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Tuesday, 08/14/2012, 03:58 pm

Cyborg Wants Rousey Fight, Preferably Now At Bantamweight | MMA NEWS

“I really wanna fight Ronda. I really want to. She says bad things about me. I never say bad things about my opponent. I want to do my best in the octagon, and if she says she wants to fight me, she can come to my weight or at 140. She started at 145. And she’s running to 135. She’s running to not fight me. And after, she speaks a lot of shit about me. I want to fight her soon. I’m very excited to fight her. And when we’re in the octagon, we’ll see if she says anything. And if she says anything, I can punch her.”

While on yesterday’s “The MMA Hour” former Strikeforce champ, Cris Cyborg, took her time on the airwaves to discuss the fight everyone wants to see her come back from suspension to. Strikeforce has confirmed that this potential bout is on their radar, however the issue of which weight it will be contested at is one that has yet to be made clear.

Should Rousey get past Kaufman this weekend, is it fair to have her leave her division to go up and fight Cyborg, or should the Brazilian brute be forced to lose some pounds and face Ronda on her own turf?


22 Responses to “Cyborg Wants Rousey Fight, Preferably Now At Bantamweight | MMA NEWS”

  1. Magoo says:

    Do us all a favor cyborg knock that annoying bitch the fuck out!!!!!

  2. Xaninho says:

    Cyborg for the win! I love chicks that look like dudes

  3. Tincat says:

    Cyborg doesn’t want to cut to 135, there’s a surprise. She should just stop being a drug cheat and drop some muscle.

    Why should Ronda fight a cheater with Zero legitimate wins to her name.

    Cyborg is no longer *and never was* a champion, so for her to challenge the champion to move up to her weight is laughable.

  4. Blade says:

    She can’t drop to 135 because of all those roids she was on. But most of the extra weight is because she grew a cock from the testosterone she was on.

  5. A.James says:

    Cyborg seems like a great person but no one will get over the cheating. Sorry.

    • Ly-er says:

      Yah, props on the talent & skill, but once u’re labeled with the “PED stamp” u lose a large chunk of ur fan base! From now on, if she does beat someone, we’ll just say, “its because of the__insert PED here__!!!”

  6. 808 says:

    Cris Cyborg before the steroids.

  7. B.Wincott says:

    Cyborg should without a doubt, have to cut the weight if she wants Rousey. Rousey is the champ, and if Cyborg cleans up, tests negative as a clean fighter AND makes weight for a warm-up fight that she is required to win, then they should make the Rousey fight.

  8. stephen riddle says:

    I miss gina!

  9. Xaninho says:

    I don’t particularly like Rousey, but she was right about Cyborg.

  10. axeholes says:

    Men’s MMA VS Women’s MMA:
    1) Men’s MMA has had longer timespan to mature and cultivate an entire evolution of fighters. Women’s MMA has had less time, and as a result, fighters with not as good a pedigree as the men come in to fill the women’s MMA roster (this means more lack-luster fighters than elite level fighters in Women’s MMA, compared to Men’s MMA which is vice versa).
    2) Men’s MMA has had more of it’s fighters excel longer in their respective fight bases like Judo, wrestling, BJJ, Muay Thai, etc. For Women’s MMA, many of the fighters just started out as ametuer MMA fighters and rose up the ranks as “MMA style” fighters, not having that true ambiance of actually excelling in BJJ, Muay Thai, and various martial arts bases to begin with.
    3) Like many of women’s sports, there’s not as many standout athletes in the Women’s MMA arena. Fighters with elite level skill like good, crisp striking, clean and elusive footwork, the ability to change their fight-style in mid-fight, crisp and efficient defense, etc.
    What we normally see in Women’s MMA are relatively sloppy fights (compared to Men’s MMA), with little to no defense against strikes, lots of simple back and forth footwork, punches with little to no snap on them, etc.

    It comes down to the physical abilities of the typical woman VS a typical man, and the ability to cultivate each into an elite level fighter.
    More times than not, the man will just have an easier time reaching that level.
    Elite female fighters like Rousey, Carano, and Cyborg are true exceptions to that notion, but in Men’s MMA, all the fighters pose a significant threat to elite level fighters, hence are pretty elite themselves.

    It’s just gonna take more time for women’s MMA fighters (on the whole) to reach the Men’s MMA calibur of fighters.

  11. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Who cares if she got bopped for roids long as she cleans up everyone deserves second chance ..That being said hope she knock Rousey TFO! That bitch is annoying as fuck with her armbar and her shit talking theres no way Borg will lose to her if Unless Kaufman surprises us Saturday!

  12. stevo the great says:

    Cris Cyborg is the Mark Mcgwire of MMA…..all of your wins are in question. You will never be known as a great and always remembered as a cheat.

  13. Don Lirette says:

    She should have to come down in weight to fight Rhonda. She is the champ and Cyborg couldn;t kep her title for cheating. She should ahve to drop the weight and then needs to be test all trough her training camp tomake sure she is not going back to her old ways. If she doesn’t want to drop the weight, then lets see if she can win without the roid use and put her against Gina Carano again for the 140lb title!!!!!

  14. Pango says:

    Rousey is the Champ. If Cyborg can clean her roided butch looking self up then she should drop down to the Champs weight and work her way into a title shot with Rousey…just like anyone else.

  15. 007 says:

    They should ban this thing from fighting women..

  16. chris says:

    Cyborg should be the one to move down. She has to much size on her.

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