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Tuesday, 09/03/2013, 10:44 am

Current MMA Lightweight Top 10

A look at the top ten Lightweights after Benson Henderson was dethroned as the 155 pound king by Anthony Pettis. Melendez should get the next shot after TJ Grant at Pettis if Gil can win his next bout, and Gray Maynard versus Josh Thomson makes sense should they both win their next fight (even though they are teammates). Nate Diaz squaring off against Rafael Dos Anjos seems a no-brainer, but the way things are booked it’s hard to tell what’s next for anyone unless Dana comes out and states it as fact. The landscape at 155 is constantly changing and will most likely be significantly different in 6 months.

Lightweight Top 10
1. Anthony Pettis
2. Benson Henderson
3. Gilbert Melendez
4. TJ Grant
5. Gray Maynard
6. Eddie Alvarez
7. Michael Chandler
8. Josh Thomson
9. Nate Diaz
10. Rafael Dos Anjos

Who did I miss?


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