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Wednesday, 09/07/2011, 08:36 am

Dan Henderson Still Hoping For UFC/Strikeforce Title Unification Bout

“I think the biggest fight that the UFC would make money on and the fans would want to see, I would think, would be me against the winner of Jones and Rampage. That would be a fight to unify the titles with Strikeforce and UFC, I think that would be a good move. … I’m not opposed to (fighting Shogun) but I think it wouldn’t be a fight that I would be excited about right now. I think maybe if he’s got one more big win on him. I don’t know, it’s not really my place to say but I think business wise for the UFC, it would be the biggest thing for them, to unify the titles.”

In speaking with our good buddies over at, Dan Henderson talks about his future and what he thinks is the best move for the fans and ZUFFA.

The current Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion as well a free agent, Dan Henderson is looking solely for the shot at the UFC title that evaded him when he first attempted to unify the belt as the last reigning PRIDE champion.

Could a second shot at unifying the world titles, this time as Strikeforce champion prove more favorable for the aging vet?


19 Responses to “Dan Henderson Still Hoping For UFC/Strikeforce Title Unification Bout”

  1. Logon says:

    Can Hendo stop with the unifying of the belts. Strikeforce is separate from the UFC, If he wants to fight for the UFC, join the UFC – oh wait he was fired already, thats why he is in Strikeforce,

    Give up your belt just like Diaz did and jump back into the big pond son!

  2. James Wolfe says:

    That first Henderson, Rampage fight was amazing. One of the best fights ever. I would love to see that again. It was a very close fight.

  3. Frank Bowes says:

    I agree with ThaGreenBandit, Rashad has earned that fight, even though I can’t particularly stand the guy.

  4. Overwhelmingly in favor... says:

    Dan is the man and one of my favorite fighters of all time, but I agree with most here that the next fight after Jones-Rampage is against Rashad. A fan (me) really wants to see Jones-Rashad.

  5. zack says:

    really wish he would stop asking for title unification. he hasnt even defended his belt.

  6. Alex says:

    Shogun and Henderson would be a awesome fight yes!

    And most important a fight that would make sense. As most in here says henderson does not deserve a title fight yet.

  7. calvin says:

    Hes full of himself to say thats the biggest match the ufc can make its not like he beat fedor first verdum did then bigfoot silva then he got a past his prime fedor and had a questionable stoppage rampage beat him once he will do it again and jon jones would be on another level for hendo if anything hendo should fight machida for number 1 contender and give a fight fans would enjoy maybe machida would dragon kick his tooth out too and retire him

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