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Tuesday, 07/30/2013, 11:46 am

Daley to Dana White: ‘I’ve Got a Little Son Now… Please Help Me Feed Him’

It seems Paul Daley is starting to really push for his return to the UFC now that the welterweight fighter is out of a job with Bellator FC.  While social media pleas have not been able to do the trick, he remains hopeful that the increased attention toward his case may help his cause.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA


Paul Daley seems bent on reversing his exile from the UFC.


The British welterweight fighter was fired by the organization following a 2010 bout with Josh Koscheck.  After being controlled by Koscheck’s wrestling, Daley walked up to his opponent after the referee had separated them and threw a left hook at Koscheck’s face.


Following the incident, UFC President Dana White announced that Daley would not fight in the UFC again.  About a year after, however, Zuffa purchased Strikeforce (for whom Daley fought at the time) and was in the process of seeing a number of fighters migrate from one organization to the other.  At the time, White seemed only slightly less opposed to Daley’s return.


We’ll see what happens with [the Strikeforc-Showtime] deal first.  I just have a hard time with what Daley did,” said White.  “It’s not like Daley’s been so friendly since that happened, either.  Plus, he hasn’t won.  The guy’s got to win some fights.


Any guy who loses in the UFC or other promotions, you lose, and you go get some wins somewhere else and come back.”


Wins is exactly what Daley got.  He is coming off four consecutive wins, all by TKO or KO.  But for Daley, it was not the fact that he lost that forced him out of the UFC.  He lost to Josh Koscheck in a title-contention fight; Koscheck went on to face welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.  It was Daley’s behavior that lost him his job; hence his current tone.


Dana questioned about me again, Ariel saying he’s gonna get in touch with me, as we rally for a UFC return,” Daley said.  “[Whether] it happens or not, it’s kinda cool, that my recent performances and attitude has caught the attention of the big dogs, despite being on smaller shows.


Got an interview with Ariel Helwani tomorrow,” Daley would later report, “seems talk of a UFC come back has gathered pace.  Very important interview, as good [as] speaking with Dana himself…..oohh what to say? …Kinda nervous now….UFC Manchester?  Diaz re-match, Sorry, I’ve grown up, I make weight… I’ve got a little son now…please help me feed him…


Daley seems eager to appease the UFC for the issues he had during his stint fighting for the organization including his behavior and making weight.


Whatever the case may be, Dana White’s sentiments toward Daley have not been fully revealed.  A year or two ago, White was quite clear, saying that he was not a fan of Daley.  Now, he has responded by citing legal and contractual issues as hindrances to Daley’s return, but the UFC president has not given much insight as to his opinion on Daley’s behavior.


52 Responses to “Daley to Dana White: ‘I’ve Got a Little Son Now… Please Help Me Feed Him’”

  1. Silver Spider says:

    feed him Nate/Nick Diaz or Matt Brown. Hell feed him to Rory Macdonald, who cares just let the man fight!

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Bring him back, would love to see him fight Alves or even Hector Lombard since he’s dropping down.Steven Thompson,Robbie Lawler, theirs a shit ton of great match ups for him.If I was him,and I wasn’t able to get back to the UFC,I would try that new Glory Kickboxing.I imagine he would do well there.

  3. Mr. FSP says:

    Daley, you can find a job to feed your son. You need to find the right attitude and work ethic to get back in the UFC. Be a student of the sport. Your potential is great but put the work in, shut your mouth and destroy your opponents. And I like the idea of you fighting Nate or Nick Diaz. You might wanna push that. At least the fans would get their money’s worth in a slugfest. Come on my show, Fantasy Sport and Politics, and I’ll give you the platform to state your case. But humility and work ethic will take you a long way.

  4. doc says:

    He sounds like a section 8 welfare abuser with that kind of talk. Make better decisions in life and be a man.

    People want to see him come back to UFC and KO fools. But that is up to him.

    • KIDD433 says:

      I’d say he sounds more like a man that knows he FK’d up in the past and has humbled himself. And right now he’s eating humble pie to get back where he belongs.

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    At least Daley comes to fight. You won’t see him grabbing on to someones leg and wait until the end of the round.

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