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Friday, 02/10/2012, 10:31 am

Dan Henderson Doesn’t Want To Wait For Title Shot, Will Take On A UFC Heavyweight If Needed

“That was never what I said or anything. I don’t know who said that, but it wasn’t me. My thoughts were I was waiting to see what happened with Rashad [Evans] and Phil Davis. That was the only thing I was going to wait for… I don’t know what the plan is, but I’d fight whoever it is they think would be a good match-up. The problem is there’s really nobody right now who fits the bill for a title contention fight, that would make sense to fight me. I don’t know. Maybe I’d fight at a different weight class. I don’t know if they see anybody at heavyweight that would make sense? But I would prefer to fight someone in April or May… Who do the fans want me to fight at heavyweight? I’d have to think about that. I don’t know who at heavyweight would even make sense. The heavyweights that are in title contention right now wouldn’t want to fight me. I don’t know who is out there, but I did let the UFC know I’d be open to that as well.”

MMA legend, Dan Henderson tells ESPN that he does not want to wait for a title shot. He would rather take on a heavyweight or top 205 contender while Rashad Evans vs. Jon Jones plays out.

This contradicts earlier statements from Dana White saying that Dan wants to wait for the Evans vs. Jones winner.

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81 Responses to “Dan Henderson Doesn’t Want To Wait For Title Shot, Will Take On A UFC Heavyweight If Needed”

  1. Nick says:

    There really is no one for him to fight. That sucks.

  2. Tim says:

    Gotta love Hendo. He’s always down to fight anyone at anytime. At Heavyweight, a good matchup would be Shuab. Don’t know if he is scheduled to fight anyone but it would be fireworks.

    • tim says:

      Nah, the hybrid is an insult to hendo

    • Moster says:

      schuab is fight on the same card as evan and jones. but no heavyweight are really free. alot of them r tied up.. jds vs overeem.. cain vs mir. big nog broken arm. nelson falling off. schuab fights soon. carwin back issues. the only one that would make sense is werdum coming off that roy nelson fight he look good

  3. BobbyLemons says:

    I’d love to see him take on Roy Nelson (I know he wouldn’t be ready soon enough). Nelson probably has the best chin in MMA, but I’m curious to see if it can take a H-Bomb…

  4. CanILive says:

    Kongo maybe? or Lyoto???

  5. CanILive says:

    or shogun rematch lol

  6. James says:

    Roy Nelson at Heavyweight if he isn’t injured too bad or maybe Cung Le at middleweight. Both don’t make alot of since but would be great fights.

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hendo vs Werdum…. Both beat Fedor.

  8. he’s coming off a win of possibly the greatest MMA fight of all time – he’s not going to fight someone coming off a loss like Roy.

    What he’s saying is he only wants to fight a major name with a major payday.

    • BobbyLemons says:

      I would assume he’s not looking for a huge challenge in HW, he’s looking for a win at HW that won’t injure him while he waits for his LHW shot… I reckon he’d take the fight if it was possible. I also assume the matchmakers would think it would be fireworks.

      Roy Nelson is also the kind of guy who’s impressive even in defeat, his 3 recent losses were to Mir, JDS and Werdum, and none of them could finish him. Hendo is also much closer to Nelsons frame. If Hendo turned down that match-up, it’s more likely to be because he’s scared of losing than because Nelsons coming off a loss. If that fight happened, I’d put my money on Big Country

  9. jpeters says:

    Machida is the only light heavyweight i could think of. Not sure on a “ufc” heavyweight that would be a fight but WHEN Daniel Cromier comes over from strikefore, that would be an interesting fight.

  10. CanILive says:

    Hendo’s basically saying i’ll take whatever, but i’m being picky lol

  11. b_lum says:

    Kongo is fighting mark hunt on the japan card you fuckers.

  12. CanILive says:

    hendo fedor II ?!?! lol

  13. dante040 says:

    I would like see him fight Rich Franklin again. That last fight was good and the decision was split

  14. CanILive says:

    i bet if they try setting up the machida fight, he’ll turn it down

    • Shawn says:

      He’s looking for a title contention in the LW div. If not, he wants to fight top guys in the HW. Makes sense. But there really isn’t anyone available in the HW div either, except Werdum. He wants to fight for the LW title, why would he fight someone that just lost to Jones, or an up and comer that won’t get him any closer to one. So that being said, there isn’t anyone in the LW div that is available to him, that a win over will give him a title shot, or a lot closer to one. Unless the UFC offers him the winner of the Evans vs Jones bout. But even then, that’s a long wait. He wants a fight before then. Which leads back to fighting in the HW div. And in the MW div, other than Sonnen and Silva, there isn’t anyone else. I don’t think he’s being picky. He’s just looking for fights that make sense to take.

  15. ST says:

    The only fight that I would want to see right now is Hendo vs Shoigun 2

  16. Andy says:

    I think I’d like to see Hendo vs Velasquez

  17. Mmafan says:

    Considering Rampage is fighting soon, if he beats Ryan Bader (which he should), he will be in the win column again. Also taking into consideration the fact that Rampage just fought for the title and defeated Hendo in a decision to unify the Pride/UFC titles, that would be a great match up. Give Hendo a chance to avenge the loss and make a great striking match up for the fans.

    • Mmafan says:

      Thinking about Heavyweight matchups is more difficult. Hendo would put himself at a weight disadvantage, but how much does he really want to struggle against a heavier opponent? Fedor is a heavyweight but could easily make a weight cut to 205. Bigger guys like Shane Carwin could prove to be a big problem.

  18. banks says:

    Hendo turn down a fight?? u should be stockton slapped for disrespectin a legend fool

  19. banks says:

    Bisping rematch??

  20. IAMSOAWESOME says:

    I say Machida. That would be a interesting fight. Would have loved to see Hendo fight Vitor but Vitor is already booked. That would be a dream match.

    • Mmafan says:

      I agree with the Vitor choice. That would be an excellent match. I would pick Lyoto as well, however he just got choked half to death by Jones. I doubt Hendo wants to fight someone that just lost.

      • CanILive says:

        but beating lyoto, if he can, would make claim that he directly deserves next shot at the title, esp if evans and jones is a close match and ends up being a rematch….. all you damn UFC fans know that is possible

  21. Ale says:

    i think, he need fight at Light Heavyweight bout against Machida or Thiago

  22. Ricky says:

    The fact that this dude is willing to fight at Heavyweight just for a filler fight is Amazing! Hendo!

  23. wayne says:

    honestly give him machida and give henderson a challenge i bet machida is hungry nd wants to get right back into title contention

  24. Taylor says:

    Why not thiago silva?! That’d b fireworks fa sho

  25. Ez says:

    Hell why not Pat Barry. That would be fireworks.

  26. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hendo should fight someone that is a good wrestler as an appetizer before he fights Jon Jones. It makes sense for him to fight a HW since Jones is already so much bigger than him. How about Hendo vs Kongo or Stefan Struve LOL?

  27. lalo diesel says:

    maybe hendo vs tito

  28. donkeyballs says:

    he just needs a fight to stay warm id feed tito to him just for fun

  29. 170 says:

    Machida seems like a perfect fit. Not to mention it would be a great warmup for closing the distance that Jon Jones possesses.

  30. Mark says:

    how about griffin or franklin?

  31. STEPHEN HORGAN says:


  32. no worreh says:

    Machida vs hendo I say machida via crane kick or barry vs hendo I say barry would retire hendo wit his right hand or load of leg kicks

    • Ryan says:

      lol it should be illegal for ppl as dumb as u to speak on public forums

      • no worreh says:

        How was that dumb its an opinion but this is a fact I would put u away just mad kuz I probably tapped ur chick fuken clowns now day yao yao puppy chowkeep talkin kuz its threw a computer and im over it ha ha

        • "H"BOMB says:

          you’re just a fuckin’ idiot

        • No Worreh is stupid says:

          First, it was dumb because you don’t know how to spell correctly. If you can’t spell simple words, and have no grasp on basic grammar, you’re pretty stupid. Second, your opinion indicates your lack of knowledge of the sport. Dan Henderson’s record is better than both Barry and Machida’s combined. Lastly, you are stupid because you tell someone that they’re talking smack over the internet while doing the exact same thing. You’re simply retarded.

        • Henderson says:

          THank you!! ^^

    • MJ says:

      Hendo is top of the food chain.

  33. no worreh says:

    Or anthony jonson since hr came in almost as a heavy wieght againts vitor or travis browne but I take the hapa

  34. Francesco says:

    Hendo vs Sonnen so he can shut up sonnen

  35. Jujitsu Player says:

    Fighting a HW makes no sense to me. I like the idea of Machida but I think Machida wold pick him apart and he’d loose his chance against the winner of Jones v Rashad.

    • "H"BOMB says:

      machida would get rag dolled and destroyed by hendo such a bad match up for lyoto clinches, takedowns, powershots elusiveness can only go so far

    • Haha says:

      @jujitsu Player

      Sorry eh Joe Silva. Sorry that Dan Henderson the legend wanting to fight at HW makes no sense to you. Dan would destroy Machida, and the difference between loose and lose goes like this. Jujitsu Player’s vag is as loose as a horse. Jujitsu Player is a loser. See the difference?

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        Ha – Why the fuck would it make sense for Hendo to blow a potential title shot by fighting at HW?…..Who would even want to fight him, Jeff Monson, Cro Cop….You’re a fucking retard clearly and know fuck all about fighting. Hendo would get picked apart from the outside by Mahcida, it would like what happeneed against Silva x 10. Your mothers pussy is so loose I took a massive dump in it….

    • Donnybrook says:

      Machida’s a bad match-up for Hendo… agreed he’d get picked apart and there’s no way he’d land the H-bomb on Machida. I can’t see Dan even wanting that fight, it’s too risky.

  36. Trolligans says:

    Give him a fight at hw to keep him busy until he gets his lhw title shot.

  37. Kingron84 says:

    I don’t see why it is hard to envision Machida beating Henderson, maybe not a prime Henderson but as he has aged I think his gas tank is gone. If Machida can take him into the later rounds he could probably stop Henderson.

  38. Henderson says:

    How about Hendo vs Bader? If he wants a top light heavy weight, i still think he shud go for the title none the less

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