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Friday, 02/10/2012, 07:30 am

Cyborg Bad For The Sport Says Rousey | No Little Girls Will Watch And Want To Be Like Her

“I think she was a detriment to women’s MMA. I think that no little girl is going to watch Cris Cyborg fight and want to be like her one day. I don’t think that she’s a good example. I think it was obvious all along that she was doping and I think it’s a really bad message to send to kids that you need to dope to be a champion. I think it’s better with her gone and I think that when she comes back — I plan on fighting her when she comes back and I plan on beating her when she comes back. I feel like that will be a good example. The only positive role that I think Cris Cyborg can play for women’s MMA is as a bad guy Ivan Drago character that’s going to get beat by a Rocky. … She earned her sentence, and when she’s done, she can come back and get her real punishment.”

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey talks about former Strikeforce featherweight champ Cris Cyborg to and if you missed the headlines, Cyborg who often carries a very muscular frame was busted by the C.S.A.C. for having steroids in her system and suspended.

Rousey, who is set to make her Strikeforce bantamweight debut in a title fight against Miesha Tate in March wants to make an example out of Cyborg once the Brazilian returns from her suspension.

Even though Rousey, to date has yet to let an opponent even get out of the first round with her, will she be able to handle the relentless bulrush of Cyborg?

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