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Thursday, 11/01/2012, 05:30 am

Dan Henderson: Sonnen vs. Jones Booking Makes MMA Lose Integrity | UFC NEWS

“I absolutely think it was a bad decision for the sport. It just makes the sport lose a little bit of integrity. I understand that [Dana White] does what he does for the UFC and always has, first and foremost. He tries to accommodate the fighters as he can, but it’s more about saving the ratings on The Ultimate Fighter show, and I understand that.”



4 Responses to “Dan Henderson: Sonnen vs. Jones Booking Makes MMA Lose Integrity | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ryan says:

    Wat i want to know is wat dana has against hendo? Dana has screwed him over numerous times. I know hendo is not the kind of guy to hype up a fight like chael and other big name guys but he brings it every fight and has always been a exciting fighter. Sucks hendo got the shaft….again

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      The truth is this is (Dans) payback for ruining the UFC 151…. Hendo kept quiet about his injury for 2 weeks which is ultimately why the event got cancelled. 3 weeks is more than enough time to adjust a fighters game plan or to find another top ranked opponent. At the same time he’s rewarding Sonnen for offering to step up for the fight at short notice after lots of fighters turned it down (pussied out)

  2. Generation X says:

    ^^^ Jujitsu Player hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what happened.

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