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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 08:43 am

Cyborg Still Claims Innocence in PED Case

By Lynn Mitchell:
The once most domineering force in Women’s MMA – Cyborg Cristaine Justino professes her innocence during the middle of her suspension.  Cristaine was handed a 1 year suspension along with a $2,500 fine due to testing positive for the anabolic steroid stanozolol back in Dec 23, 2011.  Cristaine with a translator tells insideMMA

“The product she took was simply to lose weight. She had no idea there was any steroids in it. Her main problem was losing weight, so she did take something to lose weight. She had no idea what was in it. She would never put her career to risk. A person she knew, in Brazil, for a long time, in the camp she was training, offered it to her to lose weight, and that’s how she accepted it, and how she found out what happened.”

“It was a mistake that she made. She totally trusted this person, and this person probably didn’t even know what was in that medicine, as well. So, she was totally innocent of what was taking place. She thought she was taking something just to lose weight.”

“She was saddened, of course, by what took place. She’s training very hard, and she hopes after paying the one year that she already did, that she will be able to get in other shows, and that she will be ready to fight.

“She’s gonna do jiu-jitsu competitions and amateur competitions for a while.  Before the event, she had no adversary at all, when this took place. There was nobody for her to fight. She was already without a fight for a year and a half, before this took place.”

Cristaine’s accomplishments include:

  • Strikeforce
    • Strikeforece Women’s Featherweight Champion (One time; First)
    • Three successful title defenses
    • 2010 Female Fighter of the Year
  • World MMA Awards 
    • 2010 Female Fighter of the Year
    • 2009 Female Fighter of the Year
  • Women’s MMA Awards
    • 2011 Female Fan Favorite of the Year
    • 2010 Female Featherweight of the Year
    • 2009 Female Featherweight of the Year
    • 2009 Headline of the Year w/ Gina Carano in Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg
  • Sherdog

    • 2010 Beatdown of the Year vs. Jan Finney on June 26
    • 2010 All-Violence Third Team
  • Sports Illustrated

    • 2009 Female Fighter of the Year
  • Fight Matrix
    • 2010 Female Fighter of the Year

Jiu Jitsu

  • International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation

    • 2011 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Purple Belt Gold Medalist
  • Abu Dhabi Combat Club
    • 2009 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship Bronze Medalist

To think this wasn’t that long ago.


9 Responses to “Cyborg Still Claims Innocence in PED Case”

  1. YEAH RIGHT says:

    This guy needs to stop coming up with the same excuses. STFU and man up already.

  2. Xaninho says:

    So she changed into a dude and she didn’t notice that? Bullshit!

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Rousey is gonna get smashed when her testosterone levels comes back down to earth.

  4. james says:

    Water is wet. Haters gonna hate. Roiders gonna roid. :-)

  5. Megan Stork says:

    She’s such a nice person, that’s too bad she’s doing that junk. It’s way to common I’m MMA, hopefully that will change.

  6. Silvas scared says:


  7. omgaghost says:

    Ignorance does not equal innocence. I can’t unplug my speedometer in my car, roll down the interstate at 120mph and then tell the cop who pulls me over ‘Oh I’m sorry officer, I didn’t know I was speeding”

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