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Thursday, 05/10/2012, 02:43 pm

Daily Show's John Oliver: MMA Gayest Thing I've Ever Seen

In a recent episode of The Daily Show, British comedian John Oliver points out that TV shows have “never been gayer”. He goes on to argue with Jon Stewart proclaiming MMA is “the gayest thing I’ve ever seen”.

“TV has never been gayer! You’ve got Smash, you’ve got Glee and you’ve got that sport where guys roll around and punch each other in the (expletive). What is not gay about that, Jon? I think that might be the the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. That is ‘Ancient Greek’ gay. I don’t want to argue about this, that’s a fact!”

Quote at 1: 10

With the controversy of homosexuality coming up every once in a while in the MMA community, what are your thoughts on Oliver’s position on MMA?

Keep in mind UFC President Dana White wants gay fighters to come out of the closet, Big Nog refuses to train with gay fighters, and TUF contestant Dakota Cochrane’s controversial past.


38 Responses to “Daily Show's John Oliver: MMA Gayest Thing I've Ever Seen”

  1. Nick says:

    Lol. That was pretty funny.

  2. James says:

    Daily show is awesome.


    has this guy looked in the mirror ha ha

  4. Xaninho says:

    I think he has seen some of Fitch and Sonnen’s fights…

  5. Jesse says:

    I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic. I don’t think that’s his honest opinion….. But still super funny.

  6. CMz28 says:

    This mentions MMA for 15 seconds and they put it up on the webpage? Seriously? This is obviously meant to be funny, and it was! They person who put this up makes it sound like they were seriously bashing the sport. This cite needs better editors/writers/managment…

  7. Jason N says:

    now I hate the homo. great job jack ass

  8. Greg says:

    Kind of funny coming from a guy who looks as if his boy friend was patting him on the head all night…

  9. ali says:

    funny shit dont take yourselves to seriously lol

  10. btt Ryan says:

    It won’t be so gay after you
    say that to the wrong person and you get head kicked # BrazilianTopTEAM

  11. Vince says:

    Why is this a story? The webmaster DOES realize that The Daily Show is a comedy show that, y’know, makes fun of stuff?

  12. Mat says:

    Big Nog refuses to train with gay fighters? Damn, I kinda just lost some respect for him.

  13. MeMo818 says:

    Some of these comments are obviously written by ignorant fuccs..I don’t like Big Nog anyways..he’s a big idiot…he wouldn’t stand a chance against Overeem…HA!

  14. LJ says:

    Not for nothing but this does kind of piss me off. MMA is trying its become legit and be welcomed by ignorant people. This just feeds into the reasons why it isn’t. People like this so called.comedian needs to find better topics to fill his time with other than making fun of people that could contort his body in ways he would hate.

  15. vashthestampede says:

    The guy who wrote this article must of forgot he was watching “comedy central”

  16. Ifukurmother says:

    He obviously knows nothing about grapling.

  17. blue says:

    This dude sounds like a homophobic idiot. Probably the kind of guy that is afraid to tell his friend that his new hair cut looks good.

  18. Radge says:

    It was a joke get over it already

  19. Tellurmomhi4me says:

    Who the hell is John Oliver?

  20. beag says:

    its hardly john olivers ‘position’ on mma. he’s a comedian!

  21. Rocco says:

    Grow up kids, it’s comedy

  22. Ma mama said mma says:

    Its a joke and he’s got his point it does look kind of gay but that’s combat using another guys joints and Pressure points to destroy them the only people who genuinely think it’s gay either are boxers or people who can’t fight
    Fact: the best mma fighter in the world and can beat up any man in the world
    Fact: mma fighters get the hottest pussy in the world
    Still gay? Then your dumb

  23. Ma mama said mma says:

    Big nog refuses to roll with gay people because he’s a Christian not like that’s a excuse but people who believe in fairy tales like Christianity for some reason are still allowed to have ignorant a violent views but that’s another debate

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