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Thursday, 03/21/2013, 03:04 pm

Cyborg defends Fallon Fox’s Right to Fight Women | MMA NEWS

Invicta FC featherweight, Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos has spoken out on the issue of transgender ‘female’ MMA fighter Fallon Fox. Fox, who used to be a genetic male, is now a transgender female and is campaigning (with plenty rightful resistance) to fight females. Joe Rogan was vocal about her not fighting and brought up the fact that Fox has the bone structure and testosterone of a male.

Now, Cyborg who has been under heat since getting caught with a positive PED test, decided to defend Fox in a statement where she says she will fight anybody.

In an interview with ESPN, Santos speaks out.

“She wants to be a girl. I don’t agree, I think you’re born a girl, you’re a girl. You’re born a guy, you’re a guy. But I don’t choose opponents. The commission needs to check and make sure she doesn’t have testosterone.”

“I’m not going to judge other people. If the commission says she can fight, why not?”

Santos said she understands what Fox must be going through.

“People tell me on Twitter: ‘I think you have a d—. A lot of bad things, they say. I think people have a small mind.”

“They don’t think a girl can punch hard like a man. I think people are ignorant. People are stupid. I don’t want to be the same as people who do that.”

For a fighter like Santos who clearly is bigger and stronger than the average female fighter and has previously tested positive, defending Fox doesn’t exactly help her case in trying to prove she is clean. Without speaking for any specific promotion, the UFC has been extremely strict with a no tolerance policy for any drugs even Marijuana metabolites which arguably isn’t even performance enhancing.

Simply put, Fox has a long way to go before she fights a legitimate female fight in a legitimate cage.


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  1. Norman Jayden says:

    CYBORG is actually more of a guy that fox

    • GET RID OF NATE "the cheat" (forever) says:

      I agree Guyborg is more man than Fox could have ever been. GEE big surprise Guyborg defends the closest thing to its own kind. Guyborg is a disgrace to all MMA period and should be locked in cage where people walk by and put quarters in bucket to buy bananas to fee the FREAKISH BEAST. If Guyborg was ever a woman before there is no way in hell ( I T ) is now. Maybe the missing link but not woman by a long shot. Thats what happens when someone shoves a needle in their ass full of steroids (MALE HORMONES) for 6-7 years and you have somethng that belongs in a circus sideshow with the bearded woman and the 8 legged littl;e girl, the neadrothol they found in Russia a few years ago. No way any NORMAL girl should be allowed to get in cage with Guyborg. I think Guyborg would have KO’d Florian at 145 lbs as well as many other 135lb and 145 lb male fighters

    • 757 says:

      Check your spelling dork before you try and bust on her. It’s than not that….dip shit

  2. jbeamazing says:

    ……………..too easy

  3. jbeamazing says:

    cyborg is my idol

  4. stevo the great says:

    Then you fight her then Guyborg… guys are both transgenders you are just still stuck in denial. Cyborg is either a transgender or used so much testosterone her cl@t may be shaping into a wang. Fallon cheats you cheat….why don;t you just beat each other into non-existance. It would be a huge fight….and both of you can ride off into the sunset once and for all. Fallic Fox Vs Guyborg battle of boys to braods.

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    ok now I am 100% sure Cyborg is a transgender. He’s supporting the other dude because one day he has to come out too.

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Cris is reasonable in her comments. It’s the fukced up commissions that are to blame. One of these wmma are going to sue the commissions soon for their pc bullshit.

  7. Ddddddd says:

    Everyone might as well get used to this beast because she ain’t goin anywhere. This chick is a freak athlete no matter what and these chicks better quit bitchin and start training.
    Rhonda ain’t Beating her no matter how cool the story.

    • GET RID of"NATE THE CHEAT" (forever) says:

      All you idiots who root for that ROID MONKEY Guyborg are doing is showing your mentality for rooting for such a scumbag cheating FREAKOID. Guyborg is closer to missing link than ( I T ) ever was a woman. Anyone can look at that beast as see ( I T ) was created in a lab much like GSP

  8. 757 says:

    I agree. The reason they are complaining is because they know she will whip ass on them.

  9. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    This Fox needs to be put in gay-conversion therapy and then he will understand the self-mutilation he has done to himself. He needs Jesus.

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