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Wednesday, 04/04/2012, 11:40 am

Dan Henderson Believes That Jon Jones Won’t Be Able To Stop Rashad’s Takedowns

“Don’t count out Rashad Evans. Everybody’s assuming it will be Jones, but Rashad is a good fighter too. Rashad got a lot of criticism for his last performance [against Phil Davis], but I thought he fought really well, really solid. Jon Jones is tough, but Rashad could definitely come out winning. He will definitely put Jones on his back if he fights like he did against Phil Davis. Rashad’s the better wrestler, it’s just that Jones is awkward. But Jones wouldn’t be able to stop him taking him down for that long.”

Dan Henderson sounds off on this month’s light-heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans.

But is he right?

(Quote via ESPN)


33 Responses to “Dan Henderson Believes That Jon Jones Won’t Be Able To Stop Rashad’s Takedowns”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    he might be right about rashad and this is the guy that if he lands the h bomb or the trt bomb the fights over I would love to see hendo rashad too

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Rashad is going to tarnish that TDD record of Bones Jones.

  3. drew says:

    when im under the influence of maryjane, i give rashad a hope, but when im sober its clear that jones will win hes to tall, his length will be an advantage, and i dont see rashad finishing him if he cant even finish phil davis in the crucifix position for over 50 seconds

    • Kingron says:

      Its not even that, Rashad has shown he can;t take a punch all that well, and in order to get to Jones he will have to eat some elbows and knees and even if he gets him down, Jones is a monster from the bottom like Silva.

      • kekekkeke says:

        Aha, like the last time we’ve seen Jon Jones on his back. Oh wait, that has never happened before.
        If Rashad gets it to the ground, I expect him to pound him out. Jones has never been on his back; if you fight against top competition against a guy who is fairly good at top controll, he might not even know what to do because of lack of experience. He can practise as much as he wants, but in a fight it’s a lot different.
        Also has Jones never really been hit before, untill the machida fight. Machida won the first round by staggering Jones twice. Jones chin hasn’t really been tested yet and it didn’t look so good in the Machida fight. If Rashad gets him in half-guard and unleashes some elbows, we’ll see how Jones reacts.
        Hopefully won’t react at all to the GnP because he got KTFO before he got the chance to defend himself.

        • Sheek says:

          Jon Jones can take the fight where ever he wants. No one controls a fight the way Jon Jones has been able to. He can take you to the ground or keep it standing when he wants to. Get real man. If you were betting money you can’t tell me that you would put it on Rashad. You will lose that money if you take that bet. Rashad couldn’t do anything to Phil Davis. The son of a bitch basically won a takedown war. Rashad better bring his A game for real because he is a point fighter now. Jones has finished some great fighters and I personally don’t believe Rashad is his greatest challenge. I respect what Rashad has done but he isn’t who he used to be. I’m just saying.

    • Jack says:

      Couldnt have said it better.

  4. haha says:

    i don’t like rashad…. but i hate jones. i hope rashad smashes jones.

  5. Devilock says:

    I think Rashad’s ways to win:
    His strategy could involve trying to just overwhelm Jones right out of the gate. Sprinting in with a big punch flurry or going for a takedown and top control then ground and pound.
    He could also try to drag Jones out into the 5th round and eek a decision. I think Jones’ longest fight was with Rampage which ended in the 4th?

    Jones has plenty of ways to win as well. If Rashad can’t finish Jones from the top, Jones can escape or wait out the round. When he’s on his feet, he’ll be very dangerous to Rashad. Maybe even pull out a devastating front kick to the chin.

  6. theo says:

    the perfect scenario for me,,,,1) Rashad win the belt and sent that coky pussy jones in the hw division that belongs..2) my legend Hendo take the belt from Rashad and finally Hendo can retired ………!!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Sounds good to me but what does that say about a champ who can’t defend his belt?

      • theo says:

        come on now … Hendo its too old now.. he don’t need to proof nothing anymore to anyone .. he is already a Legend on this sport ….
        Now my big concern is that if Jones win Rashad ..Jones has more chances to beat Hendo because of that huge reach advantage that fucker has!!!! Thats why i don’t like Jones…he fight in a wrong division … And it will be disaster for me to see Hendo last fight to beat up !!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I’m talking about Rashad he has never defended his belt. But, if Rashad were to fight Hendo.. Hendo wouldn’t necessarily win because I’ve seen Hendo on the ground and it isn’t as good as his stand up.

  7. KIngron84 says:

    Other than Davis who has Rashad really beat up on the ground. All he did with Rampage and SIlva was Fitch them til they tired, and by the time they hit him in the jaw one good time and had him on queer street they were too tired to take advantage.

  8. John says:

    Dan Henderson also believes that injecting synthetic hormones to bring you back to levels that would be considered high for a 20 year old is perfectly fine too….so who really cares what he has to say about anything.

  9. Realitycheck says:

    Obviously people are overlooking the fact Rashad trained with Jones for a good amount of time. Rashad knows how Jones works, what his fears are and what his true weaknesses are. Just because it hasn’t been exposed yet doesn’t mean Jones doesn’t have glaring weaknesses. Jones ducked Rashad originally because Jones needed more time to work on what Rashad knew as weaknesses.

  10. Keith R. says:

    Lmao Rashad Evans can’t even do any ground & pound he just lays on top of his opponent like a homosexual. Jones is a much stronger fighter I think Evans should stay standing and counter Jones with his quick hands & take the chance of getting knocked out. That’s the only way he can win.

  11. G Bud says:


    No way sugar has a chance in this one I’m afraid….

  12. Justen says:

    Ok so I know we r not supposed to compare fights, but Rashad had a hell of a time taking down Rampage. If Jones had 10 more seconds in the round, he would have won by flying triangle Rampage. Jones is gunna use kicks to keep him at range, then sub him when he gets him hurt. Though obviously anything can happen.

    • Did he? Because i’m pretty sure he got more takedowns than bones did. At least within the first three rounds. Bones had a much harder time getting those takedowns even from the clinch. Rashad scooped rampage up off the ground more than a few times.

  13. Magoo says:

    If I was Dan I would hope for Rashad to win as well,Rashads a much easier fight IMO at least Hendo would stand a chance….lol

  14. Nick says:

    You know what. I give Rashad a 20% chance of actually winning this fight.

  15. @ukmma says:

    Don’t talk wet old man,he got about as much chance as you….. Zero!!! Only time jon will lose legitamatly is when he moves to heavyweight n catches a 265lbers big swing!!!

  16. mzel says:

    honestly, how can you think that rashad can take down jones? machida was the only one that posed a threat to jones and got put to bed. now, this is the MMA and anything can happen, but if jones sticks to his game plan,it’s lights out for rashad. jones had never, so far went to a decision and evans has with rampage and davis and davis did catch rashad a couple of times and made him back up and regroup and top it all off, he couldn’t finish a tired davis. as far as ducking evans, now why would you want to fight so quick when jones fought, somewhat like 5 fights within a year and rashad had been rested from surgery, lones my be a little cocky but no dumb. jones with the win 2nd rnd with rashad taking a nap.

    • Dude fight math doesn’t work. So what what he did to machida. Rashad poses completely different problems. the similiarity is that rashad can move in and out fast and so can machida… and well…that worked very well for machida. He eventually messed up though but look at it this way… Rashad has never met an opponent he could not take down and he has fought only the best available fighters. He took rampage down more than jones did within his three rounds and he has the most takedowns in the UFC LHW division of all time. And not for lack of being able to keep the opponent down. I think jones will find rashads takedowns much different from those of baders and hamill’s. Rashads probably the best wreslter in his weight class. Between him and jones at least.

  17. A.James says:

    I haven’t seen anything too impressive by the Blackzillian team.

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