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Saturday, 03/23/2013, 07:02 pm

WSOF 2 Results: Cut Propels Gaethje to First WSOF Victory | MMA News

Justin Gaethje’s first fight for the World Series of Fighting did not take long.

Gaethje, a former NCAA All-American wrestler, let his striking do all the work in a first-round stoppage of JZ Cavalcante in the opening bout of the main card at WSOF 2 on Saturday.

Gaethje (8-0, 6 KOs) used an array of punches, uppercuts, and elbows to open a large cut on the head of Calvalcante. Doctors examined the gash and called an end to the lightweight fight at 2:27.

Fighting out of Denver, Colo., Gaethje said he believes in taking the offensive.

“That always the plan — the bell rings you move forward,” he said. “Don’t take a step backwards.”

Cavalcante, fighting out of Deerfield Beach, Florida, fell to 16-7 with the loss.

“It’s always good to bring new blood into the game, but if we can do it again, it’s going to be my pleasure,” he said.


4 Responses to “WSOF 2 Results: Cut Propels Gaethje to First WSOF Victory | MMA News”

  1. Ghandi Bonez says:

    This guy seems pretty good. But his charge-forward style will get him caught and KTFO against high quality opposition if he keeps fighting so sloppy

  2. stan871 says:

    Fuck yeah Gaethji!! 8-0.

  3. Dddddd says:

    As loose as this dude is he makes it work. I was entertained for sure. I hope he can hold up once people start analyzing footage and really start looking for openings.

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    He’s got the wrestling to dominate. There is whole bunch of kickboxing wrestlers about to hit the UFC scene in the next few years. This guy will be in the UFC soon and has a good chance to be 55 champion. In the next 5 years, if you aren’t a strong wrestler, it will be hard to be champion.

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