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Wednesday, 02/27/2013, 04:46 pm

Cyborg Insults Rousey via Twitter | MMA News


So the heated rivalry between UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos is a well documented one. Both fighters have gone back and forth for some time now since they both had homes in Strikeforce.

Now, with Cyborg’s new contract with Invicta FC, she is apparently allowed to come over to the UFC whenever she so chooses and a shot with Rousey is likely to be her first fight, given the history. First she must get past Ediane Gomes on April 5th. Before her fight with Gomes, however, Cyborg has chosen to take another shot at the champ in a recent twitter post via Punishment Athletics.

Cyborg is shown wearing a ‘Ronda Will Be My B****’ t-shirt under the caption:

“RONDA’s new nickname is THE B****. Cris CYBORG will eventually knock you out cold”

Rousey defended her title this past weekend at UFC 157 against an extremely game opponent in Liz Carmouche and currently awaits a new challenger. With Cyborg tied up with another fight, however, it looks like we will have to wait just a bit longer to see this highly anticipated title fight come to fruition.



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0 Responses to “Cyborg Insults Rousey via Twitter | MMA News”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Cyborg is going to take that giant penisclit and swaffle Rousey with it.

  2. jayjaycee says:

    I bet you can only buy that shirt in men’s sizes haha

  3. Dave says:

    First, Santos has to make weight, second, she has to test clean. They’ve already stated that she will damage her hopes of being a mother if she loses 10 lbs. LOL. So with that explanation in place to get out of fighting Rousey, how are they gonna get back in the door to fight?

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) says:

      Are you serious? Cyborg didn’t give a rats a’ss about ruining her body all those years shooting steroids in her a’ss so it make that lame ass excuse about wanting to be a mother after her career all BULLSH’T. My 90 year old grandpa probablt stands a better chance of having a baby than that TRANSVESTITE FREAK. Any woman who pumps male hormones for that long can’t have babies and you don’t have to be a licensed obstetrician or gynecologist to know woman who take massive amounts of steroids for many years like Cyborg has since at least 2006. GUYBORG is exactly what her name implies an “I T”

      My wife hasn’t seen Cyborg since the Carano fight because the minute she laid eyes on her back then first thing she said was “what the heck is Gina Carano doing fighting that steroid girl?” so she flat refuse to be a part of watching a man fight women. Well the other day i asked her to watch a video of Tito (because we met Tito in 2003 and had a great time hanging out with him and she really likes Tito) so i tricked her into coming over to my computer to watch Tito’s first press conference as a manager and I had teh video set to start right when Cyborg stepped onto the scale and first thing my wife says is “oh my god is that the Cyborg steroid girl? Then she goes what happen to all her freakish man muscles? I said remember when i told you she finally got busted for steroids? and she said whatever i never needed to hear about some stupid test to convince me that freak was all JUICED UP. Anyway my wife was shocked at how saggy and deflated Cyborg looks compared to last time she saw her against Gina. No doubt in my mind Cyborg is going to get back on steroids now that she isn’t in UFC because its so easy to beat those hokey a’ss athletic commissions testing because they don’t test for HGH, EPO’s, hcg’s, or synthetic testosterone or Victor Conte’s designer non detectable steroids or should i just call all of that the ( GSP career stack ) NOONE has “GAMED” the system more and better than GSP IMO

  4. some guy says:

    as much as i would love to see this fight it will never happen. that being said cyborg needs to STFU and get over it!

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) says:

      Wanderlei with lipstick and a wig for gods sake

      does anyone know what username that TROLL
      bla bla bla is hiding behind these days

      Hey blah what happen to your boy Fitch?

      You know the BOREFEST excuse for a fighter that you said would NEVER get released. I totally understand why you wouldn’t show your bi’tch a’ss self on here after being basically bi’tch sla’pped by me a 100 times over and i proved you don’t know cr’ap about MMA. I knew it was only a matter of time before the UFC cut its losses with Fitch. they have lost big bucks keeping him around as long as they did. Fitch is a FRANCISE KILLER. I remember telling bla how no way Ficth will EVER be a member of the UFC hall of fame and he cried nonstop for hours how Fitch ws best ever and bla bla bla and first thing Dana said after releasing Fitch’s borefest a”s was Fitch will NEVER be in UFC Hall of Fame no matter what. Fitch did more dame to UFC and MMA than any other fighter in sports history. IF ANYONE besides Greg “NO ACTION” Jackson is a SPORTS KILLER it has to be Jon Lay N pray Fitch. Bye Bye Fitch

  5. Luke says:

    Got damn she’s ugly !

  6. Big Daddy says:

    Cyborg needs to take trash talking lessons from Chael. They can blow this fight up so much and make lots of cash. This should be the co main event to silva vs jones.

    • Adam says:

      As awesome as that would be, I think we all know that there is no way Silva vs. Jones and this fight will ever be on the same card when the UFC could easily make 2 separate events with each of these fights headlining so that they make more money.

  7. frank says:

    she has no business even talking about ronda. i’m not a huge fan of ronda but at least she is winning her fights without the use of roids unlike cyborg. it’s not up to ronda to fight cyborg it’s the other way around. ronda is the champ so if cyborg wants to fight she needs to lose the weight & do pre fight and post fight testing.

  8. dumbass says:

    Guaranteed all Tito’s idea, cause he’s such a fuckin idiot. A shirt like that did not help him too much last time.

    • stevo the great says:

      Tito started it when he fought Guy Metzger, he beat Guy and put the shirt on after the fight and it read “Guy Metzger is my bitc#” and Tito did defeat him… was while he had beef with the Lions den….Ken Shamrocks center. So I can see how it can relate a little.

      • Miko says:

        Yeah but that was around a decade ago. Tito kept having those shirts made even when he started losing all the time. This is just played out and lame now. It just makes her look desperate for attention. She’s pathetic anyway. Wanting so badly to fight someone smaller than her when she wont even cut weight to fight her.

  9. Alex says:

    You know what damages your ability to become a mother more than loosing weight? taking steroids as a women.

  10. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Yeah like the steroids haven’t shriveled up her ovaries yet.

  11. Scotty says:

    To me this all just seems just a great way to market and promote this fight! And I think they are all playing along with it meaning Dana, Cyborg, Tito, Rousey and everyone else.. Its a build up for a mega fight! It would have been big for the first womens fight but then there would be no more hype after they fought. Watch by years end, Cyborg will be signed with the UFC to fight Rousey either for a new years card or maybe even superbowl card.. And they will keep building this up til the fight happens, just watch!

  12. Jhonny Blaze says:

    Yeah and tito never had that shirt made for her did he.Lame.

  13. BringFitchBack says:

    Cyborg is kinda cute. She just needs a little nose job maybe and she’ll be better looking. I would love to take her out to a dinner and movie if she wasn’t already married. I don’t date married women anymore. She’ll make a great Mom. At least she isn’t a lesbo.

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