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Tuesday, 09/03/2013, 10:44 am

Current MMA Lightweight Top 10

A look at the top ten Lightweights after Benson Henderson was dethroned as the 155 pound king by Anthony Pettis. Melendez should get the next shot after TJ Grant at Pettis if Gil can win his next bout, and Gray Maynard versus Josh Thomson makes sense should they both win their next fight (even though they are teammates). Nate Diaz squaring off against Rafael Dos Anjos seems a no-brainer, but the way things are booked it’s hard to tell what’s next for anyone unless Dana comes out and states it as fact. The landscape at 155 is constantly changing and will most likely be significantly different in 6 months.

Lightweight Top 10
1. Anthony Pettis
2. Benson Henderson
3. Gilbert Melendez
4. TJ Grant
5. Gray Maynard
6. Eddie Alvarez
7. Michael Chandler
8. Josh Thomson
9. Nate Diaz
10. Rafael Dos Anjos

Who did I miss?


30 Responses to “Current MMA Lightweight Top 10”

  1. TrapLord says:

    Where’s BJ!!! Haha, wish he’d come out of retirement I feel like he still has fight in him but not at 170

  2. BB says:

    i think shinya aoki should be in the list , if you put alvarez and diaz in there

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      I don’t like Diaz but I think he belongs.

      Don’t think Aoki, Alvarez or Chandler necessarily belong on the list and certainly not that high if they are on the list. The competition they’re fighting isn’t necessarily comparable to the quality found in the UFC.

      No disrespect to Aoki but he hasn’t exactly been fighting top guys in his career and when he does he usually loses.

      • Again.. says:

        Seriously? Chandler is a great fighter if he was in the UFC he would be destroying guys like Diaz, and Dos Anjos. He definitely should be on there but not behind Eddie Alvarez idk how he’s ranked under him..

  3. T.Daddy says:

    BJ should come back and take his spot back…

  4. Ddddddddd says:

    What a booty as$ list. This list means nothing with such obvious flaws.

  5. Lady says:

    Why is Nate #9? That is BS. He should be ranked higher. Actually, UFC needs to be opening up new weight classes for guys like Nate that are too small for welterwight and too big for lightweight. It’s not like they don’t have the talent for it, besides, now that we have fights on Wednesday nights now too…we need some more weight classes. C’mon Dana, what are you waiting for?

  6. CALI says:


  7. The natural says:

    I admit it, I’m surprised I never would have expected pettis to be atop this list. Specially with guida fight and performance against Stephens.. But my hats off too him couldn’t stand benderson. I also can’t c him defending either but good luck

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