fair? I’ve gone 6-1 since the Anderson fight, with wins in three weight classes against world-class competition. Considering my recent success along with my career accomplishments, I think I’ve pretty much earned the right to call out anyone in the world–and I believe I’ve demonstrated over the course of my career that I have a better than average chance of beating whomever it is I choose to call out. Whether you like it or not, Anderson and his management have done their best to avoid a rematch. I think I’ve proven myelf worthy to face him again, and if he believes I’m such an easy fight, why not take the payday? I would not have left the UFC if it wasn’t obvious that Anderson was avoiding a second fight, and he’s doing it again.”


92 Responses to “Dan Henderson Takes Down Internet Troll”

  1. Big J says:

    Amen, brother, tell it as it is…..

  2. Richie says:

    this statement suggest that Dan’s reasons for leaving the ufc was not about the money but more about the title shot!

  3. Straight up in your face and come get some bitchess! Hendo is da man! Bet ya Skooter will STFU after that.

  4. Mike c says:

    He is right. It is the difference between an elite fighter and a fan behind a computer. But so what! We can’t talk about sports unless we are good enough to play in them? I can’t rate a professional football team or a basketball player because I never got past high school sports? If this was the case can we only have retired athletes as commenters as well? Come on, people.

    • TonyV says:

      Okay, you can have your OPINION is what this is all about. Just because someone thinks Hendo isn’t good doesn’t mean it’s true, obviously. I’m just saying you don’t need to disrespect the man. There’s no need for it. He’s fights because he likes to fight and he’s good at it. How many world champs have YOU knocked out? Sure, you can have your opinion about him, just make sure you pay your proper respect to the man is all I’m saying.

  5. JMango says:

    Dan is STILL a Moron. Period.

    • zombiexbomb says:

      u n skooter must be friends huh..

    • Hi says:

      My name is “JMango” when I’m on and “Skooter” on Underground Forums. I am everything Dan said I am, and more. I enjoy hanging on Anderson Silva’s nuts–it feels good. I went to the same high school as Dan in Victorville (Go Jackrabbits!). He was the man back then and still is, while I’m still hiding behind this keyboard (back then it was a typewriter!) I was jealous of Dan back then as I am now. I need help. Someone help me, please.

  6. Matthew William Crites says:

    This is why Dan Henderson is my favorite fighter of all time, besides the reasons of being a respectful and hard working fighter. haha none of his fights are boring and neither are his comments on forums.

  7. Johnny says:


  8. Skooter (not really) says:

    You’re right, Mr. Henderson. I had no right to say such ignorant things when my access to any information to behind the scenes works in the role of prize fighting is as limited as it could possibly be given my age range and economic standing. I retract all prior negative statements in regard to your deserving of another shot with Mr. A. Silva and I sincerely apologize.

    There, I did it for him.

  9. AJ says:

    Anderson would stomp him again.If he couldn’t beat him the first time,and when Chael Sonnen a younger well established wrestler couldn’t do it to an injured Anderson,what makes him think that he can beat him now? Yeah you’re 6-1 since fighting him,but you fought mostly bums.Rich Franklins old and he went to a decision with him.Rousimar Palhares fought on the undercard of UFC 134.Bisping couldn’t knock out a baby,Jake Shields took Hendos H-Bomb and then mounted him with relative ease.Another win over a scrub washed up Babalu.Feijao is good in Strikeforce ,which is like being the smartest kid with down syndrome.THen he beat Fedor who once he got to Strikeforce showed he’s not as good as everyone thought he was.I love Henderson but Anderson would beat that ass again.

    • J C says:

      Bro, Hendo’s wrestling background is way more decorated than Chael. Chael even says that he has never been the #1 wrestling and thats what kept driving him to compete.

      Hendo has the strength and the ground game to give Anderson a run. If he is going to get another shot at him for the title, it better be soon. As he gets older, it will be harder and harder to cut weight. Would love to see the rematch though. Make it happen Dana, you fuck.

    • Artemis Entreri says:

      Like you have the right to criticize all these fighters you fucking nobody, who the fuck are you? I bet you’ve never trained a day in your pathetic life.

  10. Creature says:

    Henderson has some very valid points..

  11. steven brown says:

    I was trying to decide who to draw next for my speed painting video’s and I think Dan Henderson just jump up to the top of the list! That is to freakn funny.

  12. Dave says:

    well I am a big Henderson fan but the fact is he could not beat Anderson in the first fight and he will not beat him in a rematch Anderson will not fight much longer in the game of mma and for that reason i would like to see him face other people such as gsp or Jone jones or even the remach of Chael sonnen just because of the fact that Chael almost beat him in there first fight

  13. Miles says:

    Somewhere,a Troll lies upon the ground, cupping his crotch in his hands and moaning.

  14. Tom Ryan says:

    Dan Henderson, he’ll fight ANYBODY, ANY weightclass, ANYwhere (ring, cage, online forum). 😀

    • Dheeraj says:

      then why doesnt he stay at 205 and unify the ufc and SForce belts against the new upcoming unbeatable Jon Jones who nobody wants to fight….why doesnt Dan call out Jon Jones….???????? doesnt that make sense!

  15. Anima says:

    Successful troll is successful.
    Dan, You got trolled big time. You could’ve just ignored it.

    • Nick says:

      The words “troll” and “successful” do not belong in the same sentence,you sunstroke mongoloid.
      Ps skooters mom called and apparently the village need their idiot back.

  16. Mach00man says:

    We all know who Hendo is, and Hendo is great at what he does, but Hendo and none of us for that matter knows Skooter. Hell, for all we know Skooter might be a National war hero who decided to voice his opinion. So who is he to say that Skooter hasn’t done anything with his life? I really like Dan Hendo, he’s one of my favorites, but trash talking the fans is not cool. We show up to fights, (I’ve seen one of Hendo’s live before), we watch pay-per-view, we enjoy MMA, we have our favorites, we dislike some others. Dan, keep doing what your doing. I enjoy your fights. Let Skooter have his opinion. You just keep kicking ass and taking names.

  17. Tru says:

    I work in a meat market in bourbonnais, il. I gladly fight you in loss cause your great Dan but Anderson is another planet when it comes to fighting.

  18. desmond says:

    how the fuck can anyone not love dan henderson! i would love to see him get a rematch!

  19. DVO says:

    Dan and Anderson are great opponents for each other. I even think that Henderson has a good chance against Bones Jones too

  20. Dante says:

    no matter how u slice it, Hendo is a beast and a Legend, but his last four fights were renato, feijo, fedor(on a slump) and jake shields( at 185 and Lost)thats far from the true bests in the game (besides fedor…maybe) ….. i dont think hes done anything in the 85 category worthy enough to get an immediate shot at the spider.. but i love the guy.. much respect to him

  21. steven horgan says:


    • Tru says:

      Hendo not a natural 185. He is better suited for 205

      • Aaron says:

        There are very few “natural” weight class fighters. Hendo is more of a 185er than Anderson. Almost all “natural” weight class fighters have learned to cut more weight to be a bigger fighter at their new weight class. you say better suited for 205, I say what he says; he doesn’t like to cut weight.
        BTW, I love both fighters.

  22. The King says:

    LOL how all the little naive kids/adults are getting a dose of REALITY.

    So many of these tools are quick to leave the reality aspect out of almost every single internet argument.

  23. Nick says:

    Called his ass out. Lol hanging on his nuts

  24. fif son says:

    if they faught again hendo would lose again, prolly by knockout, or anal rape

  25. Michael says:

    blah blah blah…How fucking sensitive is this guy? You can’t handle ONE saying you don’t deserve a shot. If you get that butt-hut how about you stay off of the internet, jesus!

  26. Michael says:

    one *guy I should say…AND how does he know who he is talking too? A lot of MMA fans are former military, so he is being just as ignorant in talking shit about somebody he doesn’t know. BOOO Hendo!

  27. Eric says:

    Nobody realize that the best fighter alive right now is not even in the UFC, his name is Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos.

  28. chardt says:

    Hendo is a classy guy. LOVED him on TUF as a coach, and loved it when he KO’d Bisping.

  29. Enzo says:

    Anderson Silva would eat ur ass alive Hendo.

  30. Running man says:

    Why does everyone forget how bad Dan whooped his ass in the first round?

  31. Jmad says:

    Hendo your the man but I don’t think you could hang with Silva, you just lost to Shields not that long ago. c’mon now.

  32. Shawn says:

    I’m a big fan of both guys. I for one would love to see a rematch. Hendo has more than earned his way back to a rematch with Silva. Pending Silva’s recent injury, and Henderson’s talks with the UFC, I don’t see any reason why this fight wouldn’t go down sometime early next year. But at the same time, with Hendo being in Strikeforce, and Sonnen, Stann, and possibly Bisping and Leben at the heals of Silva, he may be waiting a little longer. However, if history repeats itself, Strikeforce maybe liquidated and their fighters amalgamated into the UFC, a rematch may just be what the doctored ordered. Personally, I don’t think Silva is ducking. He just wants to fight top guys he hasn’t beaten already. But if the UFC says he’s going to fight Hendo, he’ll fight him. So it’s up to the UFC.

  33. Big Dan got trolled LOL. this is a horrible pic of him too

  34. Jack says:

    I love hendo as a fighter! But he is more about buisness than his fans anymore. Twitter for example is his platform to sell his line. Champs like Frankie Edgar responds to almost all his fans. Hendo replies to people in the buisness. I think he forgot who got him his status. The fans. He’s still one of my top three just sad to see him only responding to haters and people of revelance in the sport. And I don’t care who does it but some one needs to take silvas ivory tower

  35. Iron says:

    well put Hendo, and yes he deserved that, but as you know it doesn’t make any sense responding to any of these idiots online… (Unfortunately) everybody is entitled to an opinion but they run their mouth about something they have never done before and won’t even try…

    None of these f*ckers would ever step in the cage with u – and more importantly – none of these losers will ever put the YEARS of hard work in that you dedicated to your legacy… that is the difference in life, not only sports, and that is why other people (who have accomplished something in their life and know the true value) would never say that…

    Regarding the Anderson fight, not only does it completely make sense considering WHO YOU ARE (an MMA legend in the prime of his career holding a title) to make that fight but also he has nobody else to fight (besides Vitor again) and I would def wanna watch that fight… at the end of the day you guys are producing ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE FANS… that’s what sport is, and that fight will be just that…

    Regarding who’s gonna win – and some of these morons saying Anderson’s gonna win for sure: everybody who ever watched just one MMA fight should know that anybody can (and eventually will) be beaten at any given day (given there are so many factors involved in MMA)… Fedor’s last 3 fights just proved that and he has (IMO) a stronger resume than Anderson (Fedor: 10 years unbeaten as a SMALL heavy weight)… Also, we all know that Anderson has a very suspect chin (Maya clipped him – who is NOT a striker – and he starting running away… for 2.5 rounds…)… that is exactly what Vitor talks about and I think your H bomb would just do the job… the problem with Anderson just is that he (usually) k.o.’s people first ’cause he so fast… 😉

    Anyways, heads up, you’re a legend, congrats on a fantastic career !

    • Thomas says:

      Awesome response to both you, Iron and to Hendo. It is typical that those who have the most to criticize are also those who have personally contributed the most to others. I would find it almost an impossible contradiction to the “typical” that skooter is a hero of any sort to anybody.

      • Thomas says:

        My apologies, what I meant to say was “It is typical that those who have the most to criticize are also those who have personally contributed the LEAST to others and have sacrificed the least to accomplish what they have done with their lives.

  36. jason N says:

    I would like to see them fight again. That being said I think the result would be KO this time for silva. I really like Dan but just can’t see him winning this one

  37. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Fighters like BJ Penn, Dan Hendersen are a few of the very last REALFIGHTERS left in MMA today. Most fighters are like Jon Fitch and will only take a fight against an opponent much smaller than themselves and easily 30 pounds of weight advantage come fight time. No you will never see the Jon Fitch’s fighting LHW’t again bec ause he knows he would get K O’d again. Same with GSP he will never fight anyone who is bigger taller stronger faster. No the new GSP, Fitch fighters only fight when they have clear advantage. you nuthuggers can have your posers i root for REALFIGHTERS who arn’t afraid to step up and fight bad matchups and bigger opponents

    • Creature says:

      Fitch is a little taller, but Thiago Alves is bigger than Fitch, So is GSP so saying Fitch only fights smaller fighters is stupid, Why would he fight at LHW when he doesnt even walk around above 205 and guys like forrest, jones, and rampage all walk around between 225-230? at MW Stann walks around at 205, Silva and Sonnen between 210-220 so obviously WW is the best class for Fitch

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        If you had a clue you would know Fitch started his career fighting at 205 and got his ass K O’d by wilson gouvau. His own coach crazy bob cook told Joe Rogan Fitch weighs in at around 202 at fight time. Bj wasn’t even 170 at fight time. Fitch’s strategy is to use his weight to wear out his opponents and eeek out boring ass lay n pray wins.

        • Creature says:

          Ok? i said Fitch doesnt walk around above 205, last time i checked 202 isnt over 205 dumbass. i knew he started at LHW when did i ever say he hasnt fought there? please show me where i said that. id also like to see where bob cook said this so show me that as well, and thiago alves walks around 200 so my statement still remains true, even if fitch weighs more than GSP its only by 5-10 punds and GSP is still much stronger than fitch, so the slight weight advantage is canceled out. He out grapples people, if they cant handle his grappling, they need to drop a weight class, quit hating just because he beats everyone you prolly root for and in a “boring” way.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Alves is listed at 5’9″ but is closer to 5’8″ and Fitch is 6’1″ and a LHW with the freakish ability to drop 35 pounds before weigh ins and put it all back on before fight time. Alves is a muc smaller guy who is all b ulky from lifting weights and is more of a hinderence than anything. Alves is a horrible weight cutter who cannot gain back his energy or cardio properly like most of these lifetime wrestlers can. I think Alves would be better off losing alot of that useless muscle and fighting guys his own size at 155. Most of hype that the Fitch nuthuggers use to justify his B.S. ranking is from beating Alves. Compare what Condit and many other WW have done in the last few years to what Fitch has done and I think its clear Fitch’s ranking is based on 2 years ago and before, Fitch hasn ‘t fought Condit, Koscheck, sheilds, Rory Mcdonald, kim, Story, and many others. Also i just can’t belive the Fitch nuthuggers all 3 of them are saying Fitch deserves a title shot. If a natural LHW can’t beat a natural LW how does that justify a title shot against GSP who absolutly destroyed Fitch and its clear Fitch hasn’t gotten any better or more well rounded where as GSP has. Maybe if Fitch was to fight Koscheck, sheilds, and few otehr top WW and win then maybe give him another shot.

        • Creature says:

          How is he a LHW when he doesnt even walk around at 205? By that logic Anderson Silva is a HW. Alves is shorter yes, but he is much thicker than fitch with muscle and weighs the same, therefor hes the same size. I do believe Alves needs to lose about 5-10 punds so he doesnt cut as much because he does blow at cutting wieght, and it does affect him. The ype around Fitch is because his only loss in like 5 years is to the best WW in the world. Fitch may have not fought the list of fighters you mentioned, but he has fought top level fighters. I think your hate for him has made you bias, It is clear hes improved a lot in his overall skills. the 2nd Alves fight showed that (if you watch it completely un-bias) He should fight shields, condit, or BJ again, but hes not only because the UFC wont let him

  38. mmaislandjunkie says:

    hendo is the man! the guy is all the net i see him online all the time! anyone who doubts hendo needs to get their vision checked. hope the ufc has him and shogun fight that would be epic.

  39. mmaislandjunkie says:

    btw love the pic lmao

  40. Fortyb4five says:

    Now if only he could come on here and tell these trolls how it is.

  41. Johnny says:

    Anderson is the type of fighter who comes around once in a life time and he will soon retire, I would love to see him fight anyone else he hasn’t beaten yet. i dont feel like watching him paint the same potrait again

  42. Brad says:

    Dan is so full of shit. He’s a testosterone injecting junkie. I can’t believe so-called fans are actually buying this crap. Whatever…Let him fight anderson, he’ll get ko’d inside of a round.

  43. bizzle says:

    Hendo is the man no doubt, but he is tripping if he thinks his wins in the UFC warranted him another title shot.. He barely got past and in my opinion got a gift decision against Franklin.. Secondly he is a professional fighter, there is no need for him to explain himself, do what you do in the cage, what if Silva spent his time coming online and trying to go back and forth with all the trolls who bash him? You can’t please everybody, and fans will be vocal no matter what.. Do I have to be better at basketball then the Wizards to say they suck? Do I have to be better at football then the Bengals to bash them? Point being Hendo is a legend no matter what, and no internet posting by an anonymous guys is going to change that fact.

  44. Hendo for President says:

    Come on people. Lighten up a little. We’re just all talking about another man’s opinion when it’s all said and done. When Dan’s in the ring, he’s one of the best fighter’s in the world. When he’s online responding to a blogger, he’s simply just one of many of us with an opinion. He’s considered a hero because he slammed a poor, unsuspecting commom guy making a comment like we’re doing? Did he , in a million years, think that Hendo was gonna respond to his comment? Puh lease.

  45. AJR80 says:

    It’s great to see Dan shut the little bitch up. I find it hilarious that people seem to grow a pair of balls when their sitting safely behind their computer screen, There are some fighters I like and some I don’t but ANYONE who fights in the Octagon has my respect.

  46. scott converse says:

    Although I like Hendo I do not think he has a chance against Silva. Silva is in another league then him and so what about his record since then in that case since then Silva has not lost and fought with broken ribs against a better wrestler than hendo (Chael sonnen) and beat him and as far as striking goes Silva is way ahead of hendo.

  47. Skooter says:

    Uhhhhhhhh….yea….sorry bout dat Dan,im stupid

  48. Quazzi says:

    haha love it. Hendo is a beast

  49. antonio says:

    nothing against dan but i dont think anyone belongs in a cage with anderson

  50. zack says:

    haha dan crazy.. shouldnt let people on the internet get to him tho. with that being said anderson would beat you again :)

  51. flatlantom says:

    i wish he would go to alot of these sites and tell off all the trolls. like that garbage site
    mma frenzy and their king troll jcohl.

  52. Jake says:

    Tell the man where you work son, if I was that confident I would, if I tell a fighter u suck yer not worthy of the UFC octagon I’ll gladly let them come see me at work and let a million people decide if I’m worthy. HENDO THE MAN, INDIAN FIRE DEATH PUNCH, VISIONQUEST SON, RECOGNIZE

  53. zc says:

    dan henderson is the best fighter silva has ever beat. silva is so overated. beating a bunch of nobodys in the worst division in mma history.if he dont fight henderson or sonnen because he says he doesnt deserve a rematch then whos he gonna fight. seriously for people to say hes the best ever is a fuckin joke. he wont fight jon jones because there friends but he’ll fight a smaller fighter as in gsp is sad. he will only fight people that he knows he has a clear advantage over. silva is a fuckin joke

    • zack says:

      you are dumb. why would anderson fight jon jones? bones hasnt defended his title yet? lol henderson hasnt defended his title yet. anderson on the other hand has defended his more than anyone in ufc history. he fought forrest griffen (a much larger fighter) and humiliated him. he fought vitor belfort “the quickest most deadly hands in ufc history” anderson dismantled him. he fought a roided out sonnen with a broken rib and still beat him. lets not forget he made dan tap. he made him quit. all of those fights and many more where finishes also. GSP finishes noone. and ducks nick diaz? GSP is the true joke bro. anderson is the greatest ever

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