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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 11:13 am

Dan Hardy | Lorenzo Fertitta Is A Beast In The Gym, Glad He’s Not In My Weightclass

“I’m in Vegas full time now. To be honest, if you can’t find it in Vegas, you can’t find it anywhere. I’m constantly surrounded by guys that are at the top level. Frank Mir and I are doing training camp together, so I’ve always got him right there to keep that level high of training, and to make sure that I’m not making any mistakes. I really feel like I’ve got everything I need right here. Being here in Vegas, with one phone call, I can have a bunch of sparring partners in the gym, and they’re all high level guys, guys that fight for the UFC. For me, everything I need is right here in Vegas, and that’s why I moved here.

I train with Frank Mir and his guys at Suffer. It’s a small gym with a great group of guys. I also train at Robert Drysdale’s gym and work with his guys. The last one is the secret gym up at Redrock. We call it the Batcave. This morning it was myself, Frank Mir, Forrest Griffin, and Lorenzo Fertitta (training there). [Lorenzo] is a beast. I say this in all honesty. If there was a real life Batman, Lorenzo Fertitta is that guy. He’s got everything that Batman has. If we ever had a masked avenger running around Vegas, I’d put money on it being Lorenzo. He’s in the gym all the time, and he’s in great shape. He’s lifting every day, he’s hitting pads. I tell you what, I’m glad he’s not in my weight class.”

Talking to, former UFC welterweight number one contender, Dan Hardy talks about his new training home in Las Vegas and one of his training partners, UFC owner, Lorenzo Fertitta.

Is anyone surprised that Fertitta, mixes it up a secret location gym with his top athletes on a regular basis?

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0 Responses to “Dan Hardy | Lorenzo Fertitta Is A Beast In The Gym, Glad He’s Not In My Weightclass”

  1. Nuitari X says:

    Hey joe silva, set fertitta up with a fight lol

    • jc says:

      lorenzo would never pass a drug test. unless he uses the old “TRT” excuse. wasn’t there ment to be a fight between dana and tito at some point as well?

  2. Nuitari X says:

    someone please have the balls to call him out, that would be awsome

  3. Gouldx87 says:

    would lorenzo be bigger or smaller then dan? i’ve never seen the man in real life

  4. true mma says:

    Dan is just kissing ass because any other fighter with a 4 fight losing streak would be out of the ufc.

  5. rcs says:

    Gay lover or overrated brown noser?

  6. David says:

    Brown nosing asshole

  7. Night-Wind says:

    Fertitta is huge, over 205 i think.

  8. The Godfather says:

    Or maybe he is just telling us how it is? Accusations are flying high!

  9. Dick Paradise says:

    keep sucking his dick – there has to be a reason for them to keep you around.

  10. Shawn says:

    Not at all. If I could train with guys like that, I’d wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. Even if its just to train.

    • Pochizzle says:

      damn straight, those are some amazing partners
      @ everyone else.
      So you guys all know his exact emotions when he said this right? I mean you were all there.
      he could be joking or just showing his appriciation for his new camp.
      use your head

  11. G says:

    I’ve never really liked that the UFC kept certain guys around after they lost more than three times. That three loss standard, to me, was really interesting and kept the pressure on a lot of guys. I dunno. Dan Hardy just can’t win … so why haven’t they let him go?

  12. Nick says:

    He’s probably 205. The guy is pretty beefy.

  13. Juarez says:

    great way to not get fired after a 4 fight losing streak

  14. dave says:

    Because lorenzo said he will never cut a man who goes to war! And thats what dan hardy does he FIGHTS! he dun try and dry hump your leg or try kissing you on the cage he comes and he fights! And as a fan i would rather see a fighter actually fight and lose than hug/cwtch and win

  15. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I want proof where are the pictures?

  16. jonesy says:

    trying keep his job…the batcave i think is ferita personal gym,…hardy should not even be in ufc..1 more loss he will be gone ,,even if he suks dana off

  17. Dick Diaz says:

    lol now we all know why Dan Hardy still has a job in the UFC…

  18. Ryan M says:

    I don’t like him, but I can see why he’s still here. His first of the 4 losses was to the champion of the division and his last loss was fight of the night which he was winning until he fucked up. That being said, I hope he loses his next fight and gets cut.

    • his 2nd loss was also to the same man holding the interim belt and top contender to fight the champ. His third loss was pathetic though, The fight that both fighters claimed was gonna be a crazy striking match, ended up with Anthony humping hardy the whole fight. lol

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        yeah if humping consisted of knocking hardys asss to the mat then almost cranking the wankers head off.

        • You must’ve watched a different fight. They went to the Mat, but from takedowns. It was the most boring fight to watch, they’d throw like three or four strikes, then Anthony would go for a take down. Im not makin excuses though, Hardy shouldnt suck so bad at take down defense, and should atleast beable to movewhen he’s on the ground lol.

        • dave says:

          ye go watch tha fight again mate and as for the stand up war they promised it was johnson that broke the promise

  19. UFC VIDEOS says:

    Hulk Fertitta? Honestly, I’m glad Hardy is still in the UFC, great fights.

  20. MMACRAVER says:

    It is hard to say things like that without coming across like a brown noser..

    But all those things are facts… Lorenzo is a badass..

  21. jersey says:

    If hardy could dry hump a leg he might not be on a four fight loosing streak

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