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Thursday, 05/09/2013, 10:40 am

Cyborg turned down Rousey fight over money, not weight

Many believe that Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos and her management team turned down the fight with Ronda Rousey for not being able to cut to 135 pounds, but it was due to money and having the right contract. revealed the reason why Cyborg and her management team turned down the fight.

In Fall 2012, nutrition guru Mike Dolce met with Cyborg who was preparing to return from her suspension from taking steroids. Dolce and Cyborg talked about her making 135 pounds, because Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White announced that the 135-pound women division would be included in the UFC. Cyborg  normally fights at 145. Dolce and Cyborg talked about dieting and working out. Dolce was sure that the fighter could cut to 135 pounds to fight Rousey.

The next time Dolce heard about Cyborg, he saw her manager, Tito Ortiz, saying that it was impossible for her to make that weight. That stunned Dolce, because he knew that Cyborg could cut the weight.

The issue with Cyborg’s management firm, Primetime 360, was not treating Cyborg like an event co-star. They didn’t think they were giving Cyborg her earned credit, instead they thought that the promotion was putting Rousey in the spotlight more.

George Prajin of Primetime 360 told that Cyborg would have attempted to drop to 135 if the sides struck a deal. Unfortunately for Cyborg, a contract fell apart because of money and she was only interested in a short-term agreement.  Zuffa insisted on an 8-fight contract, while they wanted only a 3-fight contract where Cyborg would agree to make the 135 weight three times and then return to her comfortable 145 weight.

Cyborg (11-1) now fights for Invicta FC. Ortiz requested and secured her release from the Ultimate Fighting Championship to fight for Invicta FC at 145 pounds. She last defeated Fiona Muxlow via technical knockout in the first round last month at Invicta FC 5: Penne vs. Waterson. Cyborg is slated to face Marloes Coenen at Invicta FC 6 at the Ameristar Casino Hotel in Kansas City, Mo. on July 13.


23 Responses to “Cyborg turned down Rousey fight over money, not weight”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    With Tito as her manager, we’re never going to know what the hell the real reason was. At first it was all about her killing herself if she tried to make the weight. Now, we find out it was about the money all along. He’s gonna do wonders for your career, She-man

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Dude, let me esplain it to jou, IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY!!!!!!!

      • K2 says:

        Well, the b!tch is a cheating juicer and should feel lucky people are still letting her fight. Her and Fallon Fox need to fight for the right to be called the Ultimate She-man.


          K2 most accurate on the money post I have ever seen on bjpen. Cyborg should have been run out of the sport forever

  2. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Then why all the press conferences and countless interviews whining about not being able to make the weight? Fucking Ortiz had all the media come by just so he could whine about the weight and now they say it’s a money thing?

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Are you kidding me? You are a businessman and you didn’t know it was about money!! Put down the pot and clear your head. See what pot does to you. Surely, you are just feigning outrage.

  3. JohnnyMMA says:

    Cyborg is so much hotter than Rousey :)

  4. steven Ford says:

    Alright morons , think on what r saying dumbass a mma fighter goes.through boxing fuck nuts

  5. Ddddddd says:

    This crazy bitch needs too get knocked up by Jose Aldo and give the kids something to look forward too.

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